Sunday, March 22, 2015

Beautiful People Link Up #7

Another link up for story characters! Again, I'm focusing on the main character of my current book I'm writing called Silent Thoughts. The second draft of this story is almost finished, with over 22,000 words so far!!!!!!!!!!!!

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1. What is their secret desire?
To stop what happened to himself in his childhood from happening again. Though this desire is almost secret to even himself ( Taylor ).

2. What is the best and brightest moment they experience during the story? When He finds out what he's actually meant to do, and gives up his whole life for a better, scarier adventure. Taylor learns that sometimes it takes a while to realize what you actually want can be different than what you think you want.

3. What are the emotional places your characters are afraid to go to? Themselves. The past. The future. Sometimes it is just easier living now and forgetting what happened and what may happen.

4. Is there a place/city/room where they will never go? Why? No. Not really.

5. If they were permanently leaving town, what would they easily throw out? What would they refuse to part with? (Why?) As this actually happens, Taylor would easily throw out everything. Possessions mean nothing to him. It's people he can't leave behind.

6. What do they want (consciously and tangibly)? An easy life full of fun and adventure.

7. On the other hand: what do they need (on the emotional, subconscious level)? Something that will awaken him to the harsh reality of what life is like for others.

8. If they could change one thing about themselves, what would it be? His speach deffect... ( can't say too much without giving something away ;b ).

9. What is the most humiliating event of their life? (Slight Spoiler ) Something to do with the way he controls his speach / thoughts.

10. What things do they turn to when they need a bit of hope?His best friend Mashaki and the professor. Also, Hedley, another friend of his through out the course of the book. Taylor normally just forgets about it, though, and pushes whatever is bothering him, away.


  1. Ooh, interesting. I don't think I've ever read a story about a character with a speech defect.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Hey, thanks for visiting my blog!!!! Yeah the speach deffect is one of my favorite themes in the book, and one of the most important too :)

  2. He sounds interesting. It would be neat to know his name and perhaps a picture though. ^ ^' I also think the speech defect is cool. I have a character who has one too. :)

    Stori Tori's Blog

    1. Taylor Ibori, and I havent found any pictures of him, but he's a black man with a head full of hair.


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