Thursday, September 18, 2014

Legwarmers For Gwen Stacy

Ok, so maybe they don't look like her leggings... but it made a good title! :b
This project has been really fun... I knitted both leg warmers at once. For complete instructions click here

But this is how you basically do it:
#1 cast on half of the first item.
#2 cast on all of the second item.
#3 bring up the first, and cast on the rest the the stitches.

Just keep knitting! Then when binding off;

#1 bind off the first half of the first item.
#2 bind off all of the second.
#3 bind off the rest of the first.

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You must know how to do the magic loop method.
The legwarmers were my own pattern.

Advantage: You feel like you got more done... I mean two at once sounds great. Whether you do or not, I have no idea.

Disadvantage: It's kind of hard keeping the two different balls of yarn and projects separate and not letting them get all tangled up. ;)

Overall: It was a fun experience. I might do it again, but doing one at a time is OK with me ;b. Though, if you lose patience easily, and get bored with a project quickly, this is probably a good idea for you. :)

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For Sale: Red striped legwarmers. 100% Dralon Microfiber, $35


  1. Absolutely awesome looking leg warmers! You did a great job! ~Aunt Sarah


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