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Hello... I'm not back on this blog. I'm just here to reiterate why I moved platforms. I like writing at the same place as my fiance, it's easier to do new email subscriptions there, and the writing community is much more alive there. But neither of our blogs are pay-walled.  Everything we post is free to the public. Some people choose to pay for to subscribe, but that's an optional feature for those who feel inclined to support our endeavors. I do have no plans to ever paywall my substack.  It's a different place, and has taken used to posting over there, but I love that there's more outreach and community! Most of my fellow bloggers have long ago moved over there so it seemed about time to do. I hope you, my reader, will join us and continue to have quality, free content you find value in.  You'll find me at: As always, feel free to email me at keturahskorner (at) gmail (dot) com
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Moving to A New Platform

  It's been a good few years here. I've loved blogger, saw it while it was a thriving community, and watched it slowly shrivel up. I tried to hold onto the platform as long as I could, out of sentimental reasons. But it's clear that it's lost its luster. I've decided to commit to substak for now. My fiance writes there , too, and it just seems to be the place where all the writers are at. Plus there's ways to make money off the writing (doubt I'll ever make much, though. I'll always be in it for fun!).  Let's stay in touch. I'll still be blogging as The Social Porcupine. Just instead of blogspot, it's substack now. 

The "Trad" Woman: A Satirical Commentary on Women's Twitter Culture

  (somewhat of) a satire It might be old news, but women are frustrated . Unfortunately, they can’t blame men anymore. They tried, they won, and now their rights are safeguarded by nuclear threat, and by the brains of nerdy, effeminate men willing to bring home the paycheck and change the newborn’s diapers. There just isn’t time anymore to open the car door or pay attention to which side of the street she is walking on. His picks up his dirty underwear now, but he also won't share a sock drawer anymore. And she feels slighted.  Who licked the icing off the cake? Women have lost their sense of identity, and it all started because they didn’t want men to spend so much time at the bars. Actually, they didn’t want their men to drink at all. Hence the reformation among Presbyterian and Methodist preachers to put down the bottle and ordain a few  women pastors. Hence the temperance movement. Hence the end of moonshine and the beginning of World Wars, pantyhose, and pink razors. Patriarch

Two Books to Buy and Read in 2024

  A new year is upon us, and with that the regular desire to make resolutions of personal improvement. But what if we took a year off from fretting over our weight, food choices, and hobbies and turned our eyes to the stagnated atmosphere of our homes, the dusty guestroom, and the next-door neighbor’s whose names we still don’t know although it’s been months since they moved in. What if we took a moment to learn from someone else whose been doing it a lot longer than anyone else, and cultivated the necessary assets a thriving community requires. It doesn’t really require much, except for a little self-denial and a whole lot of focused dedication to stick out something purposeful. I’ve recently read two nonfiction titles that are gloriously refreshing. I plan to keep extra copies around the house to give away, or to provoke further dialogue. I encourage my readers to do the same! Here is a little bit about both: 𝑩𝒆𝒕𝒕𝒆𝒓 𝑢𝒇𝒇 by Eric Brende Something for young couples to consider

Church Hopping: A Spiritual Overdose to Remember our Mystical Origins

 We’d just finished watching the movie Jesus Freaks when Andy asked me to marry him. It was early September… he’d planned to wait until I’d met his family in November, but we were ready to start planning our future. By all legalist appearances, we might seem unequally yoked. I was raised in a niche of an already obscure messianic movement, and he, born in and again recently returned to the church, was a traditional catholic. And yet those who know the two of us well and are able to see past the doctrines of man into the mystical hearts of God and His children, saw the inevitability of our union. Never is the material yoke naturally equalized between the two called to work together, not initially. It takes some sort of supernatural strength to put oneself with another, and in that acceptance is harmony cultivated. Our spiritual experiences, though stemmed out of drastically varying circumstances, have bloomed toward the same aesthetical values. But such matters are not easily seen if on

A Summer Vision

Do you ever feel you have dozens of dreams begging you to bring them all to life? And you would, if only they might co-operate and become one vision . This is what the Living Room Academy was for me: a culmination of a lifetime of thoughts and ideals. It started out as a flippant invitation that a woman I worked for said, "But why wouldn't you do this?"  Besides seeming initially impossible to undertake, I didn't want to commit to such a project as opening my home up to other young women for a summer... I love my summers and couldn't imagine forsaking all the things I would normally do to teach summer classes to strangers.   I won't go into why I decided to do this as I've already written on this in depth, but I do want to reiterate that I'm glad I didn't choose the convenient, lackluster path of complacency.  I hosted two courses this summer 2023. Six girls came to live with me, although only four of them were able to stay for the endurance of th