Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Why I Love Myers-Briggs

I don't know if any of you have ever got caught up in the hype of Myers Briggs. It's this personality test with 16 different possible results. Basically it groups everyone into 16 types.

MB can be very fun. I was first introduced to MB through my friend Meadow when I worked at Above Rubies.

Thursday evenings after I was finished with work I would often go to a young adult Bible study with her. We had quite a drive, and so a lot of time to either have great conversations - or loads of awkward silence.

Thankfully we normally had great conversations as we both enjoyed discussing interesting topics.

At the time she was completely enthralled with MB, as it was helping her understand her INTJ boyfriend better. I was kinda not too enthused about doing a personality test (I don't like being put in a box) but took the test and tried to make myself well acquainted with the details so we could have our conversations.

It was actually pretty neat to hear how MB was helping her understand her boyfriends a lot better. I don't know how many of you have the privilege of knowing INTJ's - but if you do, you will understand that they aren't always as easy to comprehend as they would want you to think ;) Complex minds, but make great friends once you know them.

I actually learned a lot about my friend, too, during this time.

She is an INFP, I am ENTJ. Those two types are very different - but understanding some things about the other really opened up potential knowing each other better.

Decently accurate ;)

Yes, at first I was hesitant. I didn't want to be put into a box. I still don't - I don't identify as ENTJ. But it is a great place to start understanding another person.

I have introduced MB to countless other friends since then. Some of my friends have told me that MB just isn't for them. Many have told me that it helped their relationships tremendously, and encouraged deeper conversations.

I normally don't bring MB up when I meet new people. But I have had new people bring it up to me - it's always great being able to talk to a perfect strange as if you are inside the other person's mind (a good side of their mind, not the scary parts ;p)

Also, I secretly like to type people when I see them. "She looks like a hidden introvert, even though she is so outgoing. Nerd - book worm. Talking about how she feels about the book. Definitely an NF. Brash, to the point -  she must be an INFJ." (I was right, because later she brought it up and said she was so)

It's still hard to type people exactly. But just trying helps me be in the other person's perspective better. Which is great for so many things....

I can know better how to have a great conversation with out it becoming boring, or worse yet tensing into an argument. 

Understanding -
 and thus opportunity for both of us to grow.

rather than harshly judging. I can also better know how to judge someone else...

It took me a long time to like Pinterest... until I realized you could find tons of MB pins. Funny ones. Stupid ones with advice that should be discarded. Ones with good advice. And more!!!

One of the barriers I try to overcome in MB is liking the types I'm not supposed to get a long with. Funny thing? A couple of my best friends are actually types I should not get a long with ;)

I really enjoy funny MB posts - it can be fun to get together with other friends and compare what our types would do.

So, what do you think about Myers Briggs? What is your type? Also - make sure to return next week to read my post on Why I Hate Meyer's Briggs - the serious post ;) 

Monday, January 8, 2018

The Lawrence Children: Chapter 4

 Never Know, Noah

Noah laughed as he threw a handful of loose dirt at Vern.
“Stop that,” Vern said acting like he were annoyed.
Noah dropped the remainder of dirt back onto the ground and wiped his dirty hands on his already dirty pants.
“Why don't you do what you planned to do and help me haul this ore out?”
Noah smiled. It was not often he was able to help Vern in the mines. There was school. And homework. And chores. At least it was a warmer day and there wasn't much wind.
But today he was able to help. Not that he enjoyed it. Noah would have much preferred to study. He felt slightly guilty at that thought, thinking how Vern hardly had time for anything but the mines. But then Vern never did want to do much else.
Vern worked full time in the mines so Noah would not have to skip school. And for the most part it seemed they were both content with this arrangement.
He took a hold of the wheel barrow. “You hear about David's uncles?”
Vern stood up straight by where he was shoveling ore into the wheelbarrow, “No, I don't hear much town news since I stopped going to school.”
Noah continued as if that were unimportant, “Two uncles came. I guess they used to live back here years ago but moved off for some reason. Even heard they used to be friends of Alex Norris.”
“Doesn't surprise me. David's family has always been up there in the world.”
“Anyways, they were hired at the Boaz.”
“Oh, neat.” Vern said. But his voice held no actual awe. The Boaz and Revenue mines were always looking for men.
Noah was bored. Well, not really bored. Just done working in this mine. How many wheelbarrows would there be to haul out? This one was almost full.
Noah tipped it up, balancing it on it's one wheel as he maneuvered it out of the tunnel. Knowing Vern the next one would almost be ready by the time Noah had this wheelbarrow emptied and returned.

Vern and Noah brought their lunch outside the mine entrance. The ground was covered in snow, but there was no wind. The sun shone through a thin layer of clouds, causing the weather to feel a little warmer than usual.
Vern laid everything out, and started to dish it up. As Vern did this Noah looked up as he heard a sound. “Look! Everyone is coming,” Noah said.
Vern looked, “Sure enough, Noah.”
Lucy walked toward them, Julie in her hands, Fred-O running in front of Lucy and carrying a large canteen. Ann held a large pail.
Noah jumped up and went to see what Fred-O had.
“Mary and Tom brought milk!” Fred-O announced.
Noah smiled. Part of him was sad to miss them – but the rest of him was excited about the milk.
“I heated it up,” Lucy smiled. “And added a little maple syrup and coffee. Thought you boys might like a treat.”
Lucy handed Julie to Vern as she spread a blanket on the ground. “Make sure to keep your wet feet on the edge of the blanket,” Lucy warned as the children started crowding on.
Noah took the milk from Fred-O and started to unscrew the lid. His cold stomach would feel so much better with this!
“I brought the Bible, too.” Lucy said handing Father's large Bible to Vern.
Noah stopped what he was doing and glanced back and forth from Vern to Lucy to Father's Bible.
Vern nodded and took the Bible, “I'll read some scripture before we eat.”
Noah made himself set the milk down – between his legs – and watched as Vern opened the Bible.
It had been so long since he'd seen that Bible opened. Father used to open it every night.
Noah looked hard at the canteen of milk, so he wouldn't cry.
Noah had a hard time following along with Vern's words as he imagined father reading. It was some Psalm – about a deer panting for water. About needing something and being so alone and desolate. But then finding hope in God.
It was beautiful.
Noah forgot about the milk.
Vern closed the Bible, and bowed his head. Noah did the same along with the rest of his siblings and Vern prayed, “Thank you, Father in heaven for your word to comfort our minds and souls just as much as Lucy's food will do to our bodies. We pray a blessing over our little family, and over this food. Be with us, and guide us. Amen.”
Noah smiled, a small tear escaping. But it was so small and all alone he didn't mind – no one would notice.
“Sing!” Julie shouted, not seeming to notice everyone else's silent drawn faces. The rest of the children smiled – normally they would have laughed. But they weren't quite ready for that.
“Sing?” Vern asked.
“I think she thinks we have to sing a song after reading the Bible,” Noah explained.
Lucy nodded to Vern, then turned to Julie, “What song should we sing?”
“Fred-O!” Julie said.
Fred-O grinned, “Yes, I like that song.”
Lucy started the song. Julie and Fred-O joined in at once, with Noah and Vern following. Finally even Ann joined.

Oh, Fred-O, the brave man,
Had a plan one day.
To town he made his stand
All in God's own way.

Oh, Fred-O,
Don't Go!
That fateful day away.
Oh, Fred-O,
Come home!
Back to loved ones to stay.

Fred-O smiled as he stood
Long ago that day.
All his words sounded good -
What more could he say?

Despite poor Fred-O's words
None would know justice.
And all the men drew swords,
Inviting chaos.

Even as they killed him
His words would not go.
It was God who filled him
And said, “Speak, Fred-O!”

They buried him in autumn
Yet couldn't hide their guilt.
Fred-O spoke what was so -
Who lives half as good?

Once they finished singing, Noah felt a strange sense of happiness – singing must have done it to him. He never liked this song much – it was too sad. Yet at this moment it felt happy. Because it stirred up memories of how Father would sing it to Fred-O over and over, and how Fred-O would ask to hear it, “Just one more time!”
Vern set the Bible on the blanket. Noah wanted to touch it so bad. He didn't notice when Vern took the canteen of milk from between Noah's legs.
Noah grabbed the Bible and started flipping through the pages. No one said anything to stop him, so he slowly continued doing so.
The pages were old – this Bible had been Grandpa's. Noah knew this because of the list of names on the inside of the cover and Grandpa's signature. And Father had told him so, too.
Roald Lawrence, married to Elise Richardson. Children: Frederic, Gregory, and Sarah.
Noah had never known his uncles and aunts, or even his grandparents. The rest of the Lawrence clan had moved back north after Roald died. Except their father – who had taken over the mines.
Noah flipped to the back of the book. A small piece of paper was folded up, neatly.
“Want some milk?” Noah was jerked back to the reality of his cold surroundings by Lucy holding out a small jar of milk to him.
Everyone else already held their cups of milk, some of them half empty now. Lucy had already passed around the food.
“Yes! Thanks.” Noah took the glass of milk along with his lunch. He then showed the others the piece of paper. “This was in the back of the Bible.”
Vern took the paper and opened it, “Well, what do you know.”
“What is it?” Several asked at once.
“It is Grandpa's map – the one to his treasure.”

Noah moved closer to Vern as did everyone else. He made sure to hold his cup of warm milk carefully as he looked over Vern's shoulder.
“It's actually a map.” Noah felt a little dumb saying this. He had seen it so many times before, but he felt as if he were seeing it now for the first time.
“It appears to be leading away from the old shack,” Vern said.
“What old shack?” Ann asked. She stood on her toes as she peered down over Noah and Vern.
“Grandpa's old cabin,” Noah answered for Vern. “He used to live there with Grandma when he first claimed the mines. So, it was just a quick shanty he built.”
“How do you know that?” Ann asked.
Noah took her meaning – he was younger, but he wasn't surprised that Ann didn't know. They didn't usually play where the shack was located. He smiled, “Father told me one time when we passed it to trap.”
“Oh,” Ann turned back to the map.
“It looks simple enough,” Noah said. “I don't understand why Father couldn't figure it out.”
Noah was vaguely aware that he had just spoken of his father without needing to cry.
Vern turned the map around. The other side was blank. It was a simple map. It started with a small box labeled shack. Trees were shown about it. And then it there was a straight line that moved first sharply left, then right, then left again before continuing off straight. It showed several other broken lines that lead to nowhere. The connected line started from the cabin and ended at another x marked treasure.
“The line is very straight,” Vern said. “which is odd. It looks like a map a child would draw – no clues, no words except the words describing the beginning and ending marks. Not even a number of steps or anything.”
Noah suddenly realized just why the map was hard to understand.
“We should try to find the treasure,” Fred-O said.
“Of course,” Lucy laughed.
Vern said, “We will have to wait until spring when the snow is melted and we can see the ground – there may be a path.”
Noah sighed, “But what if spring never comes?”
“What in the world do you mean?” Lucy asked sharply.
“Barbara told me that Jesus is returning on New Year's.” Noah answered.
Ann nodded, “I heard her say it, too. And her father is a preacher, so she thinks she knows for sure.”
Vern laughed, “Well, he must have not read his Bible well – don't you remember the verse, 'Not even the angels know the time of the return of the son of man.' And that's just one of many such references.”
“What makes her father think that?” Lucy asked.
“The turn of the century,” Noah replied.
“1900 will just be another year. Just you see.” Vern said.
“Unless He actually does come back,” Lucy teased.
“Oh, of course He could. But in all reality it will be of His own free will – not of anything that Barbara's father says. Preacher or not.”
Noah smiled. He wasn't sure which he'd rather. Jesus returning would mean that he would get to see his parents again soon. And New Year's wasn't that far away.
But finding Grandpa's treasure – and maybe even solving the murder of Alex Norris. That would be fun.
If God decided to send His son, Noah thought, He'd be perfectly happy with that. But at the same time Noah was finally thinking life might not be that bad after all. They were doing very well, their shrunken family. And things could only get better.
After everyone had eaten enough, Lucy rose up shattering into Noah's thoughts, “I suppose we all should return to the house. Let the boys get back to work.”
Everyone pulled away from Vern as he folded the map back up and put it into the Bible.
“Do you think we will be able to discover the treasure? When not even Father could?” Noah asked Vern as they walked back into the tunnels.
“You never know, Noah.”
Noah let his shoulders sag.
Vern pumped Noah's shoulder, “But I think there being so many of us will help a ton. We have a good chance.”
“Good. Maybe we can even find out what happened to Alex Norris.”
“That would most certainly be something.” Vern smiled.
Noah was happy inside. It made him feel warm, warmer than even the milk had made him feel. He was excited for spring to come.

Make sure to return the second Monday of next month for the next installment of the Lawrence Children! 

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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

My Life, Last Year and This Year

2017 was an interesting year. It started and ended differently than I ever could have imagined. My life experienced things I never saw coming. It was a great year and awful year in so many ways.

I will probably always look back on 2017 as a growing year where I was tested over and over, and then again some.

I'm still not sure quite all what happened, or even how. Like maybe I'm in a little bit of shock still? I don't know. 

As I explained in my post last year I don't do resolutions. 

But my opinions have slightly altered since then. I have been setting a lot of extreme goals for myself these last few months. Some of them were things to help change my focus. Some of them were things I'd always wanted to do and I realized now was the time to start.

So, sometimes now I will stop and think, "How do I want to be different by the end of this month?"

I'll pick two or three things. And then work on them all month. I've always been driven, but more so the last while. 

2018 is here, and from here on out I'm going to continue on this learning and healing process of being more of who God wants me to be.

I changed a lot this last year.

In some ways I'm not even the same person I was before 2017. This thought has had me hooked for awhile.

What and how did I change? I'm no longer me... or am I more me? Or has just another side of me emerged as certain parts of me died forever? Or am I more me than ever? Or *shudders* am I less me?

Yeah, my thoughts have had quite the trip this year. 

I started my 32nd journal, beginning of 2018. I have been journaling since I was eleven years old, almost every day. Even when I wasn't dedicated to the rest of my writing, this I've always done. And in a way I believe it has helped shape everything I write. 

I love journaling.

This is a journal I bought because of the butterfly. I heard of the butterfly effect for the first time last year. It fascinates me on a deeper level. It has been constantly on the back of my mind this whole year.

How a little thing can affect so much! It's crazy.

And my life this last year has been affected in huge, bizarre ways by just a couple little things.

So, this journal kinda has a message for me... little things add up. Keep hoping, keep going, and eventually I'll see where they will lead to.

The little red hearts are stickers my grandparents gave me when I was nine. I used some of them, but had been saving them a long time. I decided to use some of them on this journal. ;D 

I want to tell you all the story of my 2017 life:

I was me. I had many friends. I was confident, even though I didn't even have every reason to be so. I loved color. I loved being happy. 

Good things were happening, one after another. 

Sometimes I wondered how things could be so good? How everything just happened. Sure, not everything was perfect... but I knew I had it beyond good.

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing and indoor

I laughed. I was goofy. I worked. I didn't really have a care.

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting

I read. Anything, everything. I used my words to make more laughter. 

Sometimes I considered my life the epitome of laughter. Once someone asked me who my favorite comedian was.

Without a thought I answered honestly, "Myself!"

But life changed. Perfection ended, I felt as if I had been drained of color and laughter and thrown into the darkest abyss. 

I went through a complicated breakup. My heart was shattered, my mind broken. That started things. But then my uncle died. Friendships grew rocky. Some pushed away from me, I pushed away from others.

The world felt crazy. My world had ended. And the world around me looked like it was ending, too (politically, socially).

As if everything good decided to end all at once. 

All I felt was a cold panic. I didn't know anything anymore. 

Who was I? What were my dreams? What was my purpose?

I decided to act like the pain didn't exist. 
That didn't work.

No amount of good thoughts could chase away the darkness.

I tried to dress up, like once. 

Forget about the world. 

Forget about what I'd lost. 

Forget about everything.

Image may contain: one or more people, people sitting, drink, food and indoor

And for awhile I just didn't care. 

I lost myself completely. 

But through this all I learned that one thing always remained constant.


For a short while after the breakup I couldn't write. But then I wrote like crazy. I threw myself into words. 

My words. God's words. Other's words.

I read. I studied. I wrote.

Slowly, I started healing.


I tried new things. I traveled less, experiencing more slowly.

I found myself again by letting my pain run its course.

By realizing the world wasn't ending, that I was just going through a season I may never understand.

It was OK to not understand. Some things we were never meant to comprehend.

But God understood. And He was pulling me through.

The process was slow. 

But slow is still something. 

I smiled more. 

I found beauty in odd places. 

I found confidence, and it wasn't through choosing not to care like I imagined for awhile. It was through time and contentment and gratitude.

God stayed with me, I found my color and laughter once more.

And now I'm free. I'm no longer the same me. And yet I am. I am more me than ever, so happy and ready to see what may happen, even though I'm still taking life slow. Still learning, still moving forward.

Ever forward, toward my end.

I haven't actually talked about this with many people. I hate revealing certain things. I hate allowing my pain to show, or even parts of my personal life.

But I decided it was time to share this, as it is and will continue to influence the rest of my life.

Here are some highlights of the year, things that shaped and influenced who I am:

Last January at the peak of my great year, I did a lot of traveling to see friends. You can read more about that here

 Mary and I have been good friends since we were fifteen. She is now expecting her second daughter and I will be staying with her for a month in April after the baby is born to help her out.

See this post to see how much Anni has grown since last January!

It was a great time seeing and catching up with friends. 

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people eating, food and indoor

I especially loved the chance to go see my friend Laura in June. We have been friends since we were twelve. I loved meeting her awesome guy, too!

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing, tree, sky, outdoor and nature

 Friends seriously pulled me out of my dark times. Without them I'm not sure how I would have been able to handle this year at all. I wish I could post so many pictures, showing the many faces that helped brighten my own.

Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling


Three of my friends married this last year!  

I was happy to be Alexa's maid of honor. We have been friends since we were 15.
I sadly had to miss their wedding;/

2017 was full of many changes.

I wasn't able to handle babysitting, and had to quit. It upset me a lot... but I knew it was best. 

Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, people standing, sky, child, outdoor, nature and closeup

Yet God blessed me by allowing me to start again this fall!! I just love these boys so much, and enjoy taking care of them.

One thing I decided to do in 2017 was finish things. 

Image may contain: 1 person, standing and indoor

I had this yarn for a long time... I finally knitted a blouse for myself. 

As you can see from the picture, I also tried henna.

No automatic alt text available.

This is some flannel that's been sitting around for a few years. I decided it was time to use it up :D Gifts for friends ;)

Other things I finished this year that I'd started a while back:

  • The Odyssey by Homer
  • I finished reading A Series of Unfortunate Events, starting from book five
  • A few embroidered and knitting projects
  • My first novel, Perfect
  • My second novel, The Fur Slipper
  • I got my HiSet (GED) something I'd been trying to do for a long time.
  • And so many little things that I can't remember right now ;)

Image may contain: 2 people, people standing and indoor

I went to my first writer's conference

"Hay, have you seen my shadow?"
I discovered I have an obsession with shadows. I especially love doing what I call selfie shadows... I have a couple on Instagram.  

I also discovered that Havarti cheese and peanut butter tastes good together.

I decided to learn to do the splits. Still can't do side splits, but back and front are complete (more so than this picture).
It says "pregnant mermaid awareness"

I rediscovered my humor.

Here are two jokes I made up;

  1. Why can't a mouse ever stop talking? If he shuts his trap he will die. 
  2. What is the fastest berry? Barry Allen.

Other accomplishments:
  • I started reading again. Not as books many as I used to when I was a young read-aholic, but still a decent amount. 35 books to be precise. I write a review for every one on GoodReads
  • I drink a lot of water and tea, mostly Oolong tea sweetened with stevia
  • I wrote a guest post on GTW, a dream of mine for like forever 
  • I started a YouTube channel, The Whatever Girl
  • And a comedy Instagram page, A Cleaning Gal 
  • I joined an awesome community for YA book readers/ writers 
  • I won my first writing contest and I bought the Giver Quartet with the prize money 
  • I created a page for my stories
  •  According to an app I've been using all summer, I'm almost 50% fluent in German. I feel about 20% ;D 
  • I've taken up spinning! And some dyeing.
  • I wrote a story with a 2nd person pov. That was fun!
  • I road tripped twice this last year! Both times through Nashville TN. The first time I felt freaked out. The second time it felt wonderful!
  • I argue less? Lol, or so I think

Favorite Blog Posts From Last Year :
Henri Wetselaar  (By the way, this guy is free now! A higher court overruled his sentencing)

I'm really excited about my serial! I plan to make that a regular part of the blog. I already have two exciting serials planned for after the Lawrence Children is over. I do hope you all enjoy this story. :) I will be having a fun post explaining some back story once it is ended.

Plans for next year:

So, yes, I don't do resolutions. But I still have plans. And goals

I am working hard toward publication. I'm actually starting to see some good signs of that happening, hopefully soon. 

Also, I need to tell you all about my current writing project. I've been rather silent about it as it's hard to talk about my novels as I write them. They tend to feel/ be personal. 

It's called Let Me Meet Death Dancing. 

I've had this story in my mind for years. But not until this last year, going through a relationship, did the story finally make sense and I was able to see it enough to start writing. 

I'm a short story writer, but never has a novel felt so easy to write... the plot seems to be unfolding itself, the words coming out without hardly any trouble.

It's a novel about relationships, specifically but not exclusively breakups. Ava, my main character is a messianic believer. She dances, knits, reads history. And then one day she starts working for a family of eleven. Her life changes as she falls in love  makes friends that believe differently than her.

But her world shatters through a broken heart and death, and soon she finds herself tumbling through life unsure of how to move forward.

Currently it's around 50k word. 

My plans are to finish writing this novel this year, then return to my sci-fi novella series, A Series of Thoughts. I'd like to take the rest of the year to polish up those six books. You should be able to find a little bit about them on my writing page.

Besides that, my only other plans are to help my friend, Mary, in April. 

I'm hoping to go to Germany sometime this year. 

Depending on what happens with my writing, I may be doing more traveling for that, too.

I mostly plan to work toward a bigger picture. Little steps forward, constantly forward. 

And this post has grown quite long ;0 But I do hope you enjoyed it!

I want to thank you all for following this blog! My audience has tripled since last year. For that I am amazed... I don't know what keeps you guys coming to this crazy, colorful blog, but I do appreciate it!

So, feel free to comment on any of this. What do you think of my novel? What keeps you coming to this blog? What would you like to see more of, less of? 

Thank you, everyone! And may God bless our 2018 lives!!!

Monday, January 1, 2018


Last year I was tired of the me I was.

So I set resolutions. Just like every other year.

I was going to be better. I was going to love more. I was going to be different... no more old, nasty me.


I was going to chase all my wildest dreams. No fear was allowed to hold me back.

I was going to travel to new places. 

I was going to experience new, exciting things. 

Lose all that weight. Eat completely healthy. Read my Bible five times a day. Pray every second. Be a friend to everyone. Find true love. Give to twenty missions.

It was also the year I was going to take the most selfies, posted with false quotes to inspire millions!!!! #Selfielover

I was going to become the me I've always wanted to be.

And, so what happened???

I succeeded!!!! 

Guys, I'm now perfect!!!!!!!!!!

I can now be proud of the me I am.

I accomplished all my New Year Resolutions for 2017. And, boy, do I feel wonderful... except what do I do this year around?

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing and outdoorI'm so perfect I can't make any more resolutions. ;/

I mean... what can I change about me, now?

A whole year of work... and now I'm stuck in perfection. Forever.

It's actually a depressing thought. Except I don't get depressed anymore.

Well, after much thought I have finally realized what I must do.

I must take a regress year.

It's not right to be this perfect, to have no room left to resolve me. So, I will back slide a little. 

I'll be a little less kind. 

A little less me.

That way in 2019 I'll have something to work toward again! 

2018 is my irresolution year!!!

I'm so happy :) Maybe you'd like to join me, if you too met all your resolutions? 

Here's to irresolutions! 

I do hope that you caught on that this is satire. My regular post is still scheduled for Wednesday! Can't wait to see you all then :D 

Here are some other posts I wrote for previous New Years:

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Update On Life: Traveling Adventures (Mostly Pictures)

Hello! One thing I do not do well on this blog is life updates... it's just... there are so many thoughts I'd rather share, who has time to hear about what I'm actually doing? 

Exactly. So here I am making time. 

Last November I had the most lovely time going to see friends!!! After a crazy summer working nearly full time, and writing the rest of the time I so needed a break.

I came home feeling like a new person, ready to work again! Most importantly my mind had a great time to de-stress. I've been laughing a lot for no reason. I love when that can happen. 

First thing first, the plan was:

To go and stay with Mary in Kentucky for a couple weeks. At the end of the said weeks we were going to drive to Florida for a friend's wedding. After the wedding we were going to drive back, I'd fly home. 

But this happened instead: 

I went to stay with my friend, Mary, for a couple weeks. We couldn't rent a car. So we didn't go to the wedding. Instead we used their car (we didn't trust it to last us to Florida) and went to Tennessee instead so she could meet some friends of mine that lived four and a half hours away. I flew back shortly after we came back to Kentucky. 

I started my trip feeling completely exhausted. Mentally, physically everything. 

My 11th time flying! Normally I hate flying... I really dislike security. Rude, unnecessary, stressful. But this time around it was great! So many of the people actually returned my smile :)  Some smiled first :D 

Wonderful times with Mary beginning!! She loved to keep at her sewing. 

I found this book at a thrift store there.... Ale8 is the soda to get if you are in Kentucky. Mary's father-in-law gave it to me ;) 

Lovely shoes I found at a thrift store!

Mary's inlaws have a lovely kitchen floor... made for a great back ground. 

Mary I and enjoyed drinking tea :D 

Mary's husband, Caleb, took us shooting one day. I know my eyes were shut in this picture... but I actually did pretty good. I shot six times, making the bull's eye twice and missing the target only once.

 I was on vacation.... meaning I could take mirror selfies for my comedy page without needing to clean the mirror :D 

Physically exhausted, but my mind felt great. And my hair was wet ;p 

I know eggnog is bad for you... but Mary and I both love it!! I wish you could get eggnog all year around... except I might get fat then ;'p With some good chocolate, of course ;) 

We ate a lot of yummy grapefruit :D 

Mary's daughter, Annalise and I got along great :D 

Another post for my comedy page 

Mary and I made this for our Ironic Skillet page. Click here for the instagram version. 

When we were just about to head out for our Tennessee trip! All comfy in my wool sweater, ready to drive for four hours. Even through Nashville and seven lanes of traffic! 

We took a break two hours through so Anni could walk around ;) And for gas, of course.

We brought our shadows along. 

We stopped at my friend, Rashida's place first! I was so excited to finally meet her chunky three month old Emory. 

At Rashida's I informed her I was trying to get Mary to meet all of my best friends. My ultimate goal is to have all my best friends in one place, a bunch of awesome people together. I have like ten such friends ;)

Rashida laughed and said, "So that you can friend retire?"

So I guess my ultimate ultimate goal is to make all my friends become friends so that way I can retire from having friends and go to Germany.

Sounds like a great life! Don't you think?

Trying out this wig... color suit me? ;p

Hiking with Annalise tied to my back. 

Mary, Me, Cherish. Annalise is on my back.

My little friend. Gedi! 

I met another fellow Ruby girl (the 19th), and sooooo enjoyed getting to know her. We both had a lot in common with some things that had happened/ were happening in our lives. Just talking to her helped me feel so much better and so much tension that had been caught up these last few months completely vanished. If you are curious what a Ruby girl is see this post.

Back in Kentucky, enjoying a banana with Annalise. 

Mary and I did a photoshoot! Mary made a wonderful pregnant model. Here are some of my favorite pictures:

Anni's expressions though ;p 

I so love this comedy picture we did!! 

After nearly three weeks of lovely fun.... it was time to go home! 

Mary and I talked. We laughed. We watched Netflix, A Series of Unfortunate Events and 13 Reasons Why. I can't recommend 13 Reasons Why as it was terribly inappropriate, but A Series of Unfortunate Events is so worth watching, and beyond funny!

We also watched a couple episodes of Call The Midwife and the Anne series. Anne was terrible I thought, though Mary loved it. I ranted the entire time watching about how it was not accurate to the books and Anne just wasn't Anne. I did like how the hired hand was more of a servant. And it had a lovely intro. But besides that it was awful... I think Mary enjoyed my rants, though ;)

And as we're on the topic of movies. I watched a few on the plane: Before I Fall (A lovely movie, but might not be appropriate), Moana (It was OK), Despicable Me Three (Interesting, but not as good as #1), and part of The Intern (Besides having some inappropriate conversation and suggestive scenes, I was liking it a lot).

Mary sewed a lot. I tried to keep up with NaNo. We each bought our first American Girl dolls together... more on that in another post. We went shopping, went to church, went to the library. We cleaned. We worked out. We walked.

Overall... we just had a lot of fun. And felt very proud of ourselves for our short weekend in Tennessee. Very mature and capable... we are both twenty-one... yet I know I still feel sixteen a lot!

And that is all! I do hope you enjoyed this update. Did you? Have you ever flown? Drank Ale8? Drove through Nashville? Wanted to retire from friends?... just kidding on that one ;D