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My Quilt: A Year of Spare Moments Stitched Together

For those of you that follow me on Instagram and Facebook, you may know that I've been working on a King sized quilt, completely by hand.

For those of you that don't know (and even those of you that do know), you may be asking, "Are you crazy? Why would you be doing something like that?"

Sometimes I feel crazy. But not long enough to give up this amazing project.

When I was younger I used to do a ton of embroidery, sewing, and knitting. One day, when I was about twelve, I had this amazing idea to combine all my skills into a single quilt. I'd make it for my hope chest. It would have embroidered blocks, hand knitted lace, and floral patterns.

There was this sewing machine shop I used to love because I sorta won a really nice sewing machine for them (sorta, because I didn't actually win the first drawing, but they did another drawing and I won that one!). I told the lady that owned the shop about my idea for a quilt and she gave me a pattern for embroidered bl…
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KISSING and The Fading Art of How To Research

The other day I was thinking how it was sad that some people don't like to think or have opinions about something. As if having an opinion about something is bad. You see, I love to spend my days thinking and developing opinions about all sorts of things while I work. It's fun to think. And it's fun to stretch your thoughts in new directions. But this day I was pitying all of those that don't like having opinions.

I really pity those who say things like, "I don't really have an opinion." And say it as if they don't ever have an opinion.

Like I said, I was spending my thought time pitying them. Until I started thinking about how impossible it had to be to not have an opinion about something.
"Surely, there's something that everyone has an opinion about?" 
And then it dawned on me what that something was — kissing! 
Everyone has an opinion about kissing. And if you tell me you don't, I'll be convinced that you are lying to me. 
The …

Relationships Are Not Fairy Tales

I have always loved fairy tales. But not for the reason most seem to like them. I have always thought the fairy tale cliches of love at first sight, dreams do come true, and being saved from a hard life by a handsome Prince were stupid.

"But isn't that what fairy tales are all about? A magical way to dream of true love?"

I like real fairy tales because I see them a stories full of virtue and lessons.

I don't see a story fascinating when it's about a girl falling in love because she finds her heart unable to beat steady because she just saw wind whip over a rugged face and deep blue eyes.

To me, that's not a real fairy tale, but something that Disney has made us think is the real deal. To me a fairy tale is synonymous for a moral tale — a short story about people learning lesson in a radical, shocking way often with a touch of fantasy to thrill us as we learn something valuable. Often where one would expect magic there will be gruesome horror. But the dark…

Something EXCITING Coming SOON + A Sneak Peek of Said Excitement

I'm starting another serial, y'all, and I'm super excited about it, too! 
After I finished the Lawrence Children, I asked you all what you wanted to read next. Most of you said, "Please write Narnia eight!!!!!" 
And I did just that. 
I hoped to have the story up by January. But as you all know, stories take time to write, and that time is often longer than desired. But I did write it, and it's twelve installments long, and if I do say so myself, I quite like what happens to Susan ;D I decided to hire an editor so the story will be in the best condition possible. 
So that means Susan's story won't be ready for all you dear people until March. 
I'll be posting the same as before, an installment every first Monday of the month. 
But I'll also be testing out the waters of Wattpad and posting there every month, too. Don't worry, blogging friends get first reads. I'll be posting on Wattpad the first Wednesday following every first Monday. 

Journal tag

Thank whoever tagged you, then link to him/her and the creator (Melissa Gravitis). Thanks, Tori! You seem to find a lot of fun tags ;D Go through your old journals (writing or otherwise), and share something from them: from world-building to sketches, to random quotes, to an entry, to short snippets of writing! And if you feel like it needs explaining, go for it!Tag at least five other bloggers.Feel free to use the header image!Have fun!
I love journaling. I mean I've done two posts about it so far (three counting this one). The Art of Journaling and Smile Every Day, Then Write Why
First, I have a lot of journals! I'm currently on #34. 
I'm going to share about my first journal, and the first three pages of it, since that won't be too embarrassing I hope. 

One of my aunts gave me this for my ninth birthday. I had never heard of a journal before and it felt weird at first, but I loved it! And I named all the cats on the front cover—Angel, Roxy, Tosa, Pretty, and Littl…

Something More Than First

Firsts are sweet.

My memories are full of firsts:

My first baby doll. My first sister. My first time seeing my mom's parents.My first entertainment park. My first best friend. My first time leaving home. My first time feeling like I was in love. 

But firsts can also be hard:

The first time your friend says they hate you. Your first breakup. When the world first seems dark and threatening and suffocating. The first time you feel like you really hate someone.The first time you wish that you don't belong anywhere. 

Firsts aren't always sweet. Sometimes they are miserable and you want to forget them forever by creating new firsts.

I've come to see that most of us are trying to forget a ruined first by pursuing the thrills of firsts

Visiting a new country. Meeting someone of another ethnicity. Hiking three days in the wilderness. Riding a bus. 

But once those firsts are over, the thrill doesn't remain. And I've learned to reevaluate just how I view firsts. 

Part of th…

Word Of The Day: Listen

We writers love words. Many of us love speaking these words aloud almost as much if not more than writing. That's because we have opinions - opinions we believe ought to be shared. Even to the point of friendlydiscussion unless that's impossible because someone completely stupid won't understand.

But sometimes we opinionated verbalists take a moment and realize we need to fuel our minds and stabilize our opinions with facts.  

That's why, occasionally, we choose to listen.

lis·ten ˈlis(ə)n verb 1. give one's attention to a sound. synonyms:hear, pay attention, be attentive, attend, concentrate noun 1. an act of listening to something.
                                                                                 Origin:                                                                                       Old