Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Never-ending Joy

Everyone goes through those times when they just have to face their thoughts: the ones they don't want to face.

And then they have to choose to be happy or not to be so.

Have you ever found the busier you are the happier? And then comes that stale moment. Your thoughts hit. Doubt enters. And you have no idea what to do.

Doubt is so easy to let in. So hard to rationalize away

At times you are too afraid to use logic against it. Why? Because doing so is opening yourself up for the options of hope. You become too optimistic. And that as often as not leads to hurt and pain and disappointment.

Ah, yes.

Those sort of thoughts.

The ones that try to drain you of all joy.

Even when GOOD THINGS are happening, I find myself constantly backing up - I can't just jump into anything. One minute I'm confident and happy. But the next?

The next I'm trying to brace myself for something that will most certainly happen - because good things just don't last, right? Too much happiness can only end in a lot of hurt..?

It's easy to suddenly be so scared and afraid. In fact some times it feels wrong to even hope or dream... or rather dangerous.

At least these sort of negative thoughts try to whisper their way through and into my soul.

But they don't have to be true.

Just as much as my good times don't define my happiness, neither do bad times mean it will disappear.


Joy is not ruled by circumstances, career, or friends. Joy is not ruled by the things that make me laugh. Joy is not defined by anything but my God.

It's from Him alone - so why do I worry?

Why am I afraid to be happy when I know that all things are just that - things? And in the end should not affect my perspective of happiness.

Why can't I just be thankful during the times He blesses me? Why must I worry about times that may never happen?

Worrying? It's just a way to blend both good and bad into misery.


It's never worth it.

It has no benefits, has no affect on the future except to ruin my present.

It's 100% draining and stressful. Completely unhealthy.

And for that reason I choose to recharge my joy through God. My Father and His son are who give me the strength to smile. 

Everything else is just a small glimpse of what is real. Joy is not something I ever need worry about losing. It's something I need to grasp to and to encourage in others.

It can be a huge part of my life no matter the season God calls me to.


  1. Beautiful Keturah :)

  2. Thanks for sharing this Keturah!
    I'm on the tail end of a two week vacation - and all the fun and busyness has winded down :) All the responsibilities and craziness back home is calling so clearly. This summer is going to be a roller coster filled with big changes and being away from friends and family..... ugh. I'm a home body. Don't like change, don't like leaving people. It's all too scary :) Your post is so relevant for me right now! God will never change and He is my fortress!
    Our feelings and circumstances are like a stormy sea and we need to throw our line - and secure it in the Unchanging Rock. Pulling closer to Him and holding on to His promises and the facts of His character - that will steady our lives and calm our hearts in the midst of the storm. - Long winded! Sorry! :) That analogy was from Elizabeth Elliot. :)
    Peace be with you!

    1. Wow, love the analogy!!! And I'm glad you can relate to it, too :) Life is crazy, isn't it? But it's life... life that God had blessed us with. So we can't help but walk the path he's given us and love Him and follow Him and do so in a way that is full of God's joy :) hope these next few months + summer go great for you ☺


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