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Fear, Sleep Away

Sleep away your fears My darling.  Let your brain rest free: Light's dimming.  Forget that you care, Darling, smile. Forget the nightmare For awhile. Sleep; let your eyes dry. Time to rest. Tell your pain to fly. Just forget. Darling, sleep is calling ~ Close your eyes. Sleep is comforting ~ Restful lies.  For a night it's OK. Sleep and smile. 'Til the morning day Comes to strike. ~ KAL I used to write a lot of poetry. I rarely share of any of it, as it tends to be personal. But this I felt like sharing ;) Sometimes you are just so tired of life, and remembering, that all you want to do is sleep.  But it can be hard to sleep when the world feels dark :) And that's when you just have to remind yourself how to forget.  I hope you enjoy this poem I wrote this summer! It says I won first place at a county fair... but I didn't have any competition. Prize was like $3? I think ;D  I eventually pla

IGNORANT GRATITUDE: Thoughts From the Bonhoeffer Biography

I bought a couple books when I went to Summit  a few years back, but I didn't get around to reading two of them until  this last year. They were powerful reads, that I enjoyed tremendously. You can read my reviews of them on Goodreads. Tactics , methods and strategies for better communications and debating. Basically, how should a Christian argue? And what is winning? Bonhoeffer , biography of a theologian who was involved in a large conspiracy to overthrow/ assassinate Adolf Hitler.  In 1930 German theologian student Dietrich Bonhoeffer went to study in America. Among the many things he witnessed, he was horrified by the segregation and racism that dwelt in our country with the Negroes. He said, “Our Jewish question is a joke by comparison; there won't be many people who claim they are oppressed here.” Though racism was a huge issue for Americans in the 1930's, we all know the “Jewish question” was no joke. Time proved that racism was awful in America, and

I Lust You: A Romance Story

Sometimes I like to write stories with pictures. Once upon a time I actually wanted to be a children's book illustrator... I thought I loved drawing. But then I realized I was a better writer than artist. Plus I love writing more :D  Yet, at times... art is still quite fun ;D  This is my 200th post. I think that's kinda exciting ;D If you actually count the posts you will only find 199. This is because of my blog being redesigned ( one of my best friends is very techy! ). So that means I'm going through old posts and getting rid of pictures that I wasn't allowed to use ( I was ignorant with picture laws when I started blogging ) and adding tags. One post was all pictures that weren't mine, so I deleted that ;p 

The Lawrence Children: Chapter 5

Grandpa's Mystery New Year's came and went with no sign of the world ending. It was 1900 – and though many interesting things were happening all over the world, life continued on quietly in Norris. Every morning, before the children left for school, Vern would open up their father's Bible and read. They would all pray together, taking turns. And sometimes they would even sing either a hymn or one of family songs. After the Bible was read and prayers done, Lucy said, “I was thinking of riding with the children to school today. I want to pick up more books from the teacher and turn in my work,” Lucy looked at Vern. “Also I want to visit the hotel to see how Patty is doing.” “Patty works at the hotel?” Vern asked. “Kind of. She's been doing their cleaning, and lives in a small apartment next to them while the Harris' are away.” Vern nodded, “That probably brings in a little extra money.” They all liked Patty – she was several years older than

Cake Flavored Book Tag

Alexa  tagged me in this post a long while back. Guess I've been really bad at getting to this one ;p  1. Chocolate Cake (a dark book you absolutely love)  Well, truth be told I love dark chocolate. 85-95% is best. Milk chocolate is fake and for children. Haha. But I did read a 1300 page biography about Adolf Hitler once. And his Mein Kampf . Some people might think that dark. And I did absolutely love reading them. Don't judge me... I'm obsessed with weird historical stuff ;D 2. Vanilla Cake (a light read)  A light read for me is a Nancy Drew book :D I own about seventy of the old Nancy Drew's. 3. Red Velvet (a book that gave you mixed emotions)  Katherine Paterson's Jacob Have I loved . And then I found out there was a movie ! Wow... but the movie ended up being dull compared to the book. This is one of my favorite authors. Usually all of her books leave me feeling something. Hope. Awe. Etc... but this was mixed.