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Day Eight of A Look into the Average Every Day Life of Keturah

Every Sabbath morning I sit up at some early hour, think Ah, it's Sabbath. I can sleep forever.  Sometimes I only sleep for another half hour or so before realizing that part of my rest is finished. December 25th I slept until nearly 9:30. It was goo d, not the lazy sort of sleeping in. I jumped out of bed refreshed and my week of stresses and tears and labor behind me. I checked my first mouse trap and was so disappointed to see it empty I forgot to check the other until much later... it was full 😊  I dressed and ate something, then ran in my houseslippers over the snow and ice to Mom's house.  My siblings were cleaning the livingroom in preparation for a Spider-man marathon. "That way we understand all the little surprises they throw at us in the new movie. Gonna watch them with us?" "I'll understand the movie well enough tomorrow," I said. No way I was going to spend the next ten hours watching movies. My heart sang to do something, to make beauty, t

Day Seven of A Look into the Average Every Day Life of Keturah

A nice long morning rejuvenated me and readied me for work. I ate a hearty amount of eggs and accomplished my normal morning duties. I leisurely read through the book of Esther and did several French lessons and set mouse traps.  Then I walked to work, ten minutes along the highway and up a small drive to Bill's small mobile home.  He was glad to see me, very chatty but unable to hear hardly anything I said. Finally he said, "Guess I better put my ears in!"  He asked me if I'd caught a guy yet.  "No. They are too crazy. Guess I am, too." He laughs. We share our recent travel stories. He points to a gift bag. "That's for you. It's not a Christmas present, but a thank you. For everything you do, and for coming last minute and all that stuff."  "Oh, that's kind of you."  I clean his two bathrooms, wash his sheets, vacuum his bedroom, and clean the kitchen and livinroom well. I compliment him on the new couch placement and for the

Day Six of A Look into the Average Every Day Life of Keturah

Several times throughout the night I woke up and drank ten or so sips of water, then blew my nose. By morning the wind-damage felt mostly healed, but I felt depleted from the battle. I wore no blankets, yet I stank from sweat.  I watched a mouse run across my room. I was too tired to do anything but stare. In the kitchen another mouse traveled under the stove, around the kitchen, back tracked under the kitchen sinks.  Those little stinkers. I'd do something about it. Perhaps. I've been saying that nearly every morning for weeks.  I took vitamins and applied garlic to a large something forming under my left eyebrow, then to my swollen chin. Then I ate the garlic. Don't say ew. I have more to say.  I made a breakfast of sustenance.  An orange Two bananas Collagen (for my hair) Milk Salt  4 farm eggs (raw). I don't have a blender, so ran over to my mom's house I blended it well. I wasn't hungry that early in the morning, but had a few sips then put it i

Day Five of A Look into the Average Every Day Life of Keturah

I'm definitely fighting something. Probably the wind that did its best to not have me hike this week. I feel it still, blowing in my lungs, telling me to just stop and sleep. Happily I awoke at 1am. But with little energy for reading, so promptly slept more until 6am.  I've found someone to stay with while at the Yakima ball. They messaged me last night. Jerushah also used my bathroom spray as hairspray. Feeling weary about that... but mostly about the state of my head. I want to sleep and laugh and cry all at once. But I have a busy day ahead. I grab water, echinacea, and vitamin C, then sip on an old kombucha. I read a Psalm. I remember a section about becoming a reproach to one's neighbors.  As if neighbors are basically family, sharing in the shame of another's actions and being tied to their reputation.  I beta read, then study Latin. Today is not a French day.  A missing key has me a tad stressed. I search all the places I normally mindlessly lay objects. But it e

Day Four of A Look into the Average Every Day Life of Keturah

It's getting to be that time where I need a little more sleep than usual. Once more I didn't open my eyes until nearly 5:30, and then I lazed a good twenty minutes on Twitter.  I sit on my "dog-mattress" bed, stare at my dresses, books, and journals and think, "I'm a minimalist with a lot of material wealth."  I went for a glass of water, then read the last few chapters of Nehemiah. Something about singers and lots of names. I read a few chapters of Adeel's novel, then practiced French.  In this way much of the morning passed. At last I went outside and started my car. While the windshield defrosted I made breakfast... scrambled eggs, put three pieces of bacon and a slice of onion into the oven on broil, then hung up my wet laundry on the drying rack.  When I returned the onion was good, but the bacon black. I'll eat it anyway. I only ate one piece.  I fed my sourdough, took vitamins, dressed, and washed some dishes. I made tea: a large thermos w

Day Three of A Look into the Average Every Day Life of Keturah

I had weird dreams last night. It was like I was watching a horror movie. Very gruesome. But not scary. I just remember thinking, "This is stupid. Why am I dreaming this?"  I awake around 5am, grab my phone and groan. No messages from clients, but other messages I should reply to. But... I am so tired! I notice that the wifi isn't working on my phone. Huh . Maybe a snow storm messed with stuff. Or the electricity is off?  Doesn't matter. I want  a little more sleep. I awake once more a little after 8am. That's sleeping late for me. I must have really needed it. I check my phone. Still off. Then I laugh at myself. In my earlier stupor I'd somehow turned it off myself.  I move to the livingroom, choose my green couch, and cuddle up to practice French and scroll Twitter. The morning feels so late, and I am moving slooooww. I make myself get up and move around. Make breakfast, changed out of my nightgown and brush my teeth, feed my sourdough, then take

Day Two of A Look into the Average Every Day Life of Keturah

Hey. It's day two of a normal day. Meaning who knows what will happen. Hopefully  something gets done . My room has two vents. I sleep on the floor on Japanese mat called Shiki Buton. My sister Jerushah calls it a dog bed. Because of being on the floor between two heater vents my room can sometimes feel like a sauna even as the rest of my house is ice cold.  I wake up sweating a little before 5am dying for a glass of water. But I don't want to stand up. So I read two more sections of Adeel's middle East mythological novel. I'm enjoying it.  When I came to a good stopping point I studied some French. Little would I know... later in my day that French would come in handy. I finally got up and moved to my livingroom. Angela left early this morning for her next destination. I have four couches. So when there isn't company I have choices!! I chose the far end of the blue couch, because there were blankets to cuddle under.  I wondered, what church should I att

Day One of A Look into the Average Every Day Life of Keturah

Well. Melissa has begged me for months to do a detailed account of what my day looks like. Ehh... my days, every one, is so different.  And I'm always so tired by the end of the day. Well. Well. I've promised. So here goes.  Today was unplanned. I  was  going to Idaho, but late last night my father said I shouldn't because of icy road conditions. I woke up sometime between 3-5am as I always do. I don't use alarms. They are toxic. They disallow for the curious vibrant cycle of polyphasic sleeping, or intermittent sleeping. I awake when I must. It always works. I'm never late. In fact I'm known to be early for nearly  everything.  Today it was closer to 5am. I beta read the beginning of Adeel's Pakistan mythological novel. Been promising to do that for months. Feeling happy. Sure he is, too.  Then I wandered out of my room and said hello to the woman who slept on my couch.  Angela.  I smiled at her. Partly because I was glad she wasn't the schizophrenic