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Because I'm Glad To Be Back

Further proof I'm back for real. My guts are splayed on a lace table cloth. My words are free and they are demanding an audience... 
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Next month

I'm ready to share words again. Next month!! 

Dream-Sermon: Sing of God's Doings

Christian friends used to ask me, "What has God been doing in your life?"  It felt like a trick question, or a set-up for a lecture. I didn't want to answer. It wasn't meant as an accusation, many probably thought it a theologically correct cool substitute for "How are you?" I would answer, and nearly always receive disapproving comments. My friend-group and lifestyle have changed a lot. It's been over three years since somebody has asked me that question. I'm glad. And yet... I now ask myself, what is God been doing in my life? Sometimes I self-reprimand, but often I simply just don't know. Is it good that I'm happier? What does this mean? Was it wrong to leave behind all things stifling? I feel the realness of holy ground all about me, no longer sequestered to a single building. At last, I am functioning more in my giftings and callings. And still, just what is God doing in my life? What are words when I'm living them. I'

Four Year Quilt Update

I haven't worked on my quilt a whole lot this last year. Last year  I'd nearly finished the quilt top. I finished it not long after sitting in a cozy cabin as men and women worshipped God all about me. What joy! Having it all as one piece at last was a great feeling.  But then I didn't work on it for a few months. A house fire, a busy summer of work, personal writings, barefoot wanderings... a busy summer, too full to for my quilt.  A lovely woman gave me a quilting rack. And one free summer day I asked my brothers to help me repair it and set it up across my couches.  I ironed the top, they brought over some extra bits of wood and their drills, and we had a party. Montana Wool Barn  began their operation a few years ago. We used to attend church together, so when she heard I was searching for a wool batting... she gave me one!  It was in many pieces. I whipstitched it together and made it fit over my white muslin, then pinned on my quilt

Date With An Old Man

I sat on my flax futon mattress typing an article on midwifery . I'd dragged my mattress in here the day before, after arriving at my Kentucky best friend's home. She was off doing some sort of chores while I tried to crank out words.  Her father-in-law peddled around outside fixing bicycles.  Distracted thoughts scattered the bits of my brain to all the spaces of the world, yet somehow I'd nearly finished a first draft.  It was time to wrap of that final paragraph. Garrett came in, "You going biking?"  "Maybe!"  He can't hear me, but does his best to read my lips.  "Your bike is just like Mary's."  (Both of them yellow banana bikes) "Mary's tube is flat. I need to go get a new one. Want to come with me?" "Yes!"  I was actually more confused than enthusiastic. But it was all the same for him.  He was in a hurry. I didn't even close my laptop, but grabbed my purse and ran out after him, then I text

Living in My Car

I lived in my car for a few months last Autumn. I've already posted three beautiful parts of this trip:  Dancing Israeli music with strangers,    camping in a secluded Vermont woods ,  touring New York city barefoot . I wore no shoes, an extension of something I'd began in June, most of the time. I brought my bed (a flax shikibuton), piles of wool and down blankets, a few books and papers for scribbling on, and all of my linen clothing.  I detached from insecurities and the pains thereof. But I refused to sink into some cold pit. I found warmth and I blossomed. On the path I met up with family and old friends. Naturally I made sure to meet new people, some through fb and blogging, some via recommendation. There were times where I traveled with others. But for the majority of the time I was alone. Alone and yet not alone. Cousins!!  This dear girl introduced me to a yummy Texas broccoli cheese soup. Texas bouquet  American Beauty b