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Something Different Than Valentine?

I don't know why I'm doing this, this month, except that I've got in the habit of doing this every month, so yeah... See Cait's blog. A couple days ago a friend was reading a book and I snatched it out from her hands. "Look interesting?" She asked. I read the back cover. "No! It looks like a romance!" "What? You're crazy." Then she hollors to someone to talk some sense into my head. "This girl doesn't like romance." She was like, "How do you expect to get married." And she said she's not reading any of my stories with out the characters getting married. She doesn't know I've already tricked her ;). And here I am writing a post about a 'couple' of mine :) Well, let me just say this book has a very different ending :) Haha. So, trying to not give away any spoilers, here are my answers to this months Beautiful People: Valentine Edition. May I present to you Taylor Ibori and Mashaki

Hard Things Are Often Times Really Fun { A Movie review and interview }

A true adventure story, filled with faith and fun. 72, The Movie starring Samuel Gilmore, Crusoe Johnson, Sharar Johnson and Zadok Johnson. Buy here. My Rating : Five stars; Family friendly. Running time: Approximately 1 hour, five minutes. Back cover: What Would happen if you were to spend the next 72 hours out in the wilderness with only what you could fit into a quart-sized container and the clothes on your back? Do you think you could survive the experience? What if it were the dead of winter... What if there were no modern conveniences... Would you be tough enough to make it through? My review: It all starts out with four friends and brothers ready for adventure and a new challenge. For 72 hours they will live in the wilderness and bring nothing but what they are wearing and a quart jar. To make it even harder, they will go in the middle of winter, when few animals are to be found, and even fewer plants. It will take a lot of ima