Saturday, May 23, 2015

Of eBooks, Real Books, and Author Kendra Ardnek

On the blog , Splendor Falls on Castle Walls, Miss Melody Muffin writes a lot about a certain author, Kendra Ardnek that writes fairy tales/fantasy stories full of comedy and Christian morals

Those are just my sort of stories and I told Melody so.

So, back in December when Miss Ardnek had a free ebook sale, Melody told me about it, and I downloaded them all! Lol.

Now I have never read ebooks before, and I'm trying to stay away from them as much as possible. (I have this fear that ebooks will eventually replace real books, so I'm trying to mostly only read paperbacks and hardcovers :b).

Anyways I just started reading the stories last month.

I know. (WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG!?) But.. like I said, they were ebooks.

Once I started them I had to finish them all...

All but one were short stories, but still I did fly through them. I must admit her books were different than what I expected but I still enjoyed them.

So, here are the ones I downloaded and my thoughts on each one. A few of these were written with Rachael Lamb, her mother.

The Prior Quest: 5 stars. Retelling of Puss in Boots. Interesting.

CinderEddy: 4 stars. Retelling of Cinderella. Very original and funny - the Cinderella is a guy, so yeah ;)

The Sun Jewel Contest: 4.5 stars. Prequel to Ankulen, but still best to read Ankulen first :) Very cute and adorable story. Loved it!

The Derao: 3 stars. A place where if pet lizards get loose they turn to dragons - or deraos. Very interesting.

The Wood Cutter Quince: 5 stars. Love, love, love this one!!!!!!! So original and awesome!!!!

Saffron's Big Plan: 5 stars. Very funny and cute. I loved this one. Only thing it was a bit confusing sometimes.

The Ankulen: 3.5 stars. The only full- length novel I downloaded. Went between loving and getting bored with this one. Sometimes it felt a bit too silly. But I loved a lot of tje basic ideas, and the characters were all so good and wonderful.

Tears, Frogs and Laughter: 5 stars. Funny and original.


  1. You read some of Kendra's stuff!!!!! I love her stories!!! I really liked The Ankulen and Woodcutter Quince is even better if you have read the series that it fits into. You HAVE to read Sew, It's A Quest, Do You Take This Quest? and My Kingdom For A Quest!!! You'll love them!!!

    1. What series does go into? And yes, I want to read those books!!

    2. "Woodcutter Quince" and "Prior Quest" are both prequels to the Bookania Quests. (I.e. Sew, Take, and Kingdom.)

    3. Ah, I see. I've heard a lot about the bookania quest series and really want to read them :)

  2. Thanks so much for these reviews! I do know what you mean about ebooks taking over the world - I resisted the change for the longest time ... and then my mom got an ereader, and ebooks were FREE, and ... I was a goner.

    1. You're welcome!!!

      Haha, know what you mean :) I've downloaded several free ebooks since reading yours :/

  3. I agree with Butterfly, Keturah, if you liked Woodcutter Quince and The Prior Quest, you absolutely HAVE to read The Bookania Quests series. It's fabulous. My Kingdom for A Quest- the third book, is my second favorite Ardnek book.

    1. Neat!!!!! I am definitely going to read those :)

  4. I've never heard of this author, but I'll have to check her out sometime! These sound interesting, especially The Derao. Like, seriously. I gotta check that out.
    Also, I nominated you for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. Here's the post for that:


    1. Yes, her books are worth checking out :)

      Thanks :) I'll do the post soon!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Did you mean "Kendra E. Ardnek" (Author of Water Princess, Fire Prince) writer. I read both of ebooks and stories are good and i love to read both ebooks. Usually I prefer to download Ebook in PDF. Ebooks are better than usual books.


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