Wednesday, February 22, 2017

I Forgot I Had A Life!?

I just realized something awful the other day . . . I haven't updated you all on my life in a long while!!!

For that I am sorry! 

I have been living . . . I just had forgot to tell you all ;p 

Anyways . . . Life. 

Ummm . . . I mean to update you. But where to start???

I have been busy. But with what? (Ever feel like that ;p) 

I have been busy trying to work too much. I actually had to let go a couple of jobs these last couple months. I just couldn't keep up with it all.

I also had to sell most of my goats ;/ I have one goat right now. A white doe named Luna. But I really don't take care of her. My little brother, Josiah, does. Awhile back I asked, very serious like, him, "Josiah, is my goat still alive?"

When I first bought Luna she was so wild it took us several hours to catch her... that to my best milk goat! I must say I'm proud of what she has become :D

For some reason my mom thought that was hilarious. But I was truly curious if Luna lived yet ;) 

I did something really crazy.

I planned a bunch of consecutive traveling for the month of January. I don't know why . . . it just sorta all happened.

The first two weeks I spent with my good friend, Mary, and her small family in Kentucky. That was a great two weeks. She, her husband, and her baby were so great!

Mary's daughter, Annalise, seemed to like me fine after the first initial shock of me invading her home.

From there I went to a friend's wedding in Tennessee, and was able to see a bunch of other friends in the process.

While in Tennessee I went to this Tuesday night worship service I used to go to a lot as a Ruby girl. The message was really good. Of how fasting can be beneficial to our spiritual life, and show us that we are capable of doing what seems impossible.

Made me want to fast. And almost think I should.

They also said something a long the lines of how one does not know the art of pondering a thought anymore.

That made me think. And feel sad. Sometimes life does move so fast that you don't give enough time to thoughts that should be given a lot more consideration.  

I so wanted to just fast and be able to ponder the beauty of life and God and everything good. And I still do.

The newly weds :D

Went on a lovely walk with an old roommate, Shelby.

Awesome time with friends!

Ruby girl reunion (the one in the center was the bride).

Spent a great, couple nights with one of my best friends and her husband :D 

After that I tagged a long with a friend for a couple of weeks.

We went to her sister's place in Illinois to see her new baby niece. 

We can imagine that she smiled at me ;) 

Then we drove to her home in Florida and had fun there for a bit,

Creepy pictures were abundant here ;) 

And had to get an artsy picture too ;) 

Meeting a really sweet friend of Lizzy's :)

Lizzy and I at the beach

Me in my natural habit: Laughing over stupidity 

 Then we picked up another friend and went to a Shindig where Michael and Debbie Pearl were.

The Shindig was really good . . . loved the lectures of the Pearl's.

The three of us before going to the Shindig.. wind loved our hair ;)

When Mike Pearl silently joined our selfie ;0

So much that I'll give a brief on them:

They were an abridgment of this series he's working on through Romans. He talked of sin, what sin was, and how to overcome sin. It was really powerful!!!!

The last message was my favorite - he talked about the brain, titling his lecture "The Science of Addiction and the Brain."

He told of the different hormones that affect the brain, how some made one feel happy, others sad or depressed.

He gave percentages of how different things skyrocket our amount of intake of different hormones - here's one:

Dopamine: (amount of happiness intake)
Normal good things - 10%
Sex -100%
Alcohol and Cocaine - 100-200%
Meth - 1250%

Those percentages made it click in my mind why people like alcohol and drugs so much. 

He then went on to say how so many people strive to thrive off of these happy hormones alone - and showed us the results: fried, unhealthy looking brains. 

It was an interesting concept, that sadness or occasional feelings of depressions are not bad, but balancing to one's health.

He went on to speak of addictions (a large focus homosexuality and pornography), and how these addictions affect one's mind, deteriorating it to look like something not very nice. Had some really scary results and makes me feel even sadder for those dealing with both, and other unhealthy addictions.

It was really good!!! And loved learning more about the brain. And made me come up with this:

 It's okay to experience moments of sadness, that I shouldn't push them away or feel guilty about them, but understand them, and thus live a more balanced life, emotionally and mentally. 

I did a lot of other things at the Shindig, too . . . Archery (I did decent considering it was my first time! I actually hit the target most of the time :D), volley ball, and dancing among meeting many people I knew and didn't know ;) 

"Known" both of these people awhile through social media . . . great meeting them ;) 

getting ready to dance :D 

Also, while at the Shindig, my friends and I stayed in our van (like hippies). After the Shindig we followed this family around for a day and half that was staying in this really neat looking bus. We found out afterward that they were neighbors of one of my aunt's!!!

Old school bus they remodeled . . . really neat!

At a fort in St Augustine, Florida

And then I came home!!!
(Which was the best part of the whole trip, lol.)

For some reason, this time I was ready for my travels to be over. It was fun, but exhausting. I think I shall take a break from such for a little while at least ;) 

After being gone over a month it is nice being home, getting back into my work and writing. 

Can you believe I took a complete break from writing (besides journaling!?)

All my blogging had been scheduled before I left. My fiction sat idle while I was away. 

But I kept my mind fresh by reading lots of thought provoking things . . . and now my fingers are aching so bad to free my raging mind of all the ideas stored with in!

Be prepared for some awesomeness, guys!!!

Or at least I hope it shall be awesome!! ;) 

And I have been having fun with some new projects!!! Making necklaces from shells I found in Florida, knitting, and tie dyeing! 

So many fun things!!! Life is really a fast moving adventure, whether at home or no.

Sometimes I just want it to slow down so that I can take the time to "ponder a thought". How epic would that be? To be fully rested, fully content and one with God, smiling at the world despite of tears that may be forced up on us?

I think I learned a lot on these journeys:

I need to stop and think and breath. And stop overthinking on top of that, I've been told by a close friend ;)

It's good to smile and laugh and encourage those both in others, but I shouldn't spurn tears either. Both are to be embraced in their own time and way. 

Life is beautiful even when nothing is happening. Sometimes the truth is it is more beautiful in those times.

And, so, I think that counts as an update, yes? Maybe I'll give another one soon :D And I'd like to leave you with a question I asked one of my friends: Do you live to make memories, or to remember memories already made? I'll give our answers in my next post ;D 

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Relationship Cycle

A rant for all my friends. Don't hate me ;D 

Some things are just so sad.

In such a stupid, disgusting, dramatic way.

It's this: Kids all over the world going through this never ending cycle of relationship misery.

The Cycle of Love and Hormones:

“I am so alone (Or I need no-one)”

Next day: “I have found the most perfect person. They love me like no-one else ever have. They completely understand me.”

1 week later: bawling out their eyes, as this person was obviously just a player… “So sad, life is over, I shall die...”

1 more week later: “I have found the most perfect person. They love me like no one else ever has. They completely understand me.” (again).

But that's not the end of the story...

It all starts over. Same thing.

Same unrealistic point of view of love.

Same passionate infatuation.

No real understanding of the word commitment.

And it always ends after a short period of time.

But why do they cry? They will have a new lover soon…

Guys – all you kids, and even adults acting like kids, I have a question to ask you.

Have you ever rationalized through the reason you are even all longing for love? Why you long to be more than friends with that cute kid of the opposite sex?

There's a point to all of it. Instincts. Nature has placed a desire, need, in you to reproduce. To
go out into the world and multiply.

It's not about love right now.

Most of us can't even understand what love is.

It's about how you can't understand what is really happening in your body… not using your mind.

No, it's not about love. That's just what your hormones and Hollywood scream at you, lie to you, to get you to fulfill your natural tendencies.

But I doubt any of you are ready to have kids. So, why not leave the drama of facebook and life – and just live, and learn how to create some good life habits – such as self-sacrifice, emotional stability, commitment to others, self-control.

So think about it.

Why are you feeling those feelings? Honestly, why?

Why are you posting drama you can't even understand?

And are you truly ready to heed the call of nature?

If not... just try putting a hold on the drama, and live like the kid you're meant to be. Try to not give into those raging feelings, and try maturing a bit, leaving the populating to the adults.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Lost Girl of Astor Street Clue Hunt: Clue #14

Today we are having a blog hunt and GIVEAWAY in celebration of Stephanie Morrill's newest book, Lost Girl of Astor Street. If you would like to participate in the clue hunt, and try and win a copy of her novel, check out Stephanie Morrill's blog for details. 

But, first, an interview :D 

1. Welcome, Stephanie, to Keturah's Korner! Could you tell us a bit about yourself?
Thanks for having me! I have been writing since I was a kid, and The Lost Girl of Astor Street is my seventh published novel. It's my sixth young adult novel, but my first historical mystery. I'm also the creator of, a website that's purpose is to encourage teen writers. And I live in the Kansas City area with husband, three kids, and a dog.

2. Tell us about your novel, The Lost Girl of Astor Street? What inspired you to write it?
The Lost Girl of Astor Street is a 1920s mystery set in Chicago. The main character, Piper, has a best friend who goes missing from their affluent neighborhood, and she knows her friend never would have run away. She throws herself into search efforts, and finds more than she bargained for. It has a Veronica Mars meets 1920s feel.

My initial idea for The Lost Girl of Astor Street came while I was putting away laundry, of all things. My mind was wandering (as it often does during chores), and I started thinking about different stories I like. I thought about Veronica Mars for a while, and then something triggered a thought about Downton Abbey, and I thought, “I wish there was something out there that was like Veronica Mars but in a Downton Abbey kind of setting. Oh, maybe I could do that!”

3. What do you hope people will get from your book?
I hope they'll enjoy the story and feel like they've been on a vacation to the 1920s. The lesson I was learning as I wrote it is that we can only take responsibility for our own choices, so if the book spurred them to think about that, I would feel pretty happy.

4. Can you share a fun quote from your novel?
Piper is off sleuthing, when she spots a stray dog. She's terrified of dogs and says to Mariano, "My archenemies in this world are children, dogs, and my Home Economics teacher, so if we could please move faster.”

5. Could you tell us a bit about your other works of fiction, published and in the process of getting there?
I have five contemporary YA novels that have been published, and countless other drafts that will probably never see the light of day. I absolutely loved the experience of writing a historical, and I will be staying in this genre for the foreseeable future!

6. Do you have a small bit of advice or encouragement for aspiring authors?
I have so much that I created a whole website! It's hard to pick just one thing. I meet a lot of young writers through my work, and so often they feel really stressed out. I can relate, because when I was a teen, I worried a lot about if I would get published, when I would be good enough, how I would ever make the right connections, and so forth. if I had known about all the social media and platform stuff that was expected, I would have been even more nervous! I always encourage young writers to do their best to let that stuff go for now. Your primary job is to learn how to tell great stories, and to have fun doing it. Yes, it's good to be thinking about how you want to position yourself in the market and all that stuff, but not at the expense of learning to be great at your craft.

7. A fun question: can you think of something really random that just makes you happy? If so please, do tell us!
Cardinals. It's winter time here in Kansas City, and every I time I see one of those bright red birds perched on our bird bath, my heart leaps. 

8. How can people contact you?
Through my website,
On Twitter:
On Facebook:
or on Instagram:

9. Thanks so much, Stephanie, for joining me today! I hope you and your family are blessed very much, and that your novel has a great reception into the world!!
Thank you, Keturah!

Also, check out my review of the book!!!

And the clue is:


 Find the rest of the clues and enter the giveaway by following these links

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Craving Rest

My mind is so full right now.

My life is so busy.

I feel overwhelmed by nothing in particular and everything at once.

Yet I can't stop from doing. From not sleeping.

Exhaustion is my addiction.

To rest is not an option. Or so it seems.

And I keep looking for more… more?

More of what?

Why do I crave chaos? Why do I laugh in my stress? Why can't I cry, even though my eyes are heavy?

Life and all it's mysteries.

Right now they make too much sense, yet are even more distant than ever before.

I keep feeling like I am not doing enough.

I need to make every breath count.

But is just breathing enough? Must I constantly gasp for air? Is it okay to just live every now and then?

My life is crazy. Yet I love it.

My mind yearns to stretch out more. Every muscle in me, physical and mental, demand to hurt every second.

And then I see color.

Life stops - no pauses - for a second. I breath in the warm sunshine.


Now that was a breath worth taking.

I smile. I see someone, and smile bigger. They, too, smile.

That was something worth doing.

I suddenly can fall down, and do nothing. I am not laughing in stress. I am not reaching out to do. I am just sitting, thinking.

And then the tears can fall.
This is what my life needs. This is what makes the rest possible – these small moments of peaceful tears.

This doesn't really mean anything. I just sat down (tired) one night a couple months ago and wrote this. My mind does that sometimes when I can't sleep but should - comes up with weirdness that could almost be on the verge of soul-beautiful.
I hope you enjoy this just a little ;) 

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Life is Exciting, but Dyeing Adds Color

One of my friends wrote this really neat blog post about how to ice dye. So, of course I had to try it out.

I won't teach how to ice dye in this post, as my friend's post I linked to above is more than adequate. But I will say that ice dyeing is a fun form of tie dyeing. 

The first time I did it, I decided to teach a handful of girls while I was learning myself ;D 

(Every other Tuesday afternoon I have a "Girls' Afternoon" at my home. I teach the girls some small, fun thing, then have some sort of Bible study.)

Anyways, I didn't have shirts, so we dyed tea towels.

I was happy with how my towel turned out. It has an eye in the center ;) 

This is an awkward picture... but there are some of my girls, and on the table you can see all of our towels going through the process of dyeing. 

But I enjoyed the dyeing so much, I had to do it again. So, when the little boy I babysit turned 5, we did a morning of dyeing shirts for his birthday.

It was a blast!

My brothers - they picked out great colors!

I'm quite happy with the shirt I made :D

And the three goofballs I babysit - the birthday boy is on the far right.

When we did the shirts, I decided I could skip a step. I will warn you this wasn't the most wise decision on my part.

I left out the wire rack for under the shirts.

I discovered (by not using it) that the purpose of the rack was to allow the ice to melt, and let the shirt sit above the water... so that it won't turn out one big color. 


Thankfully when I saw the shirts and towels sitting in the water this thought crossed my mind. So, I would continually pour off all excess water.

But the rack would have made it easier ;0

Anyways, it was a fun experience and I plan to do more with dyes in the future. Have you ever done any sort of dyeing? Or would like to? Either way I recommend checking out my friend's how-to post :)

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

I Don't Love Babies

A lot of girls see babies and are like, "Oh!!!! Baby!! Have to hold, have to kiss, have to squish!" It's as if they can't control themselves from going crazy over any baby - because it's just too cute.


I've never been like this.

Babies are just babies to me. 

And I've never felt the urge that I just had to have a baby.

Baby-crazy girl: "Don't you just want a kid?"

Me: "No... I think I'd prefer to get married, first."

For a while I thought I may have been weird as most girls love little kids. But my sisters are just like me in this.

Then I  thought the reason may have been partly because I have ten younger siblings and I'm just accustomed to babies and kids. I see and hold and kiss babies all the time. So, maybe another baby wasn't new to me. - Even though I was always excited for another baby sibling.

But then I saw other girls, part of large families also, that were obsessed with strange babies. And I was confused again.

It's not that I hate babies.

But I don't love every single one either.

In fact I think most look like ugly rats.

But I love certain kids. 

This little sister of mine is my buddy ;b
I like my siblings. 

I like my cousins.

3 active, fun little boys ;) 
 I like the kids I babysit. 

Mary's baby, Annalise. I get to see pictures of her almost every day!!! I get to got stay with them for three weeks this January. :)

Rashida's chunky baby, Ezzie. Just look at her smile! :D 
I like the kids of my friends. 

And there are a few other kids from families I know that I love.

But most kids are brats (demons). And their size or looks don't affect much in my mind.

You see, I like people for who they are. Regardless of age or size or looks.

 I don't have to cuddle every baby I see.

I don't want to be friends with every pretty girl.

I don't have to kiss every cute guy.

In fact, I definitely don't want to kiss every good looking guy.

That's just weird.

Imagine. Seriously!?

That's gross!

I like babies for what they mean to me. through the connection of their parents, or their nice attitude. 

Beyond that? I don't consider myself a baby lover.

Yes, I'm a people lover.

But I don't need to hug and kiss everybody, babies included.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

I'm A Stubborn, Opinionated Dogmatic

I love to argue/debate.

But I don't like to make enemies. For me it's about stretching my mind, or maybe helping the world see things better. It's rarely about me trying to be right – actually, that's not true. I do like to be right.

Lol. Who doesn’t?

But I like to have fun, too. I like peace. I don't want to make the other person mad (permanently).

And for that reason I refrain from resorting to insults, and I laugh off the ones directed towards me. Or try to ;) 

Trashy words of insignificance do no good. They only take the focus off the point. And when I'm arguing I like to stay on topic, not get personal.

But a while back an insult directed towards me actually made me think.

“You're just dogmatic.”

We were talking proofs for God's existence. And that was the name I was called. Dogmatic. What all bad, hard willed, unrelenting Christians are called. I almost laughed it off, and continued on to my next point, but instead I asked the person to explain what they meant.

“Dogma is what you religious people consider to be absolute truth, when you have no “real” proof. Being dogmatic is when you stubbornly refuse to believe anything but what you have chosen as God's truth.”

“Wow.” I replied. “I must be dogmatic then.” I think I surprised my opponent here. “Because I do believe the Bible is the ultimate truth, and I will continue to believe so even if man has alternative “proofs”. There's nothing wrong with me using it as my sole source, either. But what about you? Are you not being dogmatic by refusing to even consider that which you call dogma?”

Later I did so more research of the words - I even did a girls class on the subject. Simply put, the word dogma could be described as religious opinion and being dogmatic, you could say you are religiously and stubbornly opinionated.

Liking to argue I will not deny the fact that I am both opinionated and stubborn about what I believe are absolute truths. Yes, I like to continue to learn and expand on my knowledge, but I will always believe that any knowledge I take in, anything I learn, it is only more data to help me better see the Glory of God and to help me follow Him perfectly.

There are so many labels and words now days that are so taken out of proportion. Tolerance. Legalism. Gay. Jesus-Freaks. Patriot. Nerd. Goody-Two-Shoes. And so on. 

We have all these names we call each other. We have all these "terms" we use to describe things.

But if we would just examine what we are saying or being called. 

If a few people would just start using a dictionary.

If we would just stop being mad at what people call us and take the time to understand what they really mean, what the words really mean, and how it really applies to us it might help a lot in our interaction with others.

It also might help a lot in how we perceive the Bible, God, and the world around us.

And even ourselves.

Because before that argument I would have never considered myself dogmatic.

Take some time to look up words that you think you understand… maybe you really don't. And try using a few different real dictionaries (physical books, not online definitions). You'll be surprised at how much you can learn, and how your concepts of life may change.

dogmatic (google definition)
1. inclined to lay down principles as incontrovertibly true.
"he gives his opinion without trying to be dogmatic"
synonyms: opinionated, peremptory, assertive, insistent, emphatic, adamant, doctrinaire, authoritarian, imperious, dictatorial, uncompromising, unyielding, inflexible, rigid
"your being so dogmatic does not attract me to your religious philosophy"

And, yes, I will confess, I'm very stubborn about the fact that my opinion about God's existence is ultimately the only truth. But is that wrong? If I truly believe that He is real, the highest power, should I not be adamant?

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

2017 Happiness

Who'd know… it's 2017!

Life moves a long so fast, one year to the next. These last few years have been so full, of very good times (and very hard times). Yet, even though so much has happened, the time that has passed has been nothing.

My family: December 2016. 

Just looking back over it all.

Trying to figure out how I got to where I am today.

Considering all of it.

It's truly amazing – it's awe-striking.

Life is just too good to not love. Even the difficult times I would never change – for they are very much a part of making everything what it is in my life.

2016 was an amazing year.

I spent several months volunteering for Above Rubies.

I watched several of my friends marry – Esther, Meadow, and Shelby.

I was there for most of Rashida's pregnancy, and got to meet little Ezzie.

I had my horse accident – which was not fun, but it happened, lol.

I learned more about confidence and friendships. So much more.

Lost friends, made friends, strengthened relationships.

My beliefs in God were tested and made more firm in many ways.

I was baptized.

I got my driver's license.

I wrote a novel in a month.

The list could go on forever. There are so many things that made 2016 special, so many reasons I'm glad to be a live.

It was a fantastic year. Full of laughter (some tears) and joy.

It has been a very good push-me-forward year.

I am so excited for 2017. To see what God still has for me. The adventures, struggles, excitement – even the dull moments.
I know all of it will be good for me, even if I don't necessarily like it.

Because as of yet I have found everything in life seems to be only designed by God to give us a better end. And for that reason you can't hate any of it.

As for resolutions, like normal I am resolved to still not make any.

I'm the type of person that continually overwhelms myself with trying to do more and such. And I'm big for (trying to) complete everything.

So, in a way, I find new year's resolutions silly: I already am trying to perfect myself daily with things I can control, and a lot of what people put on their list is only destined for failure and causes a lot of feelings of self-hate.

My advice to all of you wanting a perfect year: rely on God. Don't worry about any thing. Live each day full of Him… He'll give you the strength you need for doing all that is truly necessary. And He'll open doors for you, and close doors, and just guide you down the very definition of fulfillment if you but rely on Him instead of the strength of you own self.

And don't get rid of things – but find a better purpose. For example, around this time of the year a lot of people deactivate their facebooks.

But usually for only a small bit, to get back on and use it just as they did before – a time waster.

Instead of doing that use it properly. Spread less drama, and encourage people.

Don't focus on cutting evil out, but establishing good habits in your life, habits that will slowly but surely push out all that junk.

And, those are my new year thoughts.

Also, that contest I was doing… it doesn't seem to be taking any flight in any of the two times I tried to do it… so it is now discontinued.

Once again, Happy New Year!!!

Let me know your thoughts of 2016/ 2017… what does this change of seasons mean to you? Or does it mean anything ;) And here is a fun piece of satire that expresses my thoughts well :D

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The Book Sacrifice Tag (LETS BURN SOME BOOKS!)

Every now and then some tags just make you super excited. Like this one that Alexa nominated me in.

Only thing: Why is it a book sacrifice? Because all the books I'm about to mention, doing this thing to them would be no sacrifice to me. AT. ALL.

It would be my pleasure to take such a hand in their demise.

*evil and satisfied laughter* 

I present to you the:

An Over-Hyped Book
Situation: You are in a bookstore when the zombies attack. Over the loudspeaker, you hear the military informing you that over-hyped books are the zombies’ only weakness. What over-hyped book will you chuck at the zombies?

Christian romances better labeled "garbage for the mind."

LOL. First off, just about any book in a book store is over-hyped - all the good ones take a lot more work to find. Ya' know, the things worthwhile (doing or reading) in life aren't acquired easily. It all takes time and effort...

But I'd probably choose a Janette Oke book. Or maybe something by Beverly Lewis.


Those books - "Christian" romances. Full of fluff . You seriously can learn NOTHING from them.

Like a Zombie, they are brainless.

A Sequel
Situation: You are caught in a torrential downpour and you’re probably the type who melts when you get wet. What sequel are you willing to use as an umbrella to protect yourself?

I do hate getting wet, but I wouldn't cry. What's the purpose of getting even more soaked!? 

First book that came to mind was Catching Fire, as it didn't measure up to Hunger Games.

But then I thought about this romance series I actually read. 

And I half liked it... (It was Scottish, and supposedly like George MacDonald... so don't judge me too much...)

Until I read book 2.

I can't believe I even read book 3!! :0 

(Again, it was Scottish, so how could it not have caught my eye?)

Don't worry, I threw them all away. 

But if I still had them, I would definitely use them for protection against the elements.

It was a cute enough story. But the lesson they taught was garbage. It was almost blasphemous in my mind. And the romance just became sick ;p I would say more, but once I start ranting about how much I hated these books I can't stop talking. 

A Classic
Situation: You’re in English class and your professor won’t stop going on about a classic that “revolutionized literature.” Personally, you think that classic is garbage and you decide to express your opposing opinion by hurling the book at his head. What classic is that?

I'd hope I'd be a little more civilized than that, but knowing me, I would probably at least throw some harsh words at him if he went on too much about ANY of Jack London's books.

You see, most people have no idea what kind of guy Jack London truly was.

He was a crazy man, turned bitter by war. And it shows through in his violent works of fiction.

Don't people notice his themes? All man-kind is evil. Only nature has true answers. Nature, in essence, is the only pure goodness, animals included. God is never the way. Nor is mercy, or kindness, or any of that.

Revenge and bitterness are huge in his works. And he is very graphic and barbaric, too.


I don't see how people can say his books are family friendly at all.

A Least Favorite Book
Situation: You’re hanging out at a bookstore (where else would you be?) when global warming somehow manages to turn the whole world into a frozen wasteland. Naturally, your only hope of survival is to burn a book. Which book would you not regret tossing onto the fire?

Never read this book. 


I actually DID burn it.

It was horrible.

L. M. Alcott was one of the greatest woman authors of all times. She wrote some really good books, besides Little Women, - one of my favorites of hers, "An Old-Fashioned Girl." 

But some lady thought she could take L.M. Alcott and turn her into this modern day woman with out any values of righteousness, void of morals.

Louisa Alcott would have been abhorred had she read this book. I would have been abhorred had such a book been wrote about me.

It was shameful, disgusting, awful, horrendous, evil.

It was the epitome of all that is bad.

And, so, for the good name of L. M. Alcott I burned this book.

Also, this book is part of the reason I write reviews of all the books I read. I want all people to know what books are really worth reading.

And what books should be burned and never touched.


And one of the reasons I really enjoyed this tag was because of the hype put out there about not bringing authors and books down, as if just because you are a writer or a book has words in it, it is now on a separate pedestal of perfection.



Just because time is put into a thing, doesn't mean that work is NOT garbage.

Just because someone puts their life into something doesn't mean we should appreciate it. Some lives are not worth knowing. Sorry, but not sorry.

There are books out there that NEED to be bashed.

There are authors out there that need a whole new life-revaluation. They are people like any one else, and sadly, like most of us, are missing out on some important concepts.

The scary thing? Their ideas are being put into minds all over the world. And we are praising them because - why?

Suddenly fiction has more power than anything else.

And we are allowing evil to rule through it.

Fiction is never just fiction.

It holds ideals, beliefs.

It influences thousands, millions of people.

And it's not something we should just respect. We need to understand it, fear it, and use this tool rightly.

And remember, it's okay to hate the works of the devil, and understand that a lot of authors are being mislead.

Yes, we need to be kind to all people (authors included), but when something is wrong, nothing terminates are duty to stand up and say, "This is evil, stupid, or trashy."

So, what are your thoughts on fiction? What do you think about the books I chose? Lol. Also, I tag Erudessa, Bethany and Becca, and anyone else who thinks this looks like a fun thing to do!!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

My NaNoWriMO Experience

Hello, all!!

I believe in this post I promised to tell you all more how NaNo went for me.

First of all it went. (Like literally, November is over, guys).

Second of all I, uh, won. I guess that's what they call it when you complete NaNo, though I don't understand why. What did I win? Lol... the feeling of accomplishment??? 

I don't really call completing a challenge winning. Contests are for (one) winners and (lots of) losers. Challenges are for the many who achieve to do the impossible: stretch their mind for the mere sake of stretching.

It's the time to hold yourself accountable to yourself. The thing about challenges is when you fail there are no real consequences, but when you succeed the victory is sweeter than any reward!

Rant finished: I am a NaNo completer!!!!!

Now for my story of how it actually went.

The last couple weeks of October I spent doing a lot of thinking... "talking" to my characters, fleshing out stories, and doing brief chapter outlines.

I did one page for every chapter, and did 22 chapters, as that would divide up to 2,273 words each from the whole 50k.

(I did end up adding another chapter, so there were 23 :b)

I also made myself a schedule to keep everything prioritized

And then I made myself a graph to keep my word count straight.

On, top of that I did three pages of descriptions of all my characters and wrote out a brief summary of the mystery that is woven through the book.

These were all the preparations I did.

And then came November. This story has been on my mind and heart so long that I had little trouble getting involved with the writing.

The week before I "practiced" my schedule by doing it, just working on another piece of fiction I had to write.

So getting up that early wasn't so hard.

And for the most part everything went REALLY good. It was an awesome experience.

There was one time when my screen froze - went black. And I was sooo scared I had lost my novel! This was around day 20, so it would have been horrid to have lost so many words... and having done that much work and not be able to finish!

Thankfully, my laptop started working.

But I got smart and emailed my story to myself after that ;b

The last 3-5 days were hard, too.

I was really tired from other things. And my book was just going so slow, it felt. And I was just ready for NaNo to be over.

But I trudged through those last couple days and completed both NaNo, and my novel with 51,026 words :)

As to my novel itself?

(besides the ending)

I love it so much! It is a retelling of the original Egyptian Cinderella story/ Biblical Esther story mixed with tons of my imagination. I set it between Abraham's and Joseph's time (Early Bible days). It has a mystery surrounding the fur slipper. And it totally bashes all the ideas in modern Cinderella stories such as love at first sight and the meaning of true love. 

And I love all my characters.

And I even wrote my Biblical namesake in there!!!

So, yeah, it is really neat.

But it needs a lot of rewriting. And I'm giving the book a two month break or so till February. So, it probably won't be ready for all you beta readers till mid-late spring. :)

So, did you do NaNo? Have you done it before or want to do it in the future? And who wants to be put on my list for future beta readers of The Fur Slipper!?