Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Silly Putty

Last month I brought a few of my siblings to where I babysit and we made silly putty!

It was very fun - I think they all had fun, at least ;p.

It was also extremely messy. Or appeared so. In reality it cleaned up quick as one of the main ingredients was dish soap.

Supplies and ingredients. 

The dish soap also worked as a coloring - so they all had fun picking of the three choices I had available: green, orange, and pink.

It's actually turning out great! And a kid did this!?

It looks worse than it really was. It washed off of his hands in seconds.

This mess looks horrid. And it looks like it stuck onto things, which it did. But water freed the cornstarch and the soap in the cornstarch helped the process.

This was the first time I'd tried to make silly putty. And of, course I was supervising kids doing it. So it was very interesting.

I liked the recipe I found - pinterest can sometimes be a handy place ;p I do think it needs something else though. The texture was OK, but not perfect. And I can't pinpoint what that imperfection was exactly. 

Anyways, doesn't it look fun? What sort of things have you done with your siblings or babysitting kids? I'm always looking for new ideas, so please share!! 

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Abstaining From Sin Void of Hypocrisy (Thoughts on Beauty and the Beast movie)

I have always thought the idea of homosexuality disgustingly sad. I feel sorry for those that are separated from God and do not understand or experience what He has designed for their lives.

I can not understand how many do not recognize the sin of homosexuality, or claim that the Bible has nothing to say on it when it obviously does. (Romans 1:26-28, Jude 1:5-8, 1 Timothy 1:8-11, Leviticus 18:22)

I do not see how one can find beauty in two people of the same gender loving each other. Of course most people are delusional to what love really is. But still... how can one be like, "Well, if they love each other.." I do not see how any one with a brain would think there's any sort of logical reason why two such people should be together.

I know that it's partly due to the fact that most do not understand the meaning of love, or marriage, or truly know God or His word. I understand that sin is in the world and that people are affected and embittered by it, thus causing their minds to turn toward vain imaginings (Romans 1:21).

But, still, how can those that know what sin is not have the guts to accept it as sin?
With all these thoughts, I must say I was very disgusted and sad when I first heard they are probably giving the new Beauty and the Beast movie a Gay scene.

I was pleased to see that some of my friends (who really wanted to go) were not going to be seeing this movie.

I was surprised to see that others did not care, and plan to still go see the movie.

I wondered how one could say they love God and hate sin and go see the movie.

And then I had this random thought... I (we) do this all the time with all sorts of movies and literature and things in life.

We see many evil things, commit many sins against God and man, and never think much of it. Because man has put levels to God's sins and we have decided that certain things are permissible for us.

We tell homosexuals that we love them but that what they are doing is sin. And that their sin, in God's eyes is like any other and that they are condemned by God with out His forgiveness. We act hateful toward this sin that to many of us is outrageously evil.

We say all sin is sin. That their sin is not worse. 

Yet do we make a big deal over movies with stealing, cheating, lying, adultery, fornication (sleeping around), arrogance, pride, swearing?

We will still go see movies with all of these, let our children be brainwashed by these lustful and vile images. And who questions it? Very few. We may say, "This is bad, don't do this when you are older."

And why? Why have do we let certain sins slide into our homes and minds through literature, yet not others?

Because these sins are now accepted as normal. We have allowed ourselves to become insensitive to evil, while yet holding on to our self-righteous better-than-thou- attitude. 

In real life we are more willing to speak up against a sin that is more unusual. But if our best friend is living with one they are not married to we are hesitant to speak the truth. If someone takes God's name in vain who are we to say anything?

Is there not a level of hypocrisy here?

We say, "I love you" to the homosexual. But do we really? Are we perhaps not just judging them while not addressing the other sins we are allowing into our lives?

And don't think I'm saying go watch the movie. I am not saying one way or another on that.

I am saying, treat EVERY sin like sin. Not just the ones you consider more disgusting. 

Be a better example by being saddened for God's sake at all sin. And in that way we can truly love those who are sinning with out judging them in bias.

"You hypocrite. First remove the log out of your own eye, and then you can see clearly to remove the speck out of your brother's eye." (Matthew 7:5)

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Legalistic Tolerance

I have this thing where I like to go against the norm by uniting two extremes in my mind to find greater truth.

It doesn't always work, but at times it stretches my mind, and I learn new things I wouldn't have known otherwise.

For the most part I have found that most man-made doctrines aren't 100% void of error. And that quite often the belief that opposes the said doctrine will hold the truths that are missing. And vice versa. Our minds are so small that it can be hard to comprehend how two extremes can work together in unity and harmony.

But they can.

There are many mysteries in life that will always astound the human mind, whether you are  Christian, agnostic, atheist, etc. Unsolved mysteries are part of what make life meaningful and vast.

(lee-guh-liz-uh m)


1. Strict adherence, or the principle of strict adherence, to law or prescription, especially to the letter rather than the spirit.

Rigid rules are important and necessary for life to happen smoothly. And there must be consequences and accountability when said rules are broken.

We are all aware of this in different ways:

Government. They have their rules. Some may have common sense behind them. At other times we are like, "What!? Why?" But we still go through what we are told to do from fear of consequences.

Church. Whether you are involved through membership or just on a community and accountability level, there are rules that we find we must respect and adhere to.

Parents or family. Sometimes there rules feel really legalistic... and in the bad way. But we still obey the rules, even if they aren't backed according to our logic. Sometimes we obey out of fear of consequence, sometimes respect. Either way it's the way of life and we don't look down on this form of legalism too much.

So, when I hear a Christian preach and say we should abhor legalism, I always wince.

Because rules are not bad

Being strict is not bad. 

Those who choose to do less or more when there is no morals being violated should not be condemned.

In fact, I think we are meant to be legalistic in the sense that we are to adhere to (strictly follow)  rules and follow those rules like crazy.

The problem comes when you try to force your extra rules onto another. The issue is not legalism, but trying to control another.



1. The ability or willingness to tolerate something, in particular the existence of opinions or behavior that one does not necessarily agree with.

synonyms: acceptance, toleration; 


late Middle English (denoting the action of bearing hardship, or the ability to bear pain and hardship): via Old French from Latin tolerantia, from tolerare (see tolerate).

We have to remember that controlling is not our duty toward our fellow neighbor. No where are we commanded to exercise our will over another, tell him that he needs to do as we do. 
*think communism*

Yes, we are called to judge others in righteousness (John 7:24, Matthew 7:1-5, Luke 12:57). Rebuke another when wrong has been committed (Proverbs 27:5, Galatians 6:1, Luke 17:3-4).  And even take ourselves out of another's life in certain situations (1 Corinthians 5:2, Matthew 18:15-19).

But never are we meant to control anyone, force someone to conform to our ideas and rules and methods of serving God.

And so, we need that perfect balance: To be both legalistic and tolerant. One with out the other is chaos. Those who are completely legalistic have an appearances of extreme fundamentalist Christians, who know no love, and show no restraint in controlling all about them to repent to their methods or burn in hell.

But those who are solely tolerant: It's as if they love everyone and judge no one, as if they have no back bone, no solid beliefs, nothing to give them the appearance of “I am separate from the world.

One can be both a judge of righteousness, and a lover of man.

You can be strict and easy going.

I can be different from my friends with out condemning them, accepting that some things are more preferential beliefs. - I do have to be careful here to not mistake the difference between what God clearly calls sin as a preferential belief on my part. 

Some things are just plain old-fashioned sin.

I really think that it is very impossible to be a balanced follower of God without both of these extremes influencing each part of our everyday life, because in essence God is both (amidst His numerous other traits) a rule giver and a lover of  creative diversity. 

God is love. 

But God is also the one who created rules, demands order, and judges all.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Women, Where is Your Identity?

All you ladies out there, I just want to take a moment to express some thoughts of mine.

And make you think. And ask you this question: Who determines who you are?

Thoughts toward a disgusting attitude that seems to becoming so predominate as of late.

Selfish, vulgar, and even down right false.

It's where we women are acting like the world owes us something as we have somehow been mistreated?

We aren't privileged? We have no rights? We are somehow being oppressed by men?

I'm told that I'm just lucky to not have experienced such things at the hand of man when I try to stand up for my father, brothers, and guy-friends by stating “All men aren't evil.”

I'm told I'm stupid and ignorant when I say “I don't hate men.”

Stereotyping and being hateful toward men seems to be justified by this: statistics prove what experience can't. It doesn't matter that I or you don't know any evil, white guys. Statistics prove that women are mistreated by these privileged men.

I just want to tell all of the women out there “Stop reading those stupid statistics and start reading the Bible.”

And if the men in your life happen to live down to these statistics, why are those men in your life? Do you really have no other options? And can you really say nothing bad, stereotypical, about yourself?

Sure, guys might be arrogant and dominate.

But don't tell me you (woman) aren't dramatic, selfish, controlling, emotionally abusive, and manipulative.

Sure, guys might be created differently, and be more capable of certain things. But that doesn't make them privileged. And even if it did, how are we going to fix this “privileged build” of theirs?

The only thing our hateful words do is make women look stupid, make good men feel awful.

Also, to the “It's not fair I'm a women” rants.

So, what? Who ever said life needs to be fair? Or that it should be?

If everything was so fair we wouldn't have beauty. Uniqueness. Diverseness.

No, I'm glad life isn't fair.

My goal isn't to become equal with man, but to embrace who I am. I don't want to despise my body. I don't want to be ashamed of who I am. I love being different.

I don't need things to be fair.

I feel privileged despite what statistics say. I have no reason to feel otherwise.

I do not feel oppressed by any group of people, but I am very ashamed of those that call themselves women and insist that we are all together mistreated.

I feel ashamed for you, because you are giving women the uneducated, trashy look that should belong to no decent, kind, beautiful woman that God created us to be.

I will embrace my differences. I will not tear someone down just because they are on the opposite, politically correct side.

I will love all. Show respect to each person (despite race or gender). And treat each according to what is good in God's eyes.

All you women, will you? Or must you tear man down to build up your identity?

For me my identity is found in my God. Not in another's destruction.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Memories or Living? Random, but Fun Question

To answer the question from last week:

 Do you live to make memories, or to remember memories already made?

And I'm going to disappoint you by not giving you an astounding answer.

The thing is, it was just one of those random, weird thoughts that came to my mind. And it was too good to not ask the closest person sitting next to me.

We discussed what we thought for a good bit, and came to this conclusion:

Neither and both.

You, see, it's good to live in the moment. To live life so full you are overfilling life with memories. But it's also good to take a break from life, to lie on your back, to just remember what has happened and enjoy that.

It's good to do both.

And it's also good to not put too much emphasis on one or the other. 

Those who just live for the thrill of making memories will miss out on the ordinary things. They'll forget how to just live.

And those who live just for memories that were made? Well, besides the fact that they may get Alzheimer's and not remember anything thus having neither memories or life, they have no drive to their life.

And a life with out drive grows stale, old, boring.

And eventually depressed.

So, yeah. Life is great. Memories are great. 

In balance, and with everything else. :D 

And I'm not sure if this picture is just even weirder or makes a REALLY good point. I'll let all of you decide, handing my sanity over for your judgement ;) 

To add some more random to this post, to leave you with a memory of "What!?",  and to give you a reason to laugh today :D 

Every now and then it would seem my mind has nothing worth while to share ;) 

This post is kinda related to the question, "If you could go anywhere in time, you you visit the past, future, or stay where you are?" 

Besides being an interesting concept and that it does provoke some good thought, I will have to add that it's REALLY good that we can't actually make choices concerning these questions.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

I Forgot I Had A Life!?

I just realized something awful the other day . . . I haven't updated you all on my life in a long while!!!

For that I am sorry! 

I have been living . . . I just had forgot to tell you all ;p 

Anyways . . . Life. 

Ummm . . . I mean to update you. But where to start???

I have been busy. But with what? (Ever feel like that ;p) 

I have been busy trying to work too much. I actually had to let go a couple of jobs these last couple months. I just couldn't keep up with it all.

I also had to sell most of my goats ;/ I have one goat right now. A white doe named Luna. But I really don't take care of her. My little brother, Josiah, does. Awhile back I asked, very serious like, him, "Josiah, is my goat still alive?"

When I first bought Luna she was so wild it took us several hours to catch her... that to my best milk goat! I must say I'm proud of what she has become :D

For some reason my mom thought that was hilarious. But I was truly curious if Luna lived yet ;) 

I did something really crazy.

I planned a bunch of consecutive traveling for the month of January. I don't know why . . . it just sorta all happened.

The first two weeks I spent with my good friend, Mary, and her small family in Kentucky. That was a great two weeks. She, her husband, and her baby were so great!

Mary's daughter, Annalise, seemed to like me fine after the first initial shock of me invading her home.

From there I went to a friend's wedding in Tennessee, and was able to see a bunch of other friends in the process.

While in Tennessee I went to this Tuesday night worship service I used to go to a lot as a Ruby girl. The message was really good. Of how fasting can be beneficial to our spiritual life, and show us that we are capable of doing what seems impossible.

Made me want to fast. And almost think I should.

They also said something a long the lines of how one does not know the art of pondering a thought anymore.

That made me think. And feel sad. Sometimes life does move so fast that you don't give enough time to thoughts that should be given a lot more consideration.  

I so wanted to just fast and be able to ponder the beauty of life and God and everything good. And I still do.

The newly weds :D

Went on a lovely walk with an old roommate, Shelby.

Awesome time with friends!

Ruby girl reunion (the one in the center was the bride).

Spent a great, couple nights with one of my best friends and her husband :D 

After that I tagged a long with a friend for a couple of weeks.

We went to her sister's place in Illinois to see her new baby niece. 

We can imagine that she smiled at me ;) 

Then we drove to her home in Florida and had fun there for a bit,

Creepy pictures were abundant here ;) 

And had to get an artsy picture too ;) 

Meeting a really sweet friend of Lizzy's :)

Lizzy and I at the beach

Me in my natural habit: Laughing over stupidity 

 Then we picked up another friend and went to a Shindig where Michael and Debbie Pearl were.

The Shindig was really good . . . loved the lectures of the Pearl's.

The three of us before going to the Shindig.. wind loved our hair ;)

When Mike Pearl silently joined our selfie ;0

So much that I'll give a brief on them:

They were an abridgment of this series he's working on through Romans. He talked of sin, what sin was, and how to overcome sin. It was really powerful!!!!

The last message was my favorite - he talked about the brain, titling his lecture "The Science of Addiction and the Brain."

He told of the different hormones that affect the brain, how some made one feel happy, others sad or depressed.

He gave percentages of how different things skyrocket our amount of intake of different hormones - here's one:

Dopamine: (amount of happiness intake)
Normal good things - 10%
Sex -100%
Alcohol and Cocaine - 100-200%
Meth - 1250%

Those percentages made it click in my mind why people like alcohol and drugs so much. 

He then went on to say how so many people strive to thrive off of these happy hormones alone - and showed us the results: fried, unhealthy looking brains. 

It was an interesting concept, that sadness or occasional feelings of depressions are not bad, but balancing to one's health.

He went on to speak of addictions (a large focus homosexuality and pornography), and how these addictions affect one's mind, deteriorating it to look like something not very nice. Had some really scary results and makes me feel even sadder for those dealing with both, and other unhealthy addictions.

It was really good!!! And loved learning more about the brain. And made me come up with this:

 It's okay to experience moments of sadness, that I shouldn't push them away or feel guilty about them, but understand them, and thus live a more balanced life, emotionally and mentally. 

I did a lot of other things at the Shindig, too . . . Archery (I did decent considering it was my first time! I actually hit the target most of the time :D), volley ball, and dancing among meeting many people I knew and didn't know ;) 

"Known" both of these people awhile through social media . . . great meeting them ;) 

getting ready to dance :D 

Also, while at the Shindig, my friends and I stayed in our van (like hippies). After the Shindig we followed this family around for a day and half that was staying in this really neat looking bus. We found out afterward that they were neighbors of one of my aunt's!!!

Old school bus they remodeled . . . really neat!

At a fort in St Augustine, Florida

And then I came home!!!
(Which was the best part of the whole trip, lol.)

For some reason, this time I was ready for my travels to be over. It was fun, but exhausting. I think I shall take a break from such for a little while at least ;) 

After being gone over a month it is nice being home, getting back into my work and writing. 

Can you believe I took a complete break from writing (besides journaling!?)

All my blogging had been scheduled before I left. My fiction sat idle while I was away. 

But I kept my mind fresh by reading lots of thought provoking things . . . and now my fingers are aching so bad to free my raging mind of all the ideas stored with in!

Be prepared for some awesomeness, guys!!!

Or at least I hope it shall be awesome!! ;) 

And I have been having fun with some new projects!!! Making necklaces from shells I found in Florida, knitting, and tie dyeing! 

So many fun things!!! Life is really a fast moving adventure, whether at home or no.

Sometimes I just want it to slow down so that I can take the time to "ponder a thought". How epic would that be? To be fully rested, fully content and one with God, smiling at the world despite of tears that may be forced up on us?

I think I learned a lot on these journeys:

I need to stop and think and breath. And stop overthinking on top of that, I've been told by a close friend ;)

It's good to smile and laugh and encourage those both in others, but I shouldn't spurn tears either. Both are to be embraced in their own time and way. 

Life is beautiful even when nothing is happening. Sometimes the truth is it is more beautiful in those times.

And, so, I think that counts as an update, yes? Maybe I'll give another one soon :D And I'd like to leave you with a question I asked one of my friends: Do you live to make memories, or to remember memories already made? I'll give our answers in my next post ;D 

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Relationship Cycle

A rant for all my friends. Don't hate me ;D 

Some things are just so sad.

In such a stupid, disgusting, dramatic way.

It's this: Kids all over the world going through this never ending cycle of relationship misery.

The Cycle of Love and Hormones:

“I am so alone (Or I need no-one)”

Next day: “I have found the most perfect person. They love me like no-one else ever have. They completely understand me.”

1 week later: bawling out their eyes, as this person was obviously just a player… “So sad, life is over, I shall die...”

1 more week later: “I have found the most perfect person. They love me like no one else ever has. They completely understand me.” (again).

But that's not the end of the story...

It all starts over. Same thing.

Same unrealistic point of view of love.

Same passionate infatuation.

No real understanding of the word commitment.

And it always ends after a short period of time.

But why do they cry? They will have a new lover soon…

Guys – all you kids, and even adults acting like kids, I have a question to ask you.

Have you ever rationalized through the reason you are even all longing for love? Why you long to be more than friends with that cute kid of the opposite sex?

There's a point to all of it. Instincts. Nature has placed a desire, need, in you to reproduce. To
go out into the world and multiply.

It's not about love right now.

Most of us can't even understand what love is.

It's about how you can't understand what is really happening in your body… not using your mind.

No, it's not about love. That's just what your hormones and Hollywood scream at you, lie to you, to get you to fulfill your natural tendencies.

But I doubt any of you are ready to have kids. So, why not leave the drama of facebook and life – and just live, and learn how to create some good life habits – such as self-sacrifice, emotional stability, commitment to others, self-control.

So think about it.

Why are you feeling those feelings? Honestly, why?

Why are you posting drama you can't even understand?

And are you truly ready to heed the call of nature?

If not... just try putting a hold on the drama, and live like the kid you're meant to be. Try to not give into those raging feelings, and try maturing a bit, leaving the populating to the adults.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Lost Girl of Astor Street Clue Hunt: Clue #14

Today we are having a blog hunt and GIVEAWAY in celebration of Stephanie Morrill's newest book, Lost Girl of Astor Street. If you would like to participate in the clue hunt, and try and win a copy of her novel, check out Stephanie Morrill's blog for details. 

But, first, an interview :D 

1. Welcome, Stephanie, to Keturah's Korner! Could you tell us a bit about yourself?
Thanks for having me! I have been writing since I was a kid, and The Lost Girl of Astor Street is my seventh published novel. It's my sixth young adult novel, but my first historical mystery. I'm also the creator of, a website that's purpose is to encourage teen writers. And I live in the Kansas City area with husband, three kids, and a dog.

2. Tell us about your novel, The Lost Girl of Astor Street? What inspired you to write it?
The Lost Girl of Astor Street is a 1920s mystery set in Chicago. The main character, Piper, has a best friend who goes missing from their affluent neighborhood, and she knows her friend never would have run away. She throws herself into search efforts, and finds more than she bargained for. It has a Veronica Mars meets 1920s feel.

My initial idea for The Lost Girl of Astor Street came while I was putting away laundry, of all things. My mind was wandering (as it often does during chores), and I started thinking about different stories I like. I thought about Veronica Mars for a while, and then something triggered a thought about Downton Abbey, and I thought, “I wish there was something out there that was like Veronica Mars but in a Downton Abbey kind of setting. Oh, maybe I could do that!”

3. What do you hope people will get from your book?
I hope they'll enjoy the story and feel like they've been on a vacation to the 1920s. The lesson I was learning as I wrote it is that we can only take responsibility for our own choices, so if the book spurred them to think about that, I would feel pretty happy.

4. Can you share a fun quote from your novel?
Piper is off sleuthing, when she spots a stray dog. She's terrified of dogs and says to Mariano, "My archenemies in this world are children, dogs, and my Home Economics teacher, so if we could please move faster.”

5. Could you tell us a bit about your other works of fiction, published and in the process of getting there?
I have five contemporary YA novels that have been published, and countless other drafts that will probably never see the light of day. I absolutely loved the experience of writing a historical, and I will be staying in this genre for the foreseeable future!

6. Do you have a small bit of advice or encouragement for aspiring authors?
I have so much that I created a whole website! It's hard to pick just one thing. I meet a lot of young writers through my work, and so often they feel really stressed out. I can relate, because when I was a teen, I worried a lot about if I would get published, when I would be good enough, how I would ever make the right connections, and so forth. if I had known about all the social media and platform stuff that was expected, I would have been even more nervous! I always encourage young writers to do their best to let that stuff go for now. Your primary job is to learn how to tell great stories, and to have fun doing it. Yes, it's good to be thinking about how you want to position yourself in the market and all that stuff, but not at the expense of learning to be great at your craft.

7. A fun question: can you think of something really random that just makes you happy? If so please, do tell us!
Cardinals. It's winter time here in Kansas City, and every I time I see one of those bright red birds perched on our bird bath, my heart leaps. 

8. How can people contact you?
Through my website,
On Twitter:
On Facebook:
or on Instagram:

9. Thanks so much, Stephanie, for joining me today! I hope you and your family are blessed very much, and that your novel has a great reception into the world!!
Thank you, Keturah!

Also, check out my review of the book!!!

And the clue is:


 Find the rest of the clues and enter the giveaway by following these links

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Craving Rest

My mind is so full right now.

My life is so busy.

I feel overwhelmed by nothing in particular and everything at once.

Yet I can't stop from doing. From not sleeping.

Exhaustion is my addiction.

To rest is not an option. Or so it seems.

And I keep looking for more… more?

More of what?

Why do I crave chaos? Why do I laugh in my stress? Why can't I cry, even though my eyes are heavy?

Life and all it's mysteries.

Right now they make too much sense, yet are even more distant than ever before.

I keep feeling like I am not doing enough.

I need to make every breath count.

But is just breathing enough? Must I constantly gasp for air? Is it okay to just live every now and then?

My life is crazy. Yet I love it.

My mind yearns to stretch out more. Every muscle in me, physical and mental, demand to hurt every second.

And then I see color.

Life stops - no pauses - for a second. I breath in the warm sunshine.


Now that was a breath worth taking.

I smile. I see someone, and smile bigger. They, too, smile.

That was something worth doing.

I suddenly can fall down, and do nothing. I am not laughing in stress. I am not reaching out to do. I am just sitting, thinking.

And then the tears can fall.
This is what my life needs. This is what makes the rest possible – these small moments of peaceful tears.

This doesn't really mean anything. I just sat down (tired) one night a couple months ago and wrote this. My mind does that sometimes when I can't sleep but should - comes up with weirdness that could almost be on the verge of soul-beautiful.
I hope you enjoy this just a little ;) 

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Life is Exciting, but Dyeing Adds Color

One of my friends wrote this really neat blog post about how to ice dye. So, of course I had to try it out.

I won't teach how to ice dye in this post, as my friend's post I linked to above is more than adequate. But I will say that ice dyeing is a fun form of tie dyeing. 

The first time I did it, I decided to teach a handful of girls while I was learning myself ;D 

(Every other Tuesday afternoon I have a "Girls' Afternoon" at my home. I teach the girls some small, fun thing, then have some sort of Bible study.)

Anyways, I didn't have shirts, so we dyed tea towels.

I was happy with how my towel turned out. It has an eye in the center ;) 

This is an awkward picture... but there are some of my girls, and on the table you can see all of our towels going through the process of dyeing. 

But I enjoyed the dyeing so much, I had to do it again. So, when the little boy I babysit turned 5, we did a morning of dyeing shirts for his birthday.

It was a blast!

My brothers - they picked out great colors!

I'm quite happy with the shirt I made :D

And the three goofballs I babysit - the birthday boy is on the far right.

When we did the shirts, I decided I could skip a step. I will warn you this wasn't the most wise decision on my part.

I left out the wire rack for under the shirts.

I discovered (by not using it) that the purpose of the rack was to allow the ice to melt, and let the shirt sit above the water... so that it won't turn out one big color. 


Thankfully when I saw the shirts and towels sitting in the water this thought crossed my mind. So, I would continually pour off all excess water.

But the rack would have made it easier ;0

Anyways, it was a fun experience and I plan to do more with dyes in the future. Have you ever done any sort of dyeing? Or would like to? Either way I recommend checking out my friend's how-to post :)