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Keturah Lamb is a young woman learning how to both live in and embrace God's reality. The written and verbal words help this process. She likes to call herself a realistic idealist. She has many passions in life, the first being her ideas concerning friendship {love}, the second being laughter {smile}.

If you would like to read any of my stories, feel free to email me.

Contact: keturahskorner(at)

Here is a brief of my best works:

-Granfa Wolf's Three Pigs, a play retelling and combining the Three Little Pigs with the Biblical Parable of the Talents.

-Princess and Poison, {WIP} A retelling of the fairy tale, The Princess and The Frog, but with a dark humorous twist.

-People of the Past Pod-casts with Hope Rachaela play just under a thousand word. Set in the future about a father and daughter team pulling people from the revolutionary war to ask them what they think of current day USA. What would early Americans think if they were alive in current day USA?

Flash Fiction (250 words or less):
- A Kid's Secret, A homeless child has a secret to tell a friend. Anyone have time to listen?

- Friends and Poison Ivy, It's gardening time, but that doesn't mean we are done laughing together.

Short Stories:
- They used to shout my name, now they whisper it

- "With great destiny comes great loneliness."

-Scamish, two men pretending to be Amish, and one succeeds at scamming the other. Based on real happenings.

-Accepting Reality, a girl and a book converse over the meaning of friendship and life.

-Imagine, an analogy of what we must look like in God's eyes.

-When Christmas Was Evil, a short story exploring what Christmas meant to the early Puritans.

-Lena's Story, Lena learns to overcome depression and suicidal thoughts as she learns what it means to become selfless.

-Dearly Cursed, Ruth and her brother face rejection after returning home from the Children's Crusade.

- Not Less, A Robin Hood and Maid Marian short story about infertility.

- Polly and Digory, I always wondered why Polly and Digory from the Chronicles of Narnia didn't marry. So I wrote a fan fiction explaining why. Don't worry, the story isn't sad ;)

-Piper's Last Song, the Pied Piper is a carefree man, who spends his life singing and dancing to entertain others. But life changes when the King's men come to take away the Waldensian people. A retelling of the Pied Piper, mixed with history of the early Waldensian Christians and their massacre.

Created by Agorist Writes

-Prince Perfect, Prince Téleois, perfectly conceited, is on the quest for the perfect princess. How could he look for less, after all, as he has lead his own life expecting nothing less of perfection in his own self?
Created by Agorist Writes 

-Unchosen, not everyone that attended Cinderella's balls were ugly stepsisters. Read about Calista – the girl who thought the future could be better.

-Blessed Disasters, A group of contented but broken beings have their faith tested as God appears to turn his back and disasters enfold around them.

- My Cleaning Girl, A short story written in second person about a girl that finds healing cleaning for an elderly woman.
Created by Annie Twitchell

-A Story Concerning Unselfish People, an original fairy tale about a good king and queen and their five sons and their daughter, and their fight against the evil witch, Zellah.

-A Book's Journey, follow a book over decades of time as it passes from the hands of one owner to another.

-Two Wishes, Alice's life is upside down. First a man she respects but does not love is breaking his heart over her disinterest. And then her best friend, Sharon, is diagnosed with cancer. As stress with family and friends mount, and a death looms near, Alice throws herself into trying to fulfill her best friends last two wishes, in the process learning that change doesn't have to be scary.

Created by Lauren Grinder

-Land of the Restless Winds, A Seventh Day Adventist girl's journal, recording her family's trip across Oregon and California to mission to the Native Americans.

Created by Mary Crouch

-Destination: Pyramid, a dark humorous story about what life was like for Native Americans in the dark ages. Designed to insult every person and religion.

-Outlaw Girl, a young girl living with her twelve older male cousins in the old palace. The bandits' latest bounty turns out to be more than what they bargained for.

-Beauty in the Beast, a retelling of Beauty and the Beast.

- A Series of Thoughts, (Christian Dystopian):

  • Book #1: First Thoughts, Nixie Orson dreams of a world where everyone understands and loves another. Especially her divorced parents. At only sixteen she has already experienced much grief and heartache. But life seems to be turning around for her... in a positive direction. Her father's work is finally being recognized and accepted. She is making friends, among them a certain red head boy. And God blesses Nixie even more as he brings her mother back into her life.
  • Book #2: Uncontrolled Thoughts, WIP
  • Book #3: Silent Thoughts, (sci-fi) Taylor Ibori wants a better life – one where his thoughts are his own, and no one else's. He is accepted into the highest school. Finally, his life is headed somewhere. But who are these Rebels he keeps hearing about? Life isn't going to be as easy as he thought. Taylor will need to make choices: ignore what he sees, or act on it and risk loosing all he's ever dreamed of. #3 in a WIP series called A Series of Thoughts.
Created by Lauren Grinder

  • Book #4: Broken Thoughts, 
  • Book #5: Deciding Thoughts,
  • Book #6: Final Thoughts,

-Trail of Consequences, (western) Tyson is just a young kid trapped in a world of bandits masqueraded as traveling missionaries. He loves the man that took him in, yet he is torn. Are Matt's words true or aren't they? Because they seem so contradictory. But life starts getting tough when Tyson must make decisions with his own actions – decisions that will not only affect his life, but the girl he's grown to love.

-When Souls Breath On, (fantasy) A girl and her mental brother flee religious persecution by a ship sailing to America. But from the start it would seem they were fated to never see land again. First pirates, then mermaids. Will Kasha be able to keep her brother safe and reach home alive?

-The Lawrence Children, (historical) a serial for my blog.

-Perfect, (contemporary) Cassie has the perfect life. And she knows it. Yet, she can't find contentment. When disaster strikes her small town nothing is left for her to hold on to, and she looses every ounce of peace she may have once held. Friends struggle along side of her, but their victories only seem to depress her more. Will she ever find perfect peace? Cassie knows the solution, but also understands that doing such is requiring more than she can give.

-The Fur Slipper, (fantasy, ancient Egypt) Estella is hated by most of the Egyptians, but she understands what it means to be happy despite the circumstances. She smiles, laughs, sings always. And lives for those she loves. But all that changes when the Pharaoh's ball is announced. Chosen as his bride, her life is turned upside down as she must learn to love the Pharaoh when her heart yet belongs to another.

-Let Me Meet Death Dancing, (contemporary) WIP  A story about relationships, specifically but not exclusively breakups. Finished first draft January 22, 2018

Created by Beatriz Jacob

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