Wednesday, May 10, 2017

How to Blog With a Cell Phone #3 (Confession)

I have a huge confession to make.

I no longer use my cell phone to post

You, see, I bought a laptop over a year ago... at first I still used my cell phone. But then I realized it was way easier to post using my laptop. I mean, come on, the pics load right away! And I don't have to do the link pictures through

And it's so much easier to format on a laptop. I don't lose my work as easily. I don't have to type in the code for italics or bold anymore (yes, I used to have to do that).

I sometime still write my posts on my cell phone, then copy and paste it onto here.

But all the technical work happens through my laptop.

Such as the new and improved look.

That would not have been possible with my cell phone - it just wasn't as techy, efficient, or fast. 

I enjoyed being weird in the sense that I blogged differently. 

But practical must override weird, right? 

I do hope you all don't mind ;) 

I'll leave you all with a fun picture, just to make your day amazing (if it isn't already).


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