Saturday, September 26, 2015

Life and All That Goes With It


It's one of those weird things I still haven't figured out, but hope to make totally clear to you by the end of this post.

Or maybe just my life. In that case you might not learn anything at all about life in general - except sleep, and maybe death.

I mean, parts of it (life) are starting to make sense.

Like sleep for example.

Why was it when I was little I dreaded sleep?

And when I got older I started to love it, but still avoided it?

And now, why is it that it seems I live for the time I can sleep?

The thing I use to hate and avoid I now strive for.

Why is that?

My answer is simple.

The reason children hate sleep is because they just "woke" up and are very confused. They do not know if this place called Earth is really Heaven or just something very much like it.

And since it (life) is so good why sleep?

As you get slightly older life is still "heaven" but you have also learned to appreciate resting and sleep - yet avoid it.

But then life shows its true colors. It's more like hell then heaven. And sleep is the best way to escape all the bad stuff - or at least re-charge so you can face that next phase of "life".

Yet there's even more to it than that.

Sleep is like this mysterious time-out in life that we have no control over yet love and look forward to.

And the better your day, the more fun you have, the more you accomplish, the better your sleep is.

Kinda like death.

What if sleep is just a touch of death?

We all want to live great lives so we will be ready to die when the time comes.

We want a full life with lots of fun so that our death will be better and more fullfilling.

And we all look forward to death as a mysterious rest.

For some, more than others.

- A satirical theory that just came to me: what if, also like sleep, you dream while you are dead. Everyone's' spirits dream together and sort of get acquainted (sort of, I say, because as we all know in the dream world no-one can control what they do or say or such).

And after the best sleep ever, full of nightmares and good dreams, you "wake" up for the final time to the never-sleeping future (who knows which one though :/). -

So, yeah, I about have sleep figured out ;b.

But what about the immediate important things like
college, career,
marriage, what I want to do, and those sort of minor (major) future things?

I'll have to admit I still don't have them figured out.

With college: I go back and forth between wanting to go and saying it's an evil place ( right now I want to go and think that it is an evil place for most people that are living purpose less lives at college, lol :b ).

With career: I think careers are stupid. Just do what you love and hopefully it won't become work. And for me that's something with writing or teaching or kids or something...yeah, still working on it. :D

With marriage: Sometimes I say, "Yeah, some day." Other times I'm like "Nope. Not for me." Right now I'm just saying "Right now I'm not married, I'm just living life to the fullest And definitely not the dullest un-like some people I know."

With what I want to do: I decide that spur of the moment each morning and works good right now. :D

And with everything else: What else is there? I work with it one issue at a time as can manage it.

And so far that works pretty good :]

So, I doubt this has helped you out at all - unless sleep now makes more sense or you laughed a lot. If so, well, I guess my work is finished!


  1. I love this post! I found it really deep and insightful. And lol, yeah, I think college is an evil place too. Unfortunately, I think I might have to go anyway. :p
    Also, I tagged you for an award! Like I said in the post, don't feel obligated. This is just to let you know that I think your blog is lovely. :)


    1. Thanks!!! I almost didn't share it, but then did :b haha, know what you mean ;)

      Thanks!!!! I'll try and do it up soon :D


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