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Not just a blog with fun or irritating posts - but I also do custom work ;)

I do:
 Knitting - clothing, accessories, and more.

Sewing - I can literally make anything. Well, within reason ;) But I have done bridal work before, and have worked with leather, too.

Embroidery - I can make some fun pieces of practical art.

Altering/ mending. 

Contact: keturahskorner(at)gmail(dot)com

Here are some pictures of a couple of my favorite projects.

I unraveled the edges of the rayon cloth to produce fringe, then embroidered the whole thing with 100% rayon floss.

Made the night gown (flannel) and the socks.

Close up of the socks... tube socks, knitted out of 85% silk yarn.

Baby shower favors. The hat and mitten are knitted, the booties are crocheted.

One of my own designs :D

Knitted both the hat and the blouse ;) 

Knitted the blouse, made the skirt.

Socks are a lot of work, but fun to knit!

Another of my own designs! I also made the dress I am wearing, but you can't really see it ;)

Designed this hat for a friend :)

Designed and made this dress :D 

Knitted mittens... there are a row of owls on the top and bottom of the mittens. 
Bridesmaid dress I made. I also did all the embroidery and beading on the bodice. 

My graduation dress... I designed and made the dress, and also did the beading and embroidery on the bodice.

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Knitted dish cloths... everyone needs a couple of these ;)

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Embroidered tea towel. 

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Hemmed the pillow cases, then embroidered them :)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Quilt I embroidered.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Close up of one of the embroidered blocks.
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I wrote the poem, drew the design, then embroidered this wall hanging.

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Cut off a pair of jeans, then made this fun skirt! Pockets and denim blocks in the skirt were from the legs of the jeans.


  1. I can finally open this page!

  2. Wow, you are really good at these crafts. It is nice to see, since a lot of young ladies would have no clue which is sad. Reminds me of watching my grandmother knit 100mph while watching TV, or having a conversation not looking at her work!

    1. Thanks! Yeah, it is dad...I plan to start trying and teaching some young girls some of these things. Lol! Knitting can be a very fun and mindless project :)

  3. Wow that purple dress is beautiful!!!!!!!!

    1. Oh by the way, Thanks so much for following me on Google+. Did you find me thru Shining Stars Magazine? :D
      You look like you are a reader. :D

    2. Thanks!!! Um.. I'm not sure... I don't remember any more, lol. Quick look, I see you are sacred name... so maybe through that? I can't quite recall what Shining Star is.. though it sounds very familiar :)


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