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FLASH FICTION: "I Have A Secret", "Sibling Affirmation", and "Innocently Dead"

Note: I've decided to start posting flash fiction every Saturday, as I've been writing a 250 word short story every week for a contest I'm a part of! I have a lot of tales to share, so for now I'll be posting three every Saturday. Eventually I'll post only one. Enjoy!

I Have A Secret

“Hey, you.” 

I look around. The sidewalk is crowded with bums and hippies, a few “decent” folk trying to make their way. I know nobody. I keep walking. 

“Wait! I was talking to you.” Somebody pulls on my sleeve, a young girl, maybe eight? 

“What do you want?” 

“Nothing. I just want you to sit by me.” 

I stifle a laugh. 

“I have a secret - I'll say it out loud to you if you sit by me.” 

“I'm kinda busy kid,” I pull my phone out of my pocket to check the time. If I don't hurry I'll be late for work. 

“That's what everyone says,” the kid’s eyes fall. 

Something melts inside of me. “Where do you want to sit?” 

A smile lights up the kid's face as she drags me to a bench. Surprisingly no one else is on it. 

“So what's your secret?” It's a good thing my boss is my uncle. I have no fear of being fired. Yet I hate being late. 

“Sit! And talk to me first!” I oblige. Except I don't talk - she does. “I always wanted a friend - almost as bad as parents. But I know you can't have a friend without a secret - you have to have secrets to tell best friends.” 


“And now I've found a friend!” Her smile is too big. I suddenly know I won't be going to work alone. 

“What's your secret, kid?” 

She whispers, “I'm still trying to think of it." 

Sibling Affirmation

“That's what everyone says.” 

“Not me,” he replied. She looked at him, doubt displayed in her wide eyes. “Hey, I'm just saying you can try. Or you can just keep complaining. Seriously, though. Who cares what everyone else says?” 

“I do,” she admitted. 

“Obviously.” Sarcasm dropped from his voice. “But that's gotta change.” 

Some of her fears dissolved as she smiled. “Says who?” 

“Says me. Now just submit that stupid story of yours. It's really good. I like it. So will someone else.” 

She smiled again. “See! Even you think it's stupid.” 

He laughed, “Girl! Do I need to tell you again? It's not stupid. I don't care what others have told you. Send it in. And just have faith. You work? So you submit. It's the process.” 

“Fine.” Her smile had become a goofy grin. 

“Fine? Really?” He appeared very surprised to have won the argument. 

“Actually,” her eyes twisted with laughter. “I hit send several minutes ago… I just wanted to hear you say something good about it.” 

“Sometimes I don't like the fact you're my sister.” 

Innocently Dead

I’m a danger to God and people, and I don't even know how I became so.” The girl tells her friend. They both shiver as they cuddle to together in their small prison cell. 

“No your not. And neither am I. We are innocent. Besides nothing is dangerous to God.” 

“Do you think we're actually innocent, Penny?” 

“I know it,” Penny declared. “Don't worry, Bethany.” 

Bethany shivered more. So did Penny. It was too cold for two fifteen year old girls. 

“How can you be certain?” 

“Did you ever worship Satan?” 

“I don't think so… but-“ 

“No!” Penny broke into Bethany's words. “We are innocent. We never chose to rebel against God.” 

Noise broke through the dungeon. “Bring those witches out! Burn them before the sun sets.” 

“I'm scared, Penny.” 

“Me too.” 

“Why won't they believe us?” 

“They are trapped by fear.” 

The girls were tied to stakes. The wood around their feet was already smoking. Penny tried to speak to defend herself and her friend, but none would hear their testimony. 

Bethany whimpered. She prayed inside, asking God to clear her name even if He chose to not save her. The girls were surrounded by hate, for a supposed crime. 

They were too young to die, but neither fear nor fire cared. The fire grew, the girls’ heads drooped, and not one person felt remorse. 

Life had been stolen, for not one person present knew how to love

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Leviathan: Book Release and Author Interview!

Are sea monsters a real thing? What about fire-breathing dragons? According to the Bible, there is a fire-breathing sea creature who really existed: the leviathan. Amanda Tero brings this dragon to life in her newest short story, "Quest for Leviathan." Join Anath and his crew of ninety-nine rowers as they face the waves of the Mediterranean Sea and the power of Leviathan. 

Leviathan took the life of his father. Anath has spent three years preparing for the voyage that will end the threat of Leviathan. Yet as the Valor launches into the depths of the Mediterranean, an inward quest also begins, taking Anath to depths he is not willing to face.

Purchase an e-copy on Amazon or order a paperback. Add to your Goodreads shelf.


Amanda is giving away TWO print copies of "Quest for Leviathan" to one winner -- one for you, and one for your friend!
  a Rafflecopter giveaway

And now I have a special interview with the author ;D 
Welcome! Please introduce yourself, saying nothing about writing or books ;)
Hi Keturah! Thank you very much for having me stop by your blog! Well, since I’m to introduce myself without the two words that you forbade me to say… I’m actually primarily a musician, and can talk for just as many hours on the subject of music as the forbidden topic. ;) So yes, my life is very interesting! I currently teach piano and violin, and in the fall I will be attending college for the first time to pursue an associate’s degree in piano performance. My other passion is the Word of God. I truly love spending time in the Bible, studying it, preparing for Bible classes with “my kiddos” on Wednesday night, and sharing Scripture with others. I’m fifth-born of twelve children and love living in a big family. I’m not a girly-girl and really despise shopping unless it’s for something that is bound with a lot of paper and words in between (which I shall not say anything about, since it’s forbidden). But that’s enough of an intro to get things started.

Now tell us about what you write and why you write!
Ah! Writing! My other passion. I primarily write for children/teens, because I refuse to put questionable content on my pages. I do understand that there are those who can be ministered to in difficult topics, but that’s not what I feel called to write. Words are definitely something that God has put inside of me, as well as the desire to teach His truths. Stories are just another fantastic avenue to proclaim God’s Word!

Why did you choose to write this short story?
I originally got the idea for “Quest for Leviathan” while reading Job. It actually started with this exact thought: “A boy whose father was killed by Leviathan. He is angry at L, and he is angry at God—yet just like Job needed to realize the power of God, so does he.” For me, some ideas are novel-length, some novella-length, and some short-story length. “Quest for Leviathan,” while I could have put more meat on the bones, was just a short-story length idea to me. I wrote until all of my ideas were wrapped up.

Please share a fun random fact!
Ooh, I’m the Queen of Random (or maybe just a princess…). But I’ll stick to a random fact about my
story. I first fell in love with the trireme by watching the 1959 Ben-Hur when I was a pre-teen. Little did I know that it would be the same type of vessel that I’d use in a story years later!

What is your favorite book of the Bible and why?
This one is tough! Most of the time, my favorites switch depending on what I’m going through, and what I need to read. I love the Proverbs and try to read one chapter each day. I also get a lot of help from Paul’s letters. At the same time, there is such depth and beauty in books like Deuteronomy, Isaiah, the minor prophets, and various New Testament books.

What sort of people will love your story?
I hope that it will grab the attention of early-teen boys, though anyone who loves adventure and daring ventures should like it as well.

What’s something exciting that happened to you during this writing process?
It is illustrated! I can’t express how excited that made me! Natalie is one of my music students as well as a good friend. I had seen some of her doodlings on her social media, and thought that Leviathan would be a good match for her talent. Sure enough, she did a smashing job!
Yes, guys, the illustrations are AMAZING! ~ Keturah

Where can people connect with you?
I’m on several social media platforms. Here’s an easy list:

Thank you for joining us today, and have a blessed day!
Thank you, Keturah! It’s been fun!

About the Author: Amanda Tero began her love for words at a young age—reading anything she could get her hands on and penning short stories as young as age eight. Since graduation, she has honed her writing skills by dedicated practice and study of the writing craft. She began her journey of  publication with a few short stories that she had written for her sisters and continued to add to her collection with other short stories, novellas, and novels. It is her utmost desire to write that which not only pleases her Lord and Savior, but also draws the reader into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.

If you all want to see what I think of this book I posted my thoughts on Goodreads

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June 23 – Reading on the Edge (Spotlight)
             Summer Snowflakes (Review, Giveaway)

June 25 – With a Joyful Noise (Giveaway Winner Announced)

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Bibliophile Sweater Tag

The Rules:
Give the person who tagged you a never-ending supply of cookies (or just thank them - either work)  THANK YOU Tori ... cookies are kinda hard to ship ;p
Answer all the questions and use the blog graphic for this tag somewhere in your post 
Pass along the tag to at least five other people
Wear a sweater (okay, this is optional...but why wouldn't you want to??)

These are my two favorite sweaters that I wear all the time! The first feels like soft bath towel, the second is wool!! Both are warm and comfy. Also the contrast of these two photos really show my photo interests well ;p Artsy fashion vs. selfie ;D

Fuzzy sweater (a book that is the epitome of comfort)

This has to be C.S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia. Those books just make me way too happy ;D Always ;D 

not the movies though. Those make me unhappy. I like the BBC versions better

Striped sweater (book which you devoured every line of)

That's a lot of books.... but we'll go with The Witch of Black Bird Pond by Elizabeth George Speare. I've read that book more than once ;D 

From goodreads :) 

Ugly Christmas sweater (book with a weird cover)

Wow. this one is hard. What should I do??? I'm sure there are tons of books with weird covers. To be honest, most of my books are old books with solid hardcovers. 

You can tell I bought these books from all over ;D 

Cashmere sweater (most expensive book you've bought)
This would have to be some of my old books... I'll give you authors I've payed a lot for:

Robert Michael Ballantyne
G. A. Henty
Robert Louis Stevenson 
Pemberton Gunther
Gene Stratton Porter
George MacDonald
C. S. Lewis

And I'm sure there are others!

Hoodie (favorite classic book)
The first thing that comes to my mind is Stevenson's book Kidnapped and it's sequel Catriona. It took me forever to find Catriona! It's not a very well known book but it's so good!

Oh, but I also love Dicken's books Hard Times and A Tale of Two Cities

I love old books ;D

Cardigan (book that you bought on impulse)
Almost every book I have I bought at thrift stores or antique stores, and not because I planned to ;D But last year at Realm Makers I bought this lovely book and didn't regret it :) 

Coiled by H. L. Book  

From GoodReads :)

Turtleneck sweater (book from your childhood)
  • Nancy Drew
  • Dr Seauss
  • Dick and Jane 
  • And these two favorites....

Homemade knitted sweater (book that is Indie-published)
I don't think I've actually read many Indie books :D 

But of course, there's Kara's book The Girl Who Could See which I absolutely love.

V-neck sweater (book that did not meet your expectations)
Hmm... sadly a lot of books. Both good and bad. Let's do a good experience, though. 

I don't usually like horse books. A friend gave me this book, so I decided to read it. And I loved it.

And I'm so upset because I can't remember the title or author... and I don't really feel like digging through my 20+ boxes of books to find it.

Just know this: I don't like horse books. But I loved this book. And let it be a mystery what book it is ;D


Argyle sweater (book with a unique format)
Karen Hesse's books... the one's I read... are all unique. Specifically Out of the Dust and Music of the Dolphins. To this day I don't know if I love her books are if they were disturbing and messed up my mind.

Either way, everything about them was super... different. 

Polka dot sweater (a book with well-rounded characters)
Oh, this one has me thinking too hard.
You see, I love books best when the characters are real.
So I can think of so many.
Stephanie Morrill's Ellie Sweet books.
Katherine Paterson's books.
Johnny Tremain.
I think I'll stop because I know I could list hundreds more ;D

And I think it's waaayyy past sweater season. But I had to do that tag (sweaters are kinda seasonal all year around in Montana, to be honest).

Also, I won a short story contest! My Cleaning Girl is a really special story for so many reasons. I hope you all enjoy it!

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The Lawrence Children: Chapter 9

A Real Clue?

Ann didn't always sit alone at school recesses and lunches. Patty came to say hi and sit with her quite often. This was Ann's little secret she didn't tell anyone – she was very selfish with wanting Patty all to herself.
Deep down Ann knew all would be happy she wasn't truly becoming anti-social. They might be a little mad at her for ignoring the other girls. But Ann didn't really care.
Today she sat alone.
Patty hadn't come and Ann wasn't going to join the other girls.
At one time they had all been good friends. Especially she and Barbara.
But those girls said cruel things. Things that Ann would never repeat, even to let her mind rest. They had lectured her for her grief rather than comfort her – condemned her tears, saying she lacked faith in embracing Jesus' comfort completely.
What would they know? The biggest sorrow they ever had was a sore tooth – causing them to miss an afternoon of play.
No – they were no longer friends of hers. Friends understood and encouraged. These girls did neither.
There were the boys. Ann had never owned a bashful personality and she very much considered joining them. Noah and Fred-O and their friends did not mind Ann playing their games. In fact all the little boys loved her, and Ann did love them back.
Running with the boys was much more satisfying than being the brunt of a sermon from so called friends.
The boys were already enthralled in the middle of a game. She finally stood up from where she sat eating her lunch, considering barging in on the game. There was nothing better to do – she did not feel like reading today.
Ann hung up her lunch pail – and those her brothers had left lying beside her – and decided to walk around the school yard to see what was happening, and maybe end up with the boys and their game.
She passed the girls, all chatting and gossiping. Thankfully they didn't even see her as she passed so she was not forced to join them.
Ann walked by Lucy's friends. They were much nicer girls and even included her in their activities at times. Richard – and old friend of Vern's – sat talking with David. He no longer attended school as he had graduated with Vern, but he still came occasionally during recess to speak with some of the boys. Joyce for once was not with him, but with Lucy's group of friends.
Ann was going to continue walking on, but David's words caught her attention, causing her feet to stop.
“My uncles were telling me about how Alex Norris died – I'm surprised our school history doesn't teach on it as it's rather intriguing. Especially how people around here treated him up to the time leading up to his death.”
Richard said, “Really? It's probably because at the time of his death he no longer owned Norris.”
“Maybe,” but David did not sound convinced.
“It's not like we can talk about how everyone died.” Richard laughed.
“True – but Alex Norris isn't everyone. He's the one our town is named after. We should have the history of his whole life, as with anything else.”
Richard shrugged.
Ann felt she was standing in an auspicious position – it would be obvious to all that she was in the middle of the yard eavesdropping. But she had to hear!
She fidgeted a little hoping no one would see her.
“I heard your uncles had a hard time finding a job when they first returned,” Richard said.
“Oh?” David acted as if he hadn't heard this news.
“Yeah – they applied at the Revenue mines first. But something about a disagreement of some sort? Of the past?”
David looked confused, “I'm not sure – but I know my uncles would have had many disagreements with many people here. After all they were next to forced to leave years ago. And they aren't known for having a ton of friends.”
Richard laughed.
Both boys suddenly turned around forcing Ann to start walking. She hoped they hadn't realized she was listening – as Ann quickly walked away from them she sneaked a look back at the two boys. They were already talking again.
Was there more to hear?
She did not know. But she had heard enough.
Now she was sure that Robert and Miles Richter were responsible in some manner for Alex Norris' death maybe indirectly. She did not know how – just that they were involved.
She was ready to find proof.
Ann knew Grandpa's treasure map would reveal just what she needed to know. Ann ran the rest of the way to the boys. Before she even had a chance to utter one word a small boy shouted, “Wanna play?”
Ann answered by joining their game, kicking the ball hard, “I'm on this team!”

Ann recounted everything she heard over supper that night. “And you see – we are really closing in on this mystery.”
Vern laughed, “Ann, that really isn't proof.”
Lucy added, “It doesn't sound much like information to me. Just something you overheard. You can't use those words as evidence against the Richter brothers.”
“I think it sounds probable,” Noah said. “It's information worth checking out.”
Vern gave Noah a small disproving look, “I'm a little surprised with both of you. Noah, you are smarter than this. So are you Ann.” Vern added quickly, “We can't just go around accusing people of killing Alex Norris.”
Noah didn't seem affected by Vern's words, but Ann looked down hard at her plate that was still much too full of food that she had to eat before escaping the table. Thoughts swirled through her head. She knew she was right. She just had to prove it on her own as it appeared everyone was against her.
But try as she might, Ann could think of nothing to solve this mystery. All she could do was count the days till spring came. She knew she would find out then – distinguish herself in the eyes of her siblings.
There's more of them than Father, so they had high chance of discovering what was true.

Ann became more distant.
Even as Lucy wanted to pull Ann out of her shell, Lucy found herself slipping into one, too.
She wanted Ann to be happy – but putting all your faith in a mystery that could or could not be true was dangerous. Couldn't Ann see this?
Lucy finished all her chores. It was a nicer day out – winter was warming away. No snow, barely any wind. It was still not quite spring. But the day was looking like it would be soon.
“Want to go out and play?” Lucy asked Julie.
Julie nodded her head excitedly, “Can I bring my doll?”
Fresh air would be good for both of them. “Sure,” Lucy answered.
Lucy packed a small lunch for the two of them, and then put her school books and a fiction story in a pail. She bundled up Julie, taking her hand.
“Where are we going?” Julie stumbled over her words as they walked outside.
“I don't know – where ever we feel like.”
Julie smiled and let go of Lucy's hand, running ahead
Lucy walked a little faster to keep up – it wasn't hard staying with Julie's pace.
Julie lead them toward a way they didn't normally go – toward Grandpa's shack. They stopped right outside the cabin – Lucy did not feel like unbarring the door and moving all the firewood just for a place to sit inside. Besides they had left the house to be outside. It was close to the middle of the day and the sun was doing a good job making it feel warm.
Lucy made out a place to sit, throwing a blanket onto the ground. She studied her books while she watched Julie play.
Watching Julie be happy made Lucy feel like maybe she was doing some good – but then her thoughts drifted back to Ann and Vern. Ann was not her normal self. And Lucy and Vern were not always getting along anymore, or even agreeing. Something that made it hard for things to be run smoothly.
“What am I supposed to do? What more can I do?”
Lucy was already exhausted.
With the added worry of what the O'Rallies had delivered, Lucy knew she needed to bring her family together more. But how? She knew the mystery wasn't going to solve all their problems just as much as the town women's ideas wouldn't.

Vern had grown used to the silence of the mines.
Sure, it had been hard at first. They were dark and lonely, and not a good place to try and forget the pain of seeing his father die.
But this was life now – his life. And he had grown to like it very much.
His thoughts could drift free even as he kept working, removing the ore.
Ann's words from the previous night bothered him more than just a little. Father would not have approved of them accusing anyone of murder. He only meant for this treasure hunt to be fun – yet it would seem Ann was taking it much too seriously.
Part of Vern wanted to drop the whole mystery.
But he knew that wouldn't stop Ann.
No – next month. Next month it would be warm enough to do a real hunt. And he'd take all the children.
Vern put his tools down on the ground.
His wheelbarrow was full of ore – as were all the others. Tomorrow he and Tom would bring all the ore to the train station in Norris. And then he would see how profitable his work had been these last months.
Maybe he'd take a short break for a week or two to catch up with studies at the house. That would make meddlesome adults leave him alone for a bit.
He broke into the sunlight. It wasn't that much warmer than the mines – but the bright shining sun gave the illusion of being warmer.
The Lawrence children would find a way to solve this mystery and stick together. Vern was certain of this – Lawrences didn't give up. At least he wouldn't.

Make sure to return the second Monday of next month for the continuing installment of the Lawrence Children! 

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The Conundrum Of Consequences and Choices

Awhile back I saw this video discussing why choices should be limited.  Or more like, why we shouldn't create more choices. While the guy made points that sounded good, they were in fact rooted in man's philosophy and not God's truth.

Before I explain, let me rant:

You don't fix stupidity by taking away choices.  It's not about choices but what we choose. Idiocy isn't fixed by a forced utopia.

First, you don't need to watch that podcast. In fact I don't recommend listening to it as it's not all appropriate. I'll explain everything that it says in the following paragraph: 

There is an accepted belief that people perform better if they have more choices. With this belief people create more and more, so that there are now 175 different salad dressings. And has this helped people improve, make better choices? No, it has made them stop and wonder... "Wait, what if I choose the wrong dressing?" And so this goes on to identity, work, life. At one time it was accepted that everyone would take the occupation of their surroundings, marry someone close by, have kids. But now we have choices about what job, what spouse (if you marry), and how many kids (or do you want a pet... or do you even want kids?). And with so many options there's more chance of regret. "Maybe I should have done that...?" "Or I would rather be doing-" Basically, the video says that more choices paralyze and don't give satisfaction, for there's too many expectations to meet , too much to live up to, and it creates a life of constant struggling and searching for the "best choice" when once upon a time humanity was content with the only choice they had: surviving.

And it took me twenty minutes to listen to that ;D Though the video is certainly entertaining. Plenty of cartoons to laugh at, witty quotes to make you think you agree. "The secret to happiness is low expectations. Settling isn't always a bad thing." I actually both agreed and laughed with that former quote.

But is this all good? Is limiting choices truly the answer to better satisfaction in life? 

First, let me ask you this question, who gets to decide which choices are worthy of being allowed to remain? Who decides which salad dressing stays on the shelf, the rest to be discarded?

Who decides which choices we shouldn't have? 
And who gave us the right to choose? Man or God?

The ideology of this video is appealing because we all hate nasty consequences. All choices lead to something happening. Cause and effect. We hate that what we choose means something is going to happen. We wish for that something to always be good, but reality is not so nice.

"If I do this... what will happen? To me? To those about me?" 

And even if we choose wisely... what if those around us don't? Other people's actions can still hurt us, even as we do nothing to engage upon their consequences. Consequences, that fearful word. It would be nice to control choices so that we don't have to worry about hurting ourselves, ruining our lives. Or having others ruin out lives.

Now, from  my previous post I've done on marriage  you'd think I'd agree partly to this podcast. And I do. I agree in that I think people are choosing the wrong choices, with wrong motives.

But choices aren't the problem. People are. We are the problem. 

Just like with divorces, marriage isn't what needs eradicated, men and women's hearts need to cleaned, their eyes opened to the ways of God. 

Yes, we wonder, "What should I do with my life? What career do I choose. Where do I eat? What do I eat? Who should I marry? Do I love this person? Where should I live?"

We make wrong choices. We forget to back up our decisions with scripture. We forget that it's not about what we do, but why and for whom we do what we do.  

Take away choices... and people will still be discontent. Were people content when they had no options a few centuries ago? Were they truly satisfied with taking up their father's work? Marrying the only eligible person? Some were, yes. But only because they chose to accept their life. But not most. It's in our sin nature to be discontent, to want more.

Monitoring choices does nothing, except allow some man to have control in place of God. It will not create a better world to make choices limited.

And that's why options are made, why people decided to have more opportunity and pursue it. Multiple choices didn't happen overnight... there was an issue, and instead of turning to God men tried to fix their problems by making taking their life into their own hands... that didn't work... "So, let's go back to how things used to be."

Back? No. God gave us this world, not to hide it under the rug, but make it prosper and grow. Going back and forth doesn't help. We need to grow, change, understand.

Choose, but choose knowing God. Don't be like the servant in Matthew 25:14-30 hiding away what you're given just because it's too dangerous to choose, decide what to do. No, trust God and not yourself. Don't be ruled by regret. Don't try to rule stupidity by controlling choices

Your consequences will affect you. They will affect others. So choose wisely. But don't stress, don't control. Trust God. 

I've recently finished reading a book by Jeff Myers and David Noebel called Understanding the Times.  Here's a quote: “From a Christian view, Utopian visions are a pure fantasy. Christianity is not Utopian.” 

This is one thing to always remember. We want things better, we want to do our best. But it boils down to this, humanity is corrupted. A perfect world is not possible. Nothing man can do will help (remember, we are corrupted). Someone choosing what choices we have is most certainly not the key.

What do you think about choices? About consequences? Should anyone be allowed to decide which options we have? Should choices be limited to prevent an indecisive society? To prevent people from making bad choices? 

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