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"What Silence Do You Speak?": My First Public Speech

So far it looks like August has been a month for sharing YouTube videos on Keturah's Korner. I hope you all don't mind ;)

Last month my dad told me I was invited to speak at a conference.
Now, I love words in any shape and form, as long as they are educated and clean. Yet, I warily asked, "Why and what for?"

You see, I've never actually spoken publicly before.

"The conference is on journalistic ethics. And because you're my daughter."

"How many people will be there?"

"I don't know. Maybe a hundred?"

And so I agreed.

Dad asked, “What will you speak on? I need to know for the program."

I told my dad I'd have to think about it. Which I did as I cleaned the rest of my houses that day. A few hours later I called him back with my title.
 But. As all things go with my life, this speaking event didn't quite turn out to be what I thought it would be.

Meaning, it wasn't really on journalism at all but was some sort of…
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For The Love Of A Word

My name is in another book.  This book is called FOR THE LOVE OF A WORD.  It is a collection of encouragement letters and poems for writers.  My name is right under a letter for extroverts.  Because everything is for introverts these days. I decided to "unbox" the package (except I'd already opened it the day before haha). I don't like making videos, but sometimes it's good to do things you hate doing.  My friend Lauren also has a letter in the book, right beside mine! Her letter doesn't discriminate against energy types ... she writes for all writers.  "BUT WHAT IS IN THIS BOOK!?"  I've done an in-depth review of every anthology I've been published in before (two counts as every, right?). 
But there are too many pieces in this book.  Of course, since Annie Twitchell organized this, every word in this book sings and cries beauty. 
But here are some specific pieces that resonated with me:  The first two poems by C.F. BarrowsIn the first one, ca…

My Blog is Basically a Mature Toddler Now

I started this blog on August 4, 2014.
Someday I will say I've blogged fifty years.
Or so, I hope ;)

But for now ... it nearly feels as if I have.

I'm not kidding.
Nearly all of the life and who've I've become seems to have been lived AFTER creating this thing. I mean, I lived before my blog. But it's like a distant past me that's so childish and naive I hardly recognize myself.

And what will I be saying about myself five years from now? 

Scary thoughts ;)

I haven't done very many blogiversary posts ;0 
First Post
One Year
Four Years

Since blogging I've learned to drive and got my license. I've built a business. I've left home (I'm currently at home right now). I've made gazillions of friends. I've written nearly all of my best works. I've experienced heartbreak and I've found the best contentment. I've learned how to care and how to not care.

I've learned how to keep learning.

I'm I've learned enough to know tha…

Chapter Six: The Hospital

Susan didn’t want food—it seemed so pointless to eat when death weighed on the world all around her. But Carl wasn’t so inclined, and he made certain she ate a little before they went on to the hospital.

Eustace Scrubb lay very still in a narrow bed. Jill Pole was in another bed just a few feet away from Eustace. Both children were hardly visible through all their bandages and blankets. They were hardly sixteen—too young to be so still.

Her aunt Alberta stood next to Eustace. Alberta clung to Eustace’s hand. Jill’s mother was likewise by her daughter’s bed. The children’s fathers, with Francis, sat on a hard bench. None of them looked as if they had slept in days.

Susan’s guilt intensified.

She rushed into the room, leaving Carl gaping in the doorway, and went straight to her aunt. “Aunt Alberta, tell me, how is he?”

But as Susan looked closer at Eustace, she wished she’d never asked. The boy was so pale and his skin stretched tightly over his bones. Was he even breathing? Susan held…

The Month In Which I Tell A Lie and Wear the Same Dress A Lot

Laura and I have been friends since we were eleven—nearly half of our lives. People always like to notice how different people are and like to ask "how can you be friends!?" But I've always seen our similarities. We may not be the same denomination, but we both love resting on Saturday Sabbath, and we love discussing theology. We love Germany and we like to embrace our naturalness—no makeup for us ;)

(And yes my skin and hair sometimes feel awful, especially as July started out. But I still much prefer no makeup and the real me).

Laure eloped back in May (something I totally supported her in!) and I finally just got down to "celebrate" with her. Of course, she had to dress up in her wedding dress so we could get a photo together ;)

Doesn't my tye-dye look soooo great with her dress? Haha!

 Our cars ... we are both very proud of them ;) I captioned this: "Once we were eleven-year-olds who could barely say hi, no we are successful adults who drive eight …