Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Siblings, Drinking Cowboys, and Flying Dust

Siblings sometimes have weird, random conversations. A lot of the times they can be very hilarious. So funny that you have got to share them ;)

So, that is just what I'm going to do.

The other night we were on our way youth group when the following occurred: – by the way, our youth group is one of the few good youth groups lol ;b, as most of the kids going are home-schooled.

Jonathan (18)
Jerushah (17)
Jesse (15)
Beckah Jo (14)
Josiah (13)
And other little ones….

Jonathan: I'm going to make this bumper sticker that says, “Tough cowboys don't drink. They say no.”
Everyone: *chattering about what we think about it, changing the wording, thinking of better ways to word it. We tell mom to turn the radio down, and tell her of Jonathan's 'brilliant' idea.*
Me: But it's actually not true.
Mom: Yes. It's not tough to drink.
Jerushah and Beckah Jo: *knowing what I'm going to say some how* They drink milk, mom!
Me: Exactly! What else do you think cowboys have cows for?
Me: So the sticker should read, “Tough cowboys drink milk. Why else do they have cows?”

Of, course the boys disagreed thinking their original idea was best. Haha. So for awhile longer we discussed this before branching off to other weird things :) Just before this, we had all been discussing some really mean pranks we wanted to play on a few friends (pranks we will never do, because those people wouldn't think them as funny as we did).

And another funny conversation:

My 7-year old brother and I are walking home. The ground is dry and dusty, so he is dragging his shoes in it, kicking dirt in my sandals and distracting me from my (very interesting and important :b) thoughts.

Me: Jonah, stop kicking the dirt.
Jonah: Why?
Me: Because, it's getting in my shoes.
Jonah: Then what's it for?
Me: *sarcastic* Not kicking.
Jonah: But it's like rocks, and that's what people do to those.
Me: Jonah, rocks and dirt aren't for kicking.
Jonah: Then why do I always see people kick them?

Oh, my. It was only then that I forgot what ever I was thinking about and started laughing. He is really quite silly - though I think he was being serious :0

What sort of conversations do you have with your siblings? 


  1. Hahahahahahahah!!! Oh don't I know all about those kind of conversations!!! What kind of conversations do I have with my siblings? I can't recall any off the top of my head, but I'll do a post for you on my blog when I do.

  2. Lol... I bet you all have some great ones!!!


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