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I Forgot I Had A Life!?

I just realized something awful the other day . . . I haven't updated you all on my life in a long while!!! For that I am sorry!  I have been living . . . I just had forgot to tell you all ;p  Anyways . . . Life.  Ummm . . . I mean to update you. But where to start??? I have been busy. But with what? (Ever feel like that ;p)  I have been busy trying to work too much. I actually had to let go a couple of jobs these last couple months. I just couldn't keep up with it all. I also had to sell most of my goats ;/ I have one goat right now. A white doe named Luna. But I really don't take care of her. My little brother, Josiah, does. Awhile back I asked, very serious like, him, "Josiah, is my goat still alive?" When I first bought Luna she was so wild it took us several hours to catch her... that to my best milk goat! I must say I'm proud of what she has become :D For some reason my mom thought that was hilarious. But I was trul

The Relationship Cycle

A rant for all my friends. Don't hate me ;D  Some things are just so sad. In such a stupid, disgusting , dramatic way. It's this: Kids all over the world going through this never ending cycle of relationship misery. The Cycle of Love and Hormones: “I am so alone ( Or I need no-one )” Next day: “I have found the most perfect person. They love me like no-one else ever have. They completely understand me.” 1 week later: bawling out their eyes, as this person was obviously just a player… “So sad, life is over, I shall die...” 1 more week later: “I have found the most perfect person. They love me like no one else ever has. They completely understand me.” (again) . But that's not the end of the story... It all starts over. Same thing. Same unrealistic point of view of love. Same passionate infatuation. No real understanding of the word commitment . And it always ends after a short period of time. But why do t

The Lost Girl of Astor Street Clue Hunt: Clue #14

Today we are having a blog hunt and GIVEAWAY in celebration of Stephanie Morrill's newest book, Lost Girl of Astor Street . If you would like to participate in the clue hunt, and try and win a copy of her novel, check out Stephanie Morrill's blog for details.  But, first, an interview :D  1. Welcome, Stephanie, to Keturah's Korner! Could you tell us a bit about yourself? Thanks for having me! I have been writing since I was a kid, and The Lost Girl of Astor Street is my seventh published novel. It's my sixth young adult novel, but my first historical mystery. I'm also the creator of, a website that's purpose is to encourage teen writers. And I live in the Kansas City area with husband, three kids, and a dog. 2. Tell us about your novel, The Lost Girl of Astor Street? What inspired you to write it? The Lost Girl of Astor Street is a 1920s mystery set in Chicago. The main character, Piper, has a best friend who goes missing

Craving Rest

My mind is so full right now. My life is so busy. I feel overwhelmed by nothing in particular and everything at once. Yet I can't stop from doing . From not sleeping. Exhaustion is my addiction. To rest is not an option. Or so it seems. And I keep looking for more… more ? More of what? Why do I crave chaos ? Why do I laugh in my stress? Why can't I cry, even though my eyes are heavy? Life and all it's mysteries . Right now they make too much sense, yet are even more distant than ever before. I keep feeling like I am not doing enough. I need to make every breath count . But is just breathing enough? Must I constantly gasp for air? Is it okay to just live every now and then? My life is crazy. Yet I love it. My mind yearns to stretch out more. Every muscle in me, physical and mental, demand to hurt every second. And then I see color . Life stops - no pauses - for a second.