Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Relationship Cycle

A rant for all my friends. Don't hate me ;D 

Some things are just so sad.

In such a stupid, disgusting, dramatic way.

It's this: Kids all over the world going through this never ending cycle of relationship misery.

The Cycle of Love and Hormones:

“I am so alone (Or I need no-one)”

Next day: “I have found the most perfect person. They love me like no-one else ever have. They completely understand me.”

1 week later: bawling out their eyes, as this person was obviously just a player… “So sad, life is over, I shall die...”

1 more week later: “I have found the most perfect person. They love me like no one else ever has. They completely understand me.” (again).

But that's not the end of the story...

It all starts over. Same thing.

Same unrealistic point of view of love.

Same passionate infatuation.

No real understanding of the word commitment.

And it always ends after a short period of time.

But why do they cry? They will have a new lover soon…

Guys – all you kids, and even adults acting like kids, I have a question to ask you.

Have you ever rationalized through the reason you are even all longing for love? Why you long to be more than friends with that cute kid of the opposite sex?

There's a point to all of it. Instincts. Nature has placed a desire, need, in you to reproduce. To
go out into the world and multiply.

It's not about love right now.

Most of us can't even understand what love is.

It's about how you can't understand what is really happening in your body… not using your mind.

No, it's not about love. That's just what your hormones and Hollywood scream at you, lie to you, to get you to fulfill your natural tendencies.

But I doubt any of you are ready to have kids. So, why not leave the drama of facebook and life – and just live, and learn how to create some good life habits – such as self-sacrifice, emotional stability, commitment to others, self-control.

So think about it.

Why are you feeling those feelings? Honestly, why?

Why are you posting drama you can't even understand?

And are you truly ready to heed the call of nature?

If not... just try putting a hold on the drama, and live like the kid you're meant to be. Try to not give into those raging feelings, and try maturing a bit, leaving the populating to the adults.


  1. Hmmm. This was interesting and thought provoking. I enjoyed the read. I do think though that most of the group of people you are ranting at no doubt don't read your blog, correct? So why post this for people it doesn't apply to?
    I am one of the ones you are probably talking to. However I certainly do not skip between crushes every week. That's a bit ridiculous!
    The post is nice but it feels a bit contrived.
    Have a lovely day Keturah!

    1. I may have exaggerated slightly on the "every week"... though I do feel it's almost that often for a lot of the people I am speaking of and know. Of course each person is different. As to why I actually posted it for have no idea... your are right... most of the kids I want to read this will probably never do so. I almost didn't post it... but then several people said I should. And I was like "why not?" Lol... anyways, it's not for me to make sure people become more sensible, but for me to state the truth... and maybe someone that needs to read it will be directed toward my post - who knows? All I can do is write and share :)

      I am glad you enjoyed the read! And I'm glad you don't skip between crushes... that's just sad and hard in those that do.

      And thanks!!! It would be nice to know your name ;)


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