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Roots And Threads

//What, How, Why, Who, and Where//
What is up and down, but life 
going through moods that matter 
nothing once they are through? 
How might I abound, but strife 
release its horrid clatter 
o'er my every move? 
Why is my ev'ry sound, but rife 
with pointless, mundane chatter 
designed for naught anew? 
Who am I to amount, but fife 
through this unwanted platter 
painted only to behoove? 
Where's my final mound? But life 
remains in a ruined shatter 
with my torn roots askew?
//More Than Myself//
I am a thread in a quilt, 
Clinging to the unraveled fibers around me. 
They say, "Pull free, be your own thread!" 
Though I break, I will not split 
For though faded, those shredding threads are what ground me; 
And without seams, I'd be dead. 
I have roots, spread far and wide 
Under soil malnourished and sparse of flowers. 
And yet, there's no place to transplant me. 
The world screams, "You must divide Yourself from them." 
Don't they know solitude devours 
Those that haven't community? 
What is a flower without 
A field in which to bloom, or a vase to delight? 
The unicorn without its herd? 
"I'm more than me," I cast out. 
What sort of fool would cut the strings to let the kite 
Fly free? Is that not absurd? 
Yes, I'm tied to shattered souls. 
But they are pieces of me, not a spider's web. 
I wasn't born to self-venerate. 
Of myself, I'm not proved whole. 
Broken are they who forfeit roots and threads for self. 
How could I e'er separate? 


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