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Sheep to Shawl ( documentary on sheering, spinning and weaving review )

While in Tennessee I had the opportunity to meet and make a wonderful friend, Anna Webster . She was so fun and had so many talents and hobbies. I'm going to be sharing about one of those today :). Sheep to Shawl by Creative Country Media Producer/Director: Anna Webster Genre: documentary/ teaching video. Approximately 73 minutes. Rating: 5 stars Buy here: Creative Country Living Back Cover: Master the amazing transformation from wool-on-a-sheep to shawl-on-your-back. This entertaining and educational video series shows the strand-by-strand way to create warm and lovely shawls from your own fleece and yarn. Award winning fleece producers and spinning demonstrators Jill Wood and Anna Webster break down the process into 5 do-able stages. 1-Shearing and Sorting. You'll learn two ways to remove wool from your sheep: On a shearing stand and on the ground. The session also explains how to sort good wool from bad and minimize waste. 2-Washing and Dyein

Liebster blog award

Hello everyone!!! I figure I should answer the false answer from my last link up. It was answer #3. I don't wear sunglasses very often :). And now for another fun post! Thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog. Give your readers 11 random facts about yourself. Answer the 11 questions from the blog who nominated you. Nominate 11 bloggers to receive this award. Come up with 11 questions for your nominees! Thank you, Alexa for nominating me!!! :) And thank you, Ally  also for nominating me :). Okay, so 11 facts about myself. Hmmm.... this should be interesting lol :). 1. I love writing. It is especially fun to write stories and pieces of things that make people laugh or cry or mad ( I do this last one a lot ). 2. I loved doing school and I continue to like learning new things. ( I know, I'm crazy :b. ) 3 . I love wearing necklaces and bracelets. Especially weird stuff. I've always wanted something with real rubies in it - ring, ne

Quote Queste: June 2015 linkup

I'm doing a link up called Quote Quests from the blog Splendor Falls on Castle Walls. If you'd like to join, head over to Mel's blog!! And this is mostly my own story but I was thinking of Jonah in the Bible a little ;) Here I sit in the grey mist. It reminds me of how I was once more than a fading cold fog. The mist wraps its wet fingers around my cold body suffocating any remaining happiness I possibly had. One lonely tree spreads its drooping branches over me as if to hug my sorrows away. The leaves touch my cheeks as if saying, "I'm here." But it hides the sun's warmth. The tree does not -can not- comfort me. I look down from my mountain seat onto the city. The people go on as if nothing has happened. Yet my world has turned upside down. Once they shouted my name. Now the whisper it. Rylinn of Egan. Then, they adored me. I was praised. Now they think of me only with contempt or compassion. Both equally appalling. The King love

Using Etiquette when Arguing

One of my great weaknesses is arguing. Sometimes I can hold my tongue. But a lot of the time... It's just that when people say such "stupid, false" things or when people or ideas are "unfairly mistreated" I MUST stand up for them. And sometimes I just look for something to argue/discuss about. :D It's just so fun. :) So, yeah. It has gotten me in trouble, but I've learned for the most part that I feel better if I speak my mind and what I believe is the truth and I can even have fun if I do it right :D I have done a lot of arguing with friends ;) Everyone knows that. And normally it's more of a sport than a fight. Like anything, stuff CAN get nasty. Thinking about it recently, I realized that when I do argue, my friends and I follow certain unspoken rules. I'm calling these the "Etiquette Rules of Arguing." 1. It's ok to argue :D Get excited, get into it! 2. Speak your mind. 3. Never use insults in the place