Book Reviews

Apokedak, Sally
The Button Girl

Ardeck, Kendra
ebook reviews

Bergren, Lisa T.

Baillot, Jack Lewis

Blum, Faith
Faith is the Victory 

Buller, J. Tobias
Statis review

Canaan, Bethany
What Thou Needst

Campbell, Joan
Heirs Of Tirragyl

Ginther, Pemberton
Miss Pat

Henty, G. A.
 The Cat of Bubastes,

Hillenbrand, Laura

Holman, Sarah
Kate's Innocence

Howe, Lydia
Where Dandelions Grow,

Jost, Jesse and Heidi
Extreme Romance,

MacLachlan, Patricia
The Boxcar Children Beginning,

Metaxas, Eric

Morrill, Stephanie
Throwing Stones Download for free , The Lost Girl of Astor Street ,

Nesbit, Troy
 The Indian Mummy Mystery review ,

Paterson, Katherin
 The Master Puppeterer, Rebels of the Heavenly Kingdom,

Snicket, Lemony
A Series of Unfortunate Series?

Sonnichsen, A. L. 
Red Butterfly

Speare, Elizabeth George
Calico Captive,

Terry, Alana
Beloved Daughter, Slave Again, Torn Asunder,

The Nine
Hutterites: Our Story to Freedom click here to see a review, 

Twitchell, Annie
Spinner of Secrets 

Valle, Anita

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