Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Women, Where is Your Identity?

All you ladies out there, I just want to take a moment to express some thoughts of mine.

And make you think. And ask you this question: Who determines who you are?

Thoughts toward a disgusting attitude that seems to becoming so predominate as of late.

Selfish, vulgar, and even down right false.

It's where we women are acting like the world owes us something as we have somehow been mistreated?

We aren't privileged? We have no rights? We are somehow being oppressed by men?

I'm told that I'm just lucky to not have experienced such things at the hand of man when I try to stand up for my father, brothers, and guy-friends by stating “All men aren't evil.”

I'm told I'm stupid and ignorant when I say “I don't hate men.”

Stereotyping and being hateful toward men seems to be justified by this: statistics prove what experience can't. It doesn't matter that I or you don't know any evil, white guys. Statistics prove that women are mistreated by these privileged men.

I just want to tell all of the women out there “Stop reading those stupid statistics and start reading the Bible.”

And if the men in your life happen to live down to these statistics, why are those men in your life? Do you really have no other options? And can you really say nothing bad, stereotypical, about yourself?

Sure, guys might be arrogant and dominate.

But don't tell me you (woman) aren't dramatic, selfish, controlling, emotionally abusive, and manipulative.

Sure, guys might be created differently, and be more capable of certain things. But that doesn't make them privileged. And even if it did, how are we going to fix this “privileged build” of theirs?

The only thing our hateful words do is make women look stupid, make good men feel awful.

Also, to the “It's not fair I'm a women” rants.

So, what? Who ever said life needs to be fair? Or that it should be?

If everything was so fair we wouldn't have beauty. Uniqueness. Diverseness.

No, I'm glad life isn't fair.

My goal isn't to become equal with man, but to embrace who I am. I don't want to despise my body. I don't want to be ashamed of who I am. I love being different.

I don't need things to be fair.

I feel privileged despite what statistics say. I have no reason to feel otherwise.

I do not feel oppressed by any group of people, but I am very ashamed of those that call themselves women and insist that we are all together mistreated.

I feel ashamed for you, because you are giving women the uneducated, trashy look that should belong to no decent, kind, beautiful woman that God created us to be.

I will embrace my differences. I will not tear someone down just because they are on the opposite, politically correct side.

I will love all. Show respect to each person (despite race or gender). And treat each according to what is good in God's eyes.

All you women, will you? Or must you tear man down to build up your identity?

For me my identity is found in my God. Not in another's destruction.


  1. Yes! While it is true that women in Western countries are still treated a little unfairly we are not oppressed.

    Yes, terms like "fight like a girl" and "man up" are still being used today but guess what? We can do what we want, we can get the education we want... we are not stopped from getting an education because we are female. Men are privileged in some ways but so are we women.

    I can't believe people called you stupid for saying you don't hate men :( People these days.

    I do believe hold some feminist values but am hesitant about using the term because of the baggage it carries. Many liberal feminists believe that you cannot be pro life and feminist and yet they proclaim that "everyone should be a feminist". There is a difference from being misogynist and a person who practices their beliefs. You cannot be a true Christian if you embrace everything that modern feminism stands for. You have to be your own God. Take me with my beliefs or don't take me at all. I do not hate feminists, in fact I admire a decent amount of them. However, certain liberal people need to let go of their bigotry.

    Sorry for going off topic.

    1. I wouldn't say I hate anyone... and yes, you are right... a certain amount of unfairness does still exist. But that is the way of the world. And just because something isn't fair doesn't mean we are suffering... things don't have to be fair. But we should be kind, loving, honest ourselves.

      The main thing relating to feminism is learning to define what you mean when you say that you hold some of their values. I'm not saying that they don't have SOME good things that they stand for, or that feminism may have started out with good intentions. The main problem I see with it, though, is the rebellion and selfish ambitions that strive for "fairness" and "freedom". We are not called to advocate our own freedom, or to make things fair. We are called to love our neighbors (including men) as ourselves. We are called to paths of suffering, hardships, and labor. Not lives of ease or perfection.


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