Monday, November 10, 2014

Movies Worth Watching Post #2

Here is post number two!!!!

Post #1

This post isn't really about movies, but short YouTube videos made by the Jost family, a homeschooled Canadian family with 11 kids.

They ( the kids ) have a YouTube channel called Jostie Flicks...and it is so good!

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Every video is hilarious. I have liked all I saw so far, but some of my family has not liked the Martha videos.
Some good ones to check out are A Suitor's Tale, Fork Control, Why A Microwave is Harmful, Pretty Stripes, Home Alone, and Now And Then.

I first found out about their videos about a year ago. I've watched them off and on since then. Then they ( the Jost family ) came to visit a church nearby about three weeks ago, and we got to see them. They are really funny ( and mean to each other ;b ), and sing REALLY good. - They had the entire church service, and sang the whole time.

They make wholesome comedy videos with occasional morals, lots of pun and twist, and much craziness ( it's fun :D ). Quite silly at times, they have some very *ahem* original ideas.

Just watch some and you'll see what I mean!

Besides their videos they also have CDs and their oldest brother has a couple books for sale.

So, here are some links for some of their stuff:

Official website

Jesse Jost's Blog

Have any of you ever heard of the Jost family, or watched their YouTube videos?

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