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NaNo Wip: Villains (Help, I don't do those!)

Introduce the main antagonist 

of your book!

Oh, wow. I never even thought about this before. I think the antagonist is defined as the person that thwarts the goals of the MC? In that case the main antagonist would be Zilla's best friend, Cinderella???
What a thought. I still have the stepmother and stepsisters in this book, but they are back ground villains that stand in the way of Cinderella, not Zilla.
As for introductions: Cinderella is very much like any other Cinderella. Kind to everyone and anything. Lovable. Petite. Beautiful. And the one that Prince Charming (Prince Dashel in my story) loves.
Only one girl is Cinderella, thus most of us will not have a Prince Charming waiting to save us. 

What do you (the writer) have 

in common with the 

antagonist?What do you not have in common?

I can relate to Cinderella's tough life. I do find more good in life, like she does — though I'm not as positive. After all I'm not Cinderella. I am definitely one of the other girls attendin…
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I Breathe Fear

My once close-friend and ever-near companion.
I let fear linger on after the lights dimmed;
It chased away both my sleep and my dreams.
I let fear control me in the name of caution,
And it won.
I trusted my fears over God's words.
I let fear rule my reality.

It happens to all of us.
But maybe to those who fear the most?
But why does it always seem unique to me?
Why is my loss harder to bear?
Why can't I find the breath to smile?

Empty feelings are still emotions.
I've tried to kill them, to pretend I didn't feel them.
But empty feelings are dark, alone, depressed.
They are worse than feelings.
To ignore my tears is to not find hope.
It's OK to grieve.
It's OK to want to scream.
It's OK to heal, to learn to smile again.
It's OK to cry every night;
For a little while, I'll shed my tears.

It happens eventually, if I'll allow it inside my heart.
Healing is a choice to forgive the past;
it starts inside my m…

NaNo Wip: The Main Character

Introduce your MC a little (name, maybe a description or picture, etc,) and tell us something quirky about them. 
Zilla is sixteen years old. Her left leg is deformed. The right side of her body is wrinkled by scars that peak through up her neck. She lives with her aunt and uncle and six rambunctious boy cousins. She dreams of a better life, one where fire and poverty don't haunt her every waking moment . . . 

What does your MC value the most?
Zilla doesn't know what she values, only what she hates. And she hates most of her life. Except for her best friend, Cinderella . . . but she might not realize this until too late. 

What is your MC’s wildest dream? What is their greatest fear? Zilla's wildest dream is to be always clean and to be noble and happy. Her greatest fear is fire. 

What is your MC’s favorite food? Can they cook?
Of course she can cook! The majority of Zilla's life has been spent cooking, cleaning, and mending and helping her aunt take care of their home. As fo…

Work Then Rest

I mentioned to you all in a recent post I'd write this one. I thought it would be a good follow up on time and spending money

"Now, don't work too hard."

"Remember, fun is important, too!"

"I saw this great movie the other day about a workaholic. He never noticed his family or did anything but work. So sad." 

"Rest is good. After all God rested on His Sabbath."

Now all of these statements are true. But the way I've been hearing them as of late, it's almost as if work ethics are being devalued.

And the movies especially, love to have a "theme" where people who work hard are evil. Because, obviously, working hard means you are not paying attention to the "truly important parts of life."

I'll admit, I'm a workaholic. And I'm proud of it.

I'd like to explain why I think it's good to love to work hard. 

1. Too busy for fun and why that's not bad:
"How's life?" 
"Oh, busy, ya kn…