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Word Of The Day: Listen

We writers love words. Many of us love speaking these words aloud almost as much if not more than writing. That's because we have opinions - opinions we believe ought to be shared. Even to the point of friendlydiscussion unless that's impossible because someone completely stupid won't understand.

But sometimes we opinionated verbalists take a moment and realize we need to fuel our minds and stabilize our opinions with facts.  

That's why, occasionally, we choose to listen.

lis·ten ˈlis(ə)n verb 1. give one's attention to a sound. synonyms:hear, pay attention, be attentive, attend, concentrate noun 1. an act of listening to something.
                                                                                 Origin:                                                                                       Old
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Smile Every Day, Then Write Down Why

Life is one of those things that is tough, I think most will agree. Whether you're an angty teen or drowning in the waters of #adulting I think most of us find that we all have struggles and half of that struggle is searching for a way to just be done struggling.

"Can't I just smile and breathe for a moment?"

But there's no time for either.

Life was really tough for awhile. Eating, writing, working—all of it was a struggle. I spent my days dreaming of sleeping. Because when I sleep that's the only time I don't have to feel, to remember, to do anything (I'm one of those lucky people that sleep easily and never have dreams to bother me as I sleep).

But . . . I didn't want to sleep my life away. And I didn't want to live it depressed, either,

It was so hard, but every day I had to want this over and over and over. It was exhausting. And sometimes I wondered if it was worth the effort.

But I pressed on. I did a lot of things. I prayed more. I care…

Can Erasing Your Social Media Be The Solution To Living A Better New Year?

I thought about writing this post as satire, but decided to give y'all a little break from my normal upbeat resolutions-are-last-years'-garbage HAPPY NEW YEAR!posts.


Instead, I want to beg all of you to not delete your social media accounts. At least not yet.

You see, I love social media. But without all of you — it wouldn't be social. And online media is no fun without others to enjoy it with. I mean, if I were really that introverted I'd just stick to movies and books for my media desires.

But I'm an extrovert.

January 1, 2015, while half making a professional guess as I have no statistics available at the moment of the world deleted their FB accounts I opened mine. I had two reasons for getting a Facebook.

I wanted to be able to keep in contact with all the friends I was making as I started doing a lot of traveling, and to also keep in contact with my family through pictures.I wanted to use Facebook as a platform for my blog and my writing.…

My Magic Word Is Now — Wrapping Up 2018 + A GIVEAWAY!

I'll admit it, I'm the stereotypical bossy older sister. And having ten younger siblings has only made me great at it.

"Jerushah. Bring me some water."

"What's the magic word?"

"Now," I reply with snark.

"No, that's not." Nevertheless, she laughs.

As do I.
After that I use this "smart" reply a lot. Now it's kinda old, but it's still one of my favorite words (among acceptable, stupid idiots, and beyond) despite how mean some people may think it is.

But this post isn't about that sort of now. 

You know how people have a word for the year? Well, I've never done that before, but now that this year is nearly over I realize I sort of have had a word for this year. That word has been NOW.

And I don't mean as a substitute for the word please.

I mean in every day life, how I live.

In previous years I've always had something to work forward. Things in the past were always holding me back. Today was never …

Hard Stuff Make Soft Hearts

I used to hate hiking. But then I used to hate a lot of things.

I had been wanting to see Alexa's baby (Alexa is the girl on the far left) and I hadn't actually yet met Keziah (the third girl to the right). I really needed a break from writing and cleaning, and for me that means hanging out with friends. But I don't really like shopping (spending money is stressful, y'all) and I like to be active. So I decided to kill three birds with a stone — I planned a girls' hike up near where Alexa and Keziah lived so I could meet Alexa's baby and meet Keziah.

Best "mutli-tasking" idea I've ever had!

We had a fabulous Sabbath (most of us keep Saturday sabbath) of hiking, fellowship, and fun!

When I finally went home I was refreshed and inspired. Great conversations had happened. We encouraged each other, discussed what was on our hearts, and grew. It's hard to explain these sort of experiences, but they are what add spice to my life.

Keziah and I both t…

Loving Toxic People

People can be really difficult. Especially when you thought they loved you and they ignore you, hurt you, or betray you.

Sometimes those you once thought you loved or could love do something outright hateful or worse. 

And then you are left with the realization, "This person doesn't love me."

"Did they ever love me?"

Truth is spoken to us through others around us.

We soon realize that this person is not a friend. In fact, some will tell us they are toxic.

And soon enough we will recognize this truth when our tears finally meet up with our brains. And we are left with decisions.

The world is full of advice of what to do with toxic people. Pinterest is jammed full of "inspirational self-love methods".

All four of these were saved from my Pinterest board. 

Before I go on, I want to take a moment to talk about Toxic People. 
What exactly is a toxic person???

Toxic People:  When most people talk of toxic people: Someone who has betrayed or hurt you resulting…

Author Interview With Jack Lewis Baillot + Title Reveal and Giveaway

Welcome, Jack, to Keturah's Korner! Please introduce yourself to us!
Thank you so much for having me! Well, as you can tell, my name is Jack, at least as far as my pen name goes. Jack Lewis Baillot. My real name is a mystery because I'm that sort of person. I'm an Author and do everything that title entails — like writing books, sometimes editing them, and reading every chance I get. And once in a great while marketing.

How many books have you written and how many of them are published?
I have written at least seventy to eighty books in my lifetime. Some will never see the light of day, most are being rewritten now that I have some idea of what I'm doing, HA!, and will hopefully be published at a sometime later date. I have published two so far, both historical fiction set in WWII but completely different from each other. Brothers-in-Armsis a 400 page length novel set in Hitler's Germany and Finding the Magicis a small novella set during the London Blitz and is a Be…