Wednesday, September 21, 2016

A Wedding (And A Week In TN)

First off: Sorry that I didn't post last Wednesday. I sort of have a good excuse. Well, not really. I should have prepared a post still. But anyways, here's my excuse!!! Enjoy!!!

This last week found me in my other life - TN!!! Once I got there, it almost seemed I had never left! It was a week full of fun, excitement, friends, and more. Too much happened - it almost felt like a month of fun!!!!!

Here are some of my favorite pictures while there - spotlights of fantastic memories!

I can rarely get Cherish (the girl on the far right) to take pictures.. but on my last day she decided to be nice :) and she put a lot of energy into those photo's. LOL We three girls went on an early morning hike/ walk and really got to catch up, laugh, sing, and just have fun :)

Meeting friends at the airport! Some were old friends, some new :) I was so excited to see the little girl on the right!

One of my best friends and secret-keepers. I got to spend a day at her house. It was so great to see the wonderful person again.

I had never met Aliisa before, but I spent a lot of my time with her while there. Partly because we shared a bunk, but also because she was so sweet and nice :)

All the ruby girls that attended Meadow's wedding!!!! Plus Serene's husband, Sam, in the background, lol. Three of the girls are married now (two have kids), two of the girls are pretty much engaged, and a handful of the rest were looking promising ;)

Another of my best friends with her adorable baby! On several occasions we were seen sneaking into a one person restroom so she could feed Ezzy and we could still talk. Might have looked awkward - but it was fun ;)

Last time I stayed in TN the older girl and her mom lived next-room to me. My I missed them!!! And they had another little girl while I was gone! It was sooooo nice to see them :)

Some of my all time favorite little girls :)

Back to the times when I'd steal his hat and he'd make faces... this guy is hilarious.

And of course, I had to get a selfie with the bride! Oh, she was gorgeous! You could tell Meadow was a model :)

The wedding was fantastic - it rained half way through the service. so we all had to run inside and finish the ceremony there. But it was great (though no-one had great hair or make-up anymore ;b).
There were so many people to see! So much laughing. So much fun! And a lot of dancing, too!!!!

And the groom's men did this dance for Meadow - Oh, my! It was so well-done... and funny! If you really want to see the dance I posted the video on my facebook.

And the rest of the week? It was awesome! I got to spend so much time with friends, help hem the flower girls' dresses, help Aliisa "coordinate" the rehearsal and we had a couple things to do on the wedding day also, and stay up way too late!!!!!!

It was great ;)

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Struggles are Real

I hate planes.

It's not that I hate the flying part, or that I'm scared of being s high above the ground. I actually rather enjoy that part.

But I hate all the security, and how rude everyone can be. And one time in particular I had a bad experience because they didn't like my skirt or my ID.

Of course this wasn't exactly the worst thing in the world. Many people have had many much more terrible experiences, to the point that they were truly violated or their lives in danger.

And one person made sure to tell me this when I told them why I didn't like flying.


That's all I can think when someone says your fears or struggles are unbiased because of others' real struggles.

You scrunch up and feel guilty. It's like someone is saying, “You don't know what real pain and fear is, because you have been too sheltered. You don't even know how to truly love God, because you have never really been tested.”

Or maybe they outright say this.

You're like, “So all this stuff going on in my mind has been dramatized? I don't actually have struggles?”

In that case you are can be like... “Well, let's just smile then. And enjoy life.”

Just kidding...

And if that were the extent of your trial it may be easy. But normally it's not.

I was talking to a friend recently who is going through a very hard time, emotionally and with close people in her life. Sometimes I get so riled up for her (and others) when I think great people are so blindly “persecuting” someone as dear as her with their words and actions. And it's as if they are blind.. yet think their eyes are wide open!

“I know the feeling,” I told her. “ 'God why me? Why now? Why can I not have just this one thing?' His tests are pretty hard sometimes. Too hard, to bear, it feels. We are told we have it easy compared to others. But do we? Or is this just man's way of saying 'I don't care about you.'?

“ 'What you are going through is just a lie from the devil.' We are told. But is it? Sure God heals, but one of the realities of sin is that life is horrible. Even great men in the Bible screamed and yelled at God, questioning the pain in their lives.

“Rough times exist.

“No matter the level humans set trials at, our trials, our emotional stress, our struggles, all we go through is the same. It's all hardest for each individual.

“It's wrong for people to say, 'Look how good you have it compared to so and so.' You know what? That's all compared to human standards! People don't need a, 'You're okay, just look at Africa.' They need a hug, some comfort, a few words of encouragement.”

“If any thing is a lie from the devil, it's the belief that what we go through doesn't matter.”

It's all great and good to think nothing but certain catastrophes matter and are worthy of depression, but the words, “Get over yourself. Remember the kids in Africa – the ones that are dying because of lack of clothes and food. You have it good. No one in America truly suffers.” are not a way to comfort someone.

Neither is the statement, “What you're going through is a lie from the devil.”

What does that accomplish? Nothing but unnecessary guilt on the victims part. And pent up emotions and trials that they don't know what to do with since they obliviously shouldn't have them.

My above first example wasn't very good But I think you got the point. Hopefully. Haha.

We all go through things – and sometimes those things aren't as big and ugly in appearance as starving children in Africa.

But to our minds, to the reality we know, they FEEL just as big and ugly.


Because this is the very REAL and UGLY struggle God has placed into our lives and minds.

And because of that, we need to remember one thing: Don't tear other people down farther by telling them what they go through is unreal.

Comfort them. Encourage them. Help them get over what they are going through with love, understanding, and when and if the times calls for, gentle admonition towards something better and more fulfilling.

Critical words don't kill fear and heal hurt. Love and kindness do.

Remember, fellow believers. We aren't called to bring ones trials down to exalt our own or others. We are called to love each and everyone. Not everyone is capable of handling the same pain. But we can still love them. Nor are we to judge trials by man's standard.

Sure, starvation seems horrid. It is horrible. But so are all the other things we are burdened with. Each are equally important to the person going through it.

One of the realities of this sin-filled life is there will be many people going through hard times, and you will be faced with the choice: Tear them down or love them?

So, be a friend to people. Dry tears, don't cause them. Love people, don't look down at them. And instead of pushing them away, give them a big a hug or two.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

My Baptism

This last Sunday, August 21, I was baptized along with one of my brothers and one of my sisters.

I had believed in Yeshua quite a few years ago, but was uncertain for a long time about what I believed about baptism. Was is necessary to do? Is it part of being saved? Must one be baptized to be saved? And what does baptism mean?

For a long while I thought baptism unnecessary, that we were now baptized through the Holy Spirit and Fire (Matt 3:12). But then I started a Bible correspondence study called Lamp and Light Bible. Some verses they brought up showed that this was totally true...

When Jesus gave the great commission, he included baptism. (Mark 16:15-16) He, Himself was baptized - though this could be argued that this was for the purpose of fulfilling the old law.

But what most convinced me was of the examples afterwards, of His followers baptizing people in His name. If it wasn't right and good why would they still be doing it? (Acts 2:38, Acts 22:11-16)

From these and many of verses and passages I came to the conclusion that baptism was not bad, but even good, and that full immersion baptism was probably the best, as it was what was used up until a certain time in early church history.

But still, is baptism necessary for salvation? Even though I'd come to believe that it was good and not done away with, I still needed to know if I needed to do it.

When Yeshua and other's preached they never actually said "In order to be saved you must be baptized." 

The only conditions to being saved are believing in and loving Jesus, accepting His death as your forgiveness, repenting of your sin. (Romans 10:9, Acts 16:31) All the other doctrines of the Bible are good, but not salvation issues (Not things that will find favor alone with God).

So why get baptized then? Why did others baptize in the Bible... but for a sign.

"Believe and be baptized." (Romans 6:3-5, Mark 16:16)

As a  testimony and public declaration, baptism shows everyone the choice you have made, using symbolism.

And, so that is why I decided to be baptized - to show that I believed in Yeshua, and accept His death as forgiveness for any and all my sins.

One of my best friends was able to be there - her dad was the one that baptized me ;)

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Siblings, Drinking Cowboys, and Flying Dust

Siblings sometimes have weird, random conversations. A lot of the times they can be very hilarious. So funny that you have got to share them ;)

So, that is just what I'm going to do.

The other night we were on our way youth group when the following occurred: – by the way, our youth group is one of the few good youth groups lol ;b, as most of the kids going are home-schooled.

Jonathan (18)
Jerushah (17)
Jesse (15)
Beckah Jo (14)
Josiah (13)
And other little ones….

Jonathan: I'm going to make this bumper sticker that says, “Tough cowboys don't drink. They say no.”
Everyone: *chattering about what we think about it, changing the wording, thinking of better ways to word it. We tell mom to turn the radio down, and tell her of Jonathan's 'brilliant' idea.*
Me: But it's actually not true.
Mom: Yes. It's not tough to drink.
Jerushah and Beckah Jo: *knowing what I'm going to say some how* They drink milk, mom!
Me: Exactly! What else do you think cowboys have cows for?
Me: So the sticker should read, “Tough cowboys drink milk. Why else do they have cows?”

Of, course the boys disagreed thinking their original idea was best. Haha. So for awhile longer we discussed this before branching off to other weird things :) Just before this, we had all been discussing some really mean pranks we wanted to play on a few friends (pranks we will never do, because those people wouldn't think them as funny as we did).

And another funny conversation:

My 7-year old brother and I are walking home. The ground is dry and dusty, so he is dragging his shoes in it, kicking dirt in my sandals and distracting me from my (very interesting and important :b) thoughts.

Me: Jonah, stop kicking the dirt.
Jonah: Why?
Me: Because, it's getting in my shoes.
Jonah: Then what's it for?
Me: *sarcastic* Not kicking.
Jonah: But it's like rocks, and that's what people do to those.
Me: Jonah, rocks and dirt aren't for kicking.
Jonah: Then why do I always see people kick them?

Oh, my. It was only then that I forgot what ever I was thinking about and started laughing. He is really quite silly - though I think he was being serious :0

What sort of conversations do you have with your siblings? 

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Growing Through Unjust Criticism (Instead of Falling Down)

How can one use criticism to grow instead of break down and feel condemned? How can you master pride yet keep your self-worth, even if you are right?

Impossible it seems.

It's a very hard thing… It's easier if you are actually wrong – or at least the answer is easier to give. Haha.

Just get over yourself. Accept the correction. Just change.

But when you aren't wrong?

(And when you are truly not in denial)

I think most of us will find ourselves facing this one time or another. But not often – because normally, let's face it. We are wrong. We deserve the criticism. And even if there is wrong on the other side, there is usually just as much fault if not more on our side.

But there will be those few times when this is not the case. And this can be very hurtful, and even discouraging if the people accusing are very close, yet not open to what's true.

Still we need to remember a few things, so we don't join the wrong side. Because it's very easy to start out innocent and become truly guilty.

Here are my tips for keeping from drowning in a place where condemning words seem to be crashing all around you, pulling you in, so that all you want to do is scream out in frustration and beat some sense into EVERYONE.


1. No matter what, do not allow what has happened affect you or your beliefs. Individuals do not define God, but most are imperfect broken shards of His reflection trying to glue themselves back together to be more like Yeshua (Jesus), but failing miserably. Including you.

2. Remember that you AREN'T perfect. Try and see what you may have done wrong. Admit that, and work on fixing THAT and CHANGING.

But he gives more grace. Therefore he says, God resists the proud, but gives grace unto the humble. ~ James 4:6

3. Apologize – even if you don't need to.
I'm not saying lie. I'm saying being a peace-maker.

Make every effort to live in peace with everyone and to be holy; without holiness no one will see the Lord ~ Hebrews 12:14. See also Romans 12:18.

Don't add to the tension by holding on to pride. Just be sorry. “I'm sorry that I (-). I didn't mean to do that to you.”
Don't be haughty when apologizing. Be sincere.

4. It's OK to be right.
Many will respect you for being humble – most know how hard it is ;b. And even if they know that you think you were still in the right, if they see that you are sorry for offending them most will not be so upset.
Or maybe even feel a little convicted. Though don't count on that too much. LOL.
So, don't try to make peace by giving in and admitting something that isn't true.

It might not always work. What then?

Don't become bitter. Don't hate. And don't return the evil by harshly criticizing the person in return.

Yes, you may be right, the other wrong. But sometimes some things just won't and can't ever be proved in this world.

But you are to be perfect, even as your Father in heaven is perfect. ~ Matthew 5:48

But you don't have to become ugly with hate or bitterness. You don't have to allow anything to change you or your beliefs in God. And you don't have to join the hypocrisy by allowing what they said to be just like them – closed to the truth of God's love, truth, and righteousness.

Remember that, and even when people tear you down, you can still be whole and full.

O give thanks unto the LORD; for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever. ~ Psalm 136:1

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Hey?... Are You Laughing? :D


There's something about it. You either hate it or love it.

It can be distracting, addicting, or even contagious – all in good ways. Attractive, beautiful, meaningful.

But hopefully it's never repulsive, obnoxious, and disturbing ;b

Haha.. I mean some would think so… But… really, what sort of minds do they have!? Lol.

Some people will love you for your laugh. And then there will be those that hate you for it.

That can sometimes be discouraging, and even make one want to quit laughing.

But should you?

Is laughing something that should be controlled, or is it something to be encouraged? Even in ourselves?

I must say I have a very STRONG opinion on this… but first I'll share some verses.

A joyful heart makes a cheerful face(smiling is the first step to laughing ;b), But when the heart is sad, the spirit is broken. ~ Proverbs 15:13

According to Proverbs 31, the virtuous woman laughs without fear of the future. Now that might sound a little sarcastic, and even bold, but hey, would you rather be one off those grumpy people always wining about what might happen, or would you rather be laughing your head off, waiting for each new thing to come along?

I would much rather laugh.

Laughter isn't just refreshing to the one laughing, it's a bright light to those around you. (Not counting those few grumps who would rather be gloomy.) When you laugh, for real, you feel more happy (duh), less stressed and tired, and more prepared for whatever may come.

In a way Proverbs 31 could mean, not laughing the future away as if it were nothing, but that the laugh clears your mind enough to be able to fully comprehend what to do.

Of, course you'll have those few laugh-cops still trying to break that smile – A time to cry and a time to laugh. (Ecc 3:2-4)

If you ask me life has enough tears. Any opportunity that arises is THE TIME to LAUGH.

So, use this day to be happy and glad. And make it a great day for others, too.



And laugh again!

Because, who doesn't need more joy in their lives????????????

 Just Laugh. Make the world happier ;)

R. to L. My sister, Jerushah, My friend, Lauren, and me ;b

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Song of The Sword: Blog Tour

Welcome to the launch of Song of the Sword, the second novella in the Legends of Light series! Although the history of Aslaria and the conflict between the Prince and the rebel, Tauscher, flows chronologically through the series, each novella is a stand-alone retelling of a favorite fairy tale. Each story in this nine novella series focuses on one of the nine aspects of the Fruit of the Spirit while also retelling popular fairy tales in a clean, exciting, and inspiring manner.

A glittering sword.
An ancient oath.
A blackened rose.
And a melody which ties it all together.

Evrard and Roinette, twins separated at birth, are caught in a battle beyond their own limited powers. With their ability to walk in the melody realm, catching glimpses of the light and darkness underlying Aslaria, comes even more danger.

Deadly mistbenders. Writhing walls of blankness. Hateful drumbeats. As a warrior in the Melody, Evrard has seen it all. But his own ability in the melody realm pales in comparison to the Prince’s melody, the legendary prowess of past Wingmasters, and even the depth of his sister’s song.

To rescue Roinette and evade the trap almost certainly set for him by those who want his power, Evrard knows he’ll have to be careful. Even if he can find the Wingmaster’s sword, there’s no assurance he’ll be able to defeat a mistbender on his own. In the end, will his and Roinette’s efforts matter if the Prince brings an ancient oath to fulfillment, shaking the very foundation of Aslaria?

Available on Kindle, iTunes, and Smashwords
Add on Goodreads

Interview with the Author!

Welcome, Hope, to my blog, Keturah's Korner. Can you start out by telling us a little about you?
I’m a Christian authoress who lives on small farm in northern Indiana with five younger brothers and three younger sisters. There is never a dull moment in our house, let me tell you. Mom homeschooled us and, after graduating back in 2013, I started helping more with the teaching as well.
I love to write; at least, I love the stories in my head and so I have to write them down. I also enjoy blogging, taking cool photos, reading fantasy and history, tree climbing, roller blading, eating chocolate, listening to music, and collecting daggers and ‘treasure’.

What inspired you to write this series?
Several years ago I got the idea of retelling fairy tales with the various aspects of the Fruit of the Spirit as their themes. I even picked out nine fairy tales, then I left the idea to hibernate because I couldn’t figure out how exactly I wanted to go about it. It wasn’t until last winter, when I started considering self-publishing seriously, that I brushed the idea back off. I’d already written two novellas retelling fairy tales for the Rooglewood contests, and the idea of the fairy tale/Fruit of the Spirit stories was still around, so I finally brought it to life.

What is something you LOVE doing outside of writing.
Reading!!! I love to read, though I don’t get to read as much as I’d like to. I enjoy reading fantasy and some science fiction as well as history – especially Roman and Greek history.

What is you dream goal for your writing - or rather your future hopes?
My main goal for my writing is that it will change people’s lives. That it will make them think and inspire them. As for hopes and dreams, well…I’d really love to have a book made into a movie. A good movie where I have a say in the script, not one that ruins the story. I’ve spent so long writing and imagining various stories, it would be so cool to actually see my settings and characters.

Do you have any interesting tips for budding writers?
Interesting tips? Besides the worn out but very true adage of ‘if you want to be a writer, sit down and write?’ *grins* Hmm, how about this one: write because you enjoy it. Don’t stress about who likes or doesn’t like your stuff. If you write well, there will be readers who love your work. There will be others who don’t care for it simply because different people like different styles. Don’t let it bother you. Focus on writing for the people your writing can touch, not on pleasing everyone.

Why do you think literature is so important for the world?
Stories are powerful. Moving through circumstances and trials with a character can portray the reality of life and spiritual themes so much better than simply hearing about how one ought to act. A large reason for this is that we connect emotionally with the character. We can see the situation through their eyes, place ourselves in their position, and try to figure out what we’d do. Stories can inspire us, by portraying great victories amid defeat, light in darkness, hope in despair. There is plenty of darkness and sorrow in the world around us. Reading helps remind us of what is important, and of the surety good’s triumph in the end (even if we don’t see the final victory in this life).  

Thanks for joining me on here! Have a great day - and may God bless you and your writing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Review:

There's a war raging, and Evrard is on must keep his wits about him. But something out of the ordinary has happened - he has felt the presence of one where no-one should be.
Who can it be?
We he hears tell that he may have a twin sister, lost and separated by strange circumstances his protective nature wants to find her, to save her from the danger she may be in.
But he also has a duty to the Prince, his Prince. 
Can he balance both? And will he be able to find his missing sister in time?

I enjoy a good fairy tale. Original, retellings - I love them all. But the Rapunzel fairy tale has always intrigued me.
So, of course I was happy to beta read this for Hope!!

It was very interesting, I will start out by saying.

Even though it was a retelling - it was a very original one. 

There was war. Patriotism. Family values. The meaning of duty and laying one's life down for another.

From start to finish, it was an exciting story. It was different in the way that their was no romance, but that fact is soon over looked and not even missed.

I really loved the character Punzel - but I can't say too much about her with out giving a way the plot.

Deep fantasy. Lots of allegory. If you like both of those you will love Song of the Sword.

About the Author
Hope Ann is a Christian authoress who lives on a small farm in northern Indiana. She was home schooled and now helps teach several of her eight younger siblings.

She has been writing for over five years, and has so many story ideas that she doubts she will ever stop. Her favorite genre to write is high fantasy with a touch of the allegorical. A close second is futuristic suspense. Her goal is to not only entertain with her stories, but to provide inspirational fiction for young adults.

Predictably, she loves reading fantasy, fairy tales, mythology, and futuristic suspense. Her favorite authors include J. R. R. Tolkien, Charles Dickens, Frank Peretti, Mark Twain, and Serena Chase.

Her hobbies include photography, movie making, knitting, tree climbing, writing e-mails to friends, listening to Celtic music, and collecting shiny trinkets for story inspiration.

You can visit Hope’s blog at authorhopeann, or follow her on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, or Twitter.


I’m giving away a beautiful, one-of-a-kind mug with the Legends of Light logo emblazoned on its side, along with a Song of the Sword bookmark! Due to shipping costs, at this time the mug giveaway is limited to the USA. However, I do have a second giveaway of a $10 Amazon gift card, along with another Song of the Sword bookmark, for international readers! Please only enter one of the giveaways.

Follow the blog tour!!!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Creative Limitation: Writing Contest!!

 One of my great friends has the blog floor today to tell you about this fun contest that she is wanting to get started!!! Make sure to join in on the fun!!!!! ~ Keturah 

Hello! I’m Lauren, one of Keturah’s friends. I’m a fellow writer, reader, etc. As a result of this I had this great idea the other day.

Stored up in my strange mind are several ideas for writing contests. I have them tucked away, hoping that someday I can use them. Well, I was thinking about blogging and thought it would be cool to have writing contests on a blog! I don’t have a blog of my own so I asked Keturah if I could guest post on hers!

So who’s ready for some writing contests?

I really don’t know much about hosting a contest so let’s start with something simple. Something easy but creative and fun.

Six word stories will be our first contest!!!!

What is a six word story? It’s exactly what it sounds like. It’s a story that’s only six words long.  It’s hard to do at first. It’s hard just to grasp at first. So if you’re having trouble try googling “six word stories.” Web pages full of six word stories will come up if you do.

So let’s see how creative you can be with such a limited amount of words.

But first we should probably have some rules.

1.       First have fun. This is something you’re doing because you love to write. Right?
2.       Your submission can only have six words in it. No more. No less. That’s kind of the point right?
3.       Please do not submit anything inappropriate. No swearing especially. It won’t be accepted as an entry if we think it isn’t appropriate even if it is the most amazing thing we’ve ever read.
4.       The deadline is August 31.

And of course what happens when we pick a winner? Well, since this is the first contest and we are still figuring things out the winning story will be featured on the blog. Not like any ordinary story though. We will make it look pretty and put on a back ground.

I know it isn’t a whole lot, but it is nice to see someone else appreciate your creativity. So go out there and be creative. Let’s see how unlimited you can be when you are limited to six words.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Author Interview: Amanda Tero

Hey, Amanda! Welcome to Keturah's Korner! Can you tell all of us a little about yourself?
Hi Keturah! So glad to be here! Let's see, I am a born again believer in Jesus Christ, the fifth of twelve children, a home school graduate, the family kitchen cleaner. ;) I enjoy writing (of course), music (teaching, playing piano and violin, arranging hymns, recording YouTube videos), photography, web/graphics design (especially book covers), and reading.

Wow!!! That's pretty impressive...especially all the musical stuff!! :) Tell me a little a bit about your blog - what makes it unique and yours!
I started my blog almost five years ago as a place to give me a place to do a 52-verse challenge (accountability). From there, I began sharing articles that I wrote for a girls' newsletter and then, more recently, it has been a place to share about my writing, photography, and music (from "look what I've been up to" to "here's a tutorial for you!"). It's kind of a cacophony of my interests.

Have you published anything? Can you tell me about your published works?
Yes, I started out the publishing journey with short stories. I'll just link the titles so you can find out about all of them on your own.
This year, I started the Orphan Journeys series with a stand-alone novella, Journey to Love.

Neat! I have Coffee Cake Days in my kindle books...I downloaded a while back before I knew who you were. I'll have to read that soon. What are your future plans for writing?
Currently, I'm working on the first full-length novel for Orphan Journeys, Journey of Choice. I'm taking projects one at a time, praying for the Lord's direction as I go. I have two dream series I'd love to write one day: a medieval series and a Colorado mining series.

What is your ultimate goal for your writing?
My ultimate goal is to glorify God and point people to Christ -- whether it is with the salvation message or discipleship.

Besides writing, what else would you like to do?
Well, it's kind of like "besides writing, here is what I do." ;) I teach piano and violin lessons (currently I have fifteen students, but that number is looking like 20+ with the upcoming semester) and am also working on getting a music website up and running to share the arrangements that God has allowed me to work up ( Our family also has a singing ministry I'm involved in.

What are some things ( not writing related ) that makes you YOU!?
Hmm ... I'm kind of a serious thinker yet have moments of being goofy. I love theological discussions (sorry, not really debates). Music is a big part of my life. I'm clumsy. I am very task-oriented (yes, to a fault).

If you could choose a favorite(s) word that you use or think a lot what would it be? Example: for me everything is "Neat" and "Interesting" and I love "crazy" "unique" things. I use these four words all the time, among others.
Technically. Wowie. Sweet! Hysterical. Or any other new word that catches my fancy.

Haha! Love those!! Out of all emotions, or an ideal thing to be strived for, which one is very important for you? Example: Joy, laughter, generosity, honesty, respect.......
The top is a tie between humility and a servant's spirit. Yet things like honesty and sincerity are very important. That's a hard question to answer. :)

Those are great things :) When did you start writing?
I started writing well before I was ten (you know, the "use wide-ruled paper, but you're writing on two lines because you're a beginning writer" age). It has kind of come and gone in interest throughout the years.

What sort of stuff do you like to read?
Christian. Historical. Clean. Some modern. No magic. I enjoy trying out different genres though.

How are the best ways to contact with you and keep in touch?
Oh dear ... I'm afraid I'm not nearly as good at keeping in touch with people as I used to be. Email is probably the best way (amandaterobooks - at - gmail - dot - com), though my friends realize it might take a month for me to get back to them, even though I thoroughly enjoy emailing!

Thanks, Amanda, for taking the time to answer all these questions! I hope you had fun! Have a great and awesome week!!!!!!!! 
Thanks for doing this interview! I had a blast! :)

About Journey to Love
Now orphaned, Marie is swept miles away from the only life she knew to be sheltered by unknown.      guardians. Caught in the challenges of a new life, she cannot prevent changes from happening, but she can keep the Bowles and their friends at arm's length. Or can she?

While things appear to transition smoothly on the outside, Marie struggles against the turmoil she faces on the inside. She sees something in the Bowles and her new friends that she had never experienced before...but should she trust what the preacher is teaching when it goes against everything she had accepted as truth? Is God really a God of love? If He is, then is Marie willing to accept it?

Follow Marie as she begins the journey to love.

About the Orphan Journeys Series
Imagine yourself as an orphan, struggling for survival on the filthy New York streets, where disease and crime run rampant. Journey from these wretched streets to a temporary lodging in an overcrowded orphanage and then to the train station. After riding the train for hours, picture yourself lining up with other children, waiting as adults look you over. Would you be chosen—or would you have to hold onto the hope that maybe, at the next station, someone would want to bring you home?

Minister Charles Loring Brace had a vision for New York orphans that brought them through this journey from streets to homes. He began his orphan work in 1853, then in 1854, because of lack of orphanage space, Brace sent the first orphans by train to Dowagiac, Michigan, where the children could be sheltered by local families. The "orphan train" continued until 1929, bringing at least 150,000 children to new homes where they were fostered and, occasionally, adopted.

Brace desired to place children in good, Protestant homes. Many orphans experienced Brace's desire, but some orphans had different stories: siblings were separated, and some couples took orphans to use for cheap labor. Though many orphans ended up as successful men and women, not all of them turned out to be trustworthy citizens.

Orphan Journeys is a fictional novella series based off of the American Orphan Train saga, following orphans not only as they adjust to a new life, but also as they embark upon a spiritual journey.

About the Author
Amanda Tero is a homeschool graduate who desires to provide God-honoring, family-friendly reading material. She has enjoyed writing since before ten years old, but it has only been since 2013 that she began seriously pursuing writing again – starting with some short stories that she wrote for her sisters as a gift. Her mom encouraged her to try selling the stories she published, and since then, she has begun actively writing short stories, novellas, and novels. If something she has written draws an individual into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ, it is worth it!

“Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, and lean not unto thine own understanding.” (Proverbs 3:5)

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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Blog Game of Tag (Liebster Award)

Hello! Alexa tagged me for the Liebster Award 2016
Hi!!! I was tagged by

#1 If you could go back in time to any time, what time would it be?
I really like the time I'm in now. But I guess the time of Yeshua/ Jesus or medevil time would be pretty interesting, too :)

#2 What are your favorite hobbies (besides writing)?
Reading, knitting, playing piano, studying, talking,...

#3 What’s your favorite character you’ve ever written?
Uhhhh... How can there be an answer to that? Maybe Hedley Kieffner in "Silent Thoughts". He's this red-headed goof ball side character that is just really fun.

#4 Favorite character you’ve ever read?
Um. Maybe Emily from Emily of Newmoon series. :) Favorite is an evil word.

#5 Favorite outfit?
WHAT!? Another favorite! Lol. Probably this one...

#6 What do you do to relax?
Sleep. Lol.
Or read Nancy Drew with a blanket and cup of hot cocoa... or visit with friends..

#7 How many siblings do you have?
Too many. Somewhere around ten younger ;D

#8 Can you think of a single best day of your life?
I can think of a worst day.
Ummm...  A best day would be getting to see a friend I haven't seen in a while and spending a lot of time with them... I've had lots of those the last couple years.

#9 Do you have an all-time favorite quote/motto?
"Why so serious?" - Joker. I believe we should laugh a lot, smile a lot, and joke a lot.
I also love a lot of my quotes.

#10 What are your three favorite movies?
Pirates of the Caribbean.
Another Cinderella Story.

At least at this moment those three are my three favorite.

#11 What do you think is the prettiest animal in the universe? (note: I did not say your favorite. I said the prettiest.)
Butterflies. Because they can be colorful and lacy and all that good stuff.

Okay. I did it ;D

So.... who should I tag? Mary, Gabrielle...and who ever wants to do it!!!!

My questions are...

1. Tell me the most fun fact about YOU.
2. Now think of someone you might not like very much. Tell me something really awesome and nice about them :D (I'm not cruel...just original ;b)
3. What's your best work you've ever written, in your opinion?
4. Is money or are books more important?
5. What is something you are known for?
6. What makes your family unique?
7. What do you think of dreams (the ones you have at nighttime)?
8. What made yesterday special and worth living to you?
9. Is God real enough to you that you want to share about Him?
10. What is the last book you read?
11. What is knowledge to you?

And if anyone wants to answer in the comments - feel free to do so!! Thanks for stopping by and reading this! Hopefully you had fun ;D