Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Memories or Living? Random, but Fun Question

To answer the question from last week:

 Do you live to make memories, or to remember memories already made?

And I'm going to disappoint you by not giving you an astounding answer.

The thing is, it was just one of those random, weird thoughts that came to my mind. And it was too good to not ask the closest person sitting next to me.

We discussed what we thought for a good bit, and came to this conclusion:

Neither and both.

You, see, it's good to live in the moment. To live life so full you are overfilling life with memories. But it's also good to take a break from life, to lie on your back, to just remember what has happened and enjoy that.

It's good to do both.

And it's also good to not put too much emphasis on one or the other. 

Those who just live for the thrill of making memories will miss out on the ordinary things. They'll forget how to just live.

And those who live just for memories that were made? Well, besides the fact that they may get Alzheimer's and not remember anything thus having neither memories or life, they have no drive to their life.

And a life with out drive grows stale, old, boring.

And eventually depressed.

So, yeah. Life is great. Memories are great. 

In balance, and with everything else. :D 

And I'm not sure if this picture is just even weirder or makes a REALLY good point. I'll let all of you decide, handing my sanity over for your judgement ;) 

Every now and then it would seem my mind has nothing worth while to share ;) 

This post is kinda related to the question, "If you could go anywhere in time, you you visit the past, future, or stay where you are?" 

Besides being an interesting concept and that it does provoke some good thought, I will have to add that it's REALLY good that we can't actually make choices concerning these questions.

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