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When the World's Truths Are Really Lies (And Other Thoughts)

As you can see this world is full of lies. Contradictory lies, too - it's not too hard to pull them apart, either. Here are some:

It takes two to fight.
- Then there would never be a victim. Or slaughter.

Just love yourself.
- If this were so easy then suicide wouldn't be a thing.

You are beautiful.
- Sometimes you aren't. Just being honest.

Skinny is healthy.
-It's just not. It's really not even beautiful. This sex-craved world just keeps changing it's mind on what's healthy{beautiful} and tries to drag the rest of us down in death.

Work hard and your dreams will come true.
- Sometimes they won't. We can't control life.

Good things happen to good people
- They happen to bad people, too. And bad things happen to both good and bad people.

If your heart is good people will see.
- No matter what you do there will always be people appearing to be good that will treat you like trash. Wanna know why? Because we all make mistakes and need God. Plus no one has a good heart. Jeremiah 17:9

There is always a villain
- Sometimes there are two {or none}.

Forgive but don't forget
- I'm sorry, but this is not normally good advice if you want to recreate a good relationship. Forgiving is choosing to forget (not holding past actions against the one that hurt you). You have to forget if you the one that hurt you is to be forgiven.

You are only young/ this age once or you only live life once
- While this is true, it's also false. Let me expand. You are only everything once. True, I may be 16 or 18 or 21 only once. But I'm also only 3 or 27 or 55 or 72 once. Every age is special. Thus every day is special. And they all lead to the next one. So being young or 16 or 21 is not license to be stupid - because it will affect the next day you live only once.

Forgiveness granted, trust denied.
- Is it just me, or do you also see how wrong this is? This is not forgiveness, but bitterness trying to give it's own form of justice. Trust isn't about being stupid, true. But forgiveness is not interchangeable with selfishness.  

Never accept anything less than you deserve.
- While in theory this is good and you should strive after a good and pure life, it's also full of deception, because in reality we deserve nothing. So, the life you deserve is really less than what God would have you live - isn't that ironic???

Your flaws are perfect for the one that is meant to love you.
- This is no excuse to remain as is, void of growth or change.

Never put another first if you always come last. Never give your all when you only receive half.
- I'm sorry, but this is pure selfishness and not at all how we should be if we honestly follow Yeshuah's (Jesus') example. 

I could seriously keep up with these forever.

Not that I mean to be depressing - but realistically, these quotes and ideas aren't helping our lives. A lot of them are completely contrary to what the Bible says and teaches. 

Yet many churches will even say words similar to these????

And, if this post is a little too depressing for you, here's an old post I wrote a long the same lines, just happier :D 

I'd love to hear some other things the world tells you that you know to be lies! Please share :D 


  1. I think its great you speak the truth and you're right. Although with some of these I kind of disagree, I see where you're coming from and I think you make an excellent point.

    On the one where you say forgive, but don't forget and how that's wrong ... I just think when you've been hurt and you forgive, you'll still remember an action done to you, especially if its severe. It will always be in your mind somewhere. But I see what you're trying to say and I love these types of posts.


    1. You are right. When hurt it's hard to forget. But as long as forgetting doesn't endanger you or another, when rebuilding trust some trying to forget is necessary. When one has wronged me and apologizes, if I were to tell them, "I forgive you. But I'll never forget what you did." I wouldn't truly be forgiving them... just doing "my part" while holding them to their sin.

      But again - you are right. None of these should be taken as 100% the way, either side. Life is about deciding what is best according to each circumstance, not some man-made quotes 🤗

  2. Yes, yes, yes! I so agree with all you have to say! :)

    Lovely post, Keturah! <3


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