Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Embroidery: Roses and Beautiful Pain

I am really excited to share about a project I just finished.

Also, keep in mind that I do custom orders.

About five years ago I saw the most gorgeous scarf in our local co-op. It was 100% Rayon, covered with beautiful embroidery.

But the price was far above what I was willing to pay.

So, I went to Joann's and bought some nice looking off white rayon.

I bought enough to make two scarfs. One for me, and one for my mom.

I hemmed them both up, and unraveled the ends creating the tassel.

And then I forgot about them ;D

Until this last August. After being home awhile, and finally rested from traveling so much, I decided to take up my hand work again. I went through my sewing, knitting, and embroidery things, organizing all my projects.

And found the unfinished scarves.

And, so, I started embroidering the one for my mom. It took several months of constant work. I just finished it mid-November.

Oh, and I used 100% rayon satin floss... so this whole scarf is 100% rayon.

Except, I think my mom may end up using it as a table runner ;b

See all the pretty roses? So many colors!

Got to love old books ;)

When it was still a work in progress, but almost finished! Those last days were exciting!

I thought this old chair went well ;)

And the greenery just added a nice touch. I believe all works of art should use different forms of red, blue, and yellow to be complete for the eye ;D

This is the wrong side ;)

Top: wrong side.
Bottom: right side.

My mom wearing her table runner... I mean scarf ;)

Adding a Jewish look... Or trying ;)

It can be worn around the neck, too ;)

Laid out ;) Don't you love the fringe?

And 'cause I am goofy, and wanted a fun picture ;b I did after all go through a lot of work for this!

I'm not sure how many times I stabbed my fingers... drawing blood a couple times.

You'd think that after awhile, once you have embroidered a while, you would learn where to direct the needle.

Or maybe it's just me.

Or maybe all beauty must involve a little pain in order to turn out perfect ;D

Anyways, I'm excited to do my scarf now!!!

(Mine will be a dragon and daisy-type flowers!)

What do you think? Was it worth all the work - and pain?  What do you think of the colors, and over all design? If you were to make one, what would be your design and color choice? And would you use this as a scarf or table runner or what?

And, I was serious about doing custom orders. But it would be a little pricey as there's a lot of time put into hand work.


  1. Oh, that's beautiful... And makes my embroidery look like marker scribblings... :)
    Oh, and btw, I tagged your blog:


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