Wednesday, May 31, 2017

What Embroidering Has Taught Me

In a way, this is silly post... except it's not ;) 

I have really learned a lot from embroidering. 

But that could be said about anything we take up in life ;) 

  • It's taught me to endure/ to have patience 
  • It's taught me how to slow down and be meticulous 
  • It's taught me how to strategize (Which color should I use first, and from where should I start and go to cover the most space efficiently?)

  • It's taught me to appreciate art
  • It's taught me how to use colors in complimentary ways 
  • It's taught me creativity 

  • It's taught me how to be both perfectionist and how to just let things be done enough 
  • It's taught me that pain CAN result in beauty 
  • It's taught me that consequences are a result of actions

  • It's taught me that time is irrelevant - actions are what count in the end
  • It's taught me beauty can spring from dull, ordinary things
  • It's taught me that accomplishment is a worthy feeling to achieve 

And as you see, these are things you can learn from anything...and I'm sure that I didn't just learn these from embroidering, but other life skills, too. But's some neat things to learn from such a beautiful art. 

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