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Welcome to the blog of Keturah! 
- Check out Genesis 25 for a fun fact concerning Abraham and my name :D 

Life is like a novel. 

There is the author, and there are the characters. Terrible and also wonderful things happen. Sometimes no-one, not even the reader/onlooker can understand or even sympathize fully. But the author, like God, always knows. Both the author and God take joy in their characters' excitements, and suffer when their creation suffer. Though it may take His utmost strength to write the worst and make His beloved characters hurt, He knows that what He is doing is for the best: for the character and the plot. To create the best ending ever!

I promise the cat wasn't being choked ;)

I'm so glad that you have stumbled across this part of my life. I really do hope you LOVE my blog... enjoy, learn, and leave inspired from my posts.

If you decide to follow me, or read many of my posts you will discover a few things:

1. Everything is random. The only thing certain is that there should be a new post every Wednesday.
2. I love satire... and sometimes it's hard to distinguish between my words of truth and sarcasm. 
3. I am very opinionated... and sometimes state my opinions very harshly - but know this, I mean to offend no one. My aim is not to hurt one's feelings, but invite them into my journey of learning and figuring life out, glorifying God in the process.
4. I like color (obviously) and live accordingly, with lots of passion. I hope my sense of realistic fun will inspire you to smile :D 

I live in Montana (currently). I have moved A LOT!!! 

One thing about Montana is that it is very windy. Sometimes it is nice... like it makes for fun hair effects as in the photo above... but most of the time it can be bitterly cold.

Oh... I should say... I don't really like cold. So, Montana and I don't always get along. But we are learning to be friends... slowly, but surely. 

About me, the author...


What can I say? I am crazy. Weird. The sad thing? I love that about myself, lol!

 I enjoy life. I enjoy reality.

Sure, I have many "hard" days like anyone... but I have learned that life isn't defined by passing feelings, but in my joy with Yahweh.

Even when I don't feel happy, I can always be happy... (I'm no Pollyanna, but I sure try!)

My favorite sound is laughter, the most beautiful thing a smile. If you have a great smile, you can be sure we'll be best friends ;) 

I am 21, a home school graduate, the oldest of eleven kids (kids is not exclusively related to goats), and I house clean and babysit.

I love the above picture of me and the three little guys I take care of. It expresses so much - the fun we have, their cuteness, and my love for dancing.

My sweet little blond haired, blue eyed sisters. 

I love doing many things from reading to hiking, debating to baking, intricate crafts to simple acts of fun.

I love having many friends! 

Friends are a great aspect of living, and I truly feel sorry for those lacking this joy. But if this is the case for you, well, we can just be friends :D

Friends are awesome, people. Make sure you get some - but most importantly, remember to be a friend :D 

As you can see I live a busy life. I have many interests and talents. But my writing is my most favorite thing to do besides living life, when it all comes down to choosing things.

Oh, yes, I like to live. In fact I'd go as far to say that I like my own life better than my made up stories. Why shouldn't I? The best, most professional and talented Author wrote my story :D

I really hope that I can manage to write stories even half as well as God does. Just recently I've been realizing more and more how He is just so good - how He has the best mind, the best hand... The ink of His pen is evident everywhere.

At heart I'm a rebel - I abhor what isn't true, sadness, rigidness, closed off minds.

And I express my stand for life and joy through my outward hippie style.

(Isn't it awesome?)

I fight against all that tries to ruin what God meant to be good.

And it is a hard fight... but so worth it!!!!

Other things I like/do:

Hiking/ Swimming


Piano/ recorder/ guitar

Reading (Old books are the best. And Mystery. I collect books like crazy, and read them when I have time. I have sooooo many favorite authors, like any good writer should ;D)

Goats. - I've raised them over the last few years, sadly right now I only have one goat right now, as I have had to sell most of them the last couple months due to life being busy. But it's a dream to have a new herd someday! 

Dolphins (Especially green and pink ones, haha)

Chap stick - I collect it :0

Pink. Green. Bright Colors. Dark Brown

Chocolate. 95% is the best ;)

Knitting, Sewing, embroidering, jewelry, art.... (I do custom orders ;b)

Music (Huge variety)

Comedy. Sarcasm. - The good things in life ;b

Culture (We lived with the Amish, sorta like them for three years. I credit that experience to my love of learning more about cultures and religions)

Linguistics/ Languages/ Words

Philosophy. Using my brain. Logic

History. Mythology. Anything Ancient. Anything old

And WRITING!!!! I love, LOVE, love to write!!!! So far I've completed many short stories, one novella, and almost three novels. Not much. But they are great works!!!!!! ;D

Make sure to contact me!!!!!!! I'd love to hear from you, and answer any questions you may have, or just to talk. The best way is through my email, keturahskorner(at)gmail(dot)com.

You can also contact me through

Pinterest ( Keturah Lamb

The Whatever Girl  (YouTube)

Instagram (keturahlamb)

A Cleaning Gal  (Instagram comedy/ day job page) 

Twitter (@KeturahAbigail)

Facbook ( Keturah Lamb and/or Keturah's Korner ).

Have a great day!!!!! And don't forget to paste a smile!!!!!!!!!!! :D 


  1. I'm so glad I found your blog, Keturah. Enjoy reading your posts. :0 And I really like your name. :)

    1. Thanks :) I'm glad you like my posts :) thanks for reading :)


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