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Sewing for a Wedding

Even before I finished these I was asked to make a bridesmaid dress. I had by this time got burnt out with custom sewing... not a good start for a difficult project :P. But I agreed to do it. I helped the lady pick out fabrics from Joann's and helped her design the dress... Mom did a lot of this, too. But before I actually began sewing, I did these; I added straps to the wedding dress, I hemmed this dress that one of the ladies attending the wedding wore. And I altered the flower girl's dress, making it smaller in the bodice. Getting around to the bridesmaid dress was hard!!! But I had a deadline. It was the beginning of August. I had till August 31. I started with cutting it all out... with help from Mom. The fabric was difficult to cut out, and we kept having to trim and re-trim it. I did some of the small sewing, then started with the embroidery - my mom drew the design. She penciled it on one half, then I traced over that with a gel pen so it s

Beautiful Books #1

This is a link up to a blog that hosts Beautiful People ( this month and for the next two Beautiful Books), a challenge with the purpose to get to know your own characters better. If you'd like to participate, click on the picture and it'll take you to Cait's blog. 1. What came first: characters or plot idea?Are you a plotter or a pantser? Two little plot details :D I had just cleaned a house with bleach and had a rash from using it, and on top of that I was bit up bad by mosquitoes, so I ( being silly, since I hate sci-fi ) decided I was going to write a science fiction with giant mosquitoes and bleach guns ;b it's gone fantasticly from there. I have the plot outlined in my head, and I take notes as I go along, but I'd consider myself more of a panster definitely. :b 2. Do you have a title and/or a “back-cover-blurb”? Title is Silent Thoughts. No blurb :) 3. What wordcount are you aiming for when your novel is finished? Short chapter book with hop

The Miss Pat Books

I put an add on Craigslist a while back wanting old books. One guy gave me boxes of books dated late 1800's - early 1900's. I was really excited, to be sure! Of course not all of them were decent, but there were quite a few treasures among them... more than I could have hoped for, including three books by G. A. Henty, books by Harold Bell Wright, and many, many other books by classical and/or old authors. One of them was . I loved the book and wanted more of them ( it was a simple story...almost cheesy, more realistic, more feminine than most girls story books ). So I bought the first book! Just got it in last week, and already read it!! My review of Miss Pat and Her Sisters : Miss Pat is used to having little ever since her parents died long ago, and many people have stolen their fortune since. Her older sister, Elinor has some how managed to keep them together, and halfway decent in dress. And there is her younger sister Judith, also, that helps keep life liv

The Boxcar Children... Before They Lived In a Boxcar

Patricia MacLachlan (author of Journey, The Sarah Plain and Tall books, and many more wonderful children's books), takes up a task that suits her skills perfectly! Prequel of the Boxcar Children books!!! I love the first 19 Boxcar children books (the only ones actually written by the original author). I would have been hesitant about this book hadn't it been for the author... one of my favorites. I thought, "What a splendid idea! One she is perfect for ." :) Back Cover Review : In the year before they become the orphans known as the Boxcar Children, Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny Alden live with their parents at Fair Meadow Farm, where, although times are hard, they take in a family who have been stranded in their car during a blizzard. My Review : The four Aldens learn what family means, growing up during the depression on their small farm, Fairmeadow. Even when things are hard, the family shares with neighbors, friends, strangers alike. None of them ar

Sewing From Last Week

Just a short post :) Several longer ones coming soon!!! I was suppose to work three days for a neighbor, and we ended up finishing early... getting the job done in one day. So, all of a sudden, I had two extra days with nothing planned. Mom cut out three jumpers, and I worked on them for part of the two days :D Keilah's blue jumper. The sun was in her eyes so the picture isn't so good :( but here's another that's better... Kinda. And Keziah's two jumpers... And, also, for all of you that like to read, a friend just published an ebook! I read the first draft, and it was really interesting. I hope to buy it soon :) find out more about the book at her blog .