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Who Is Keturah?


If I were to imagine a fantasy world, I'd call it Earth. Maybe I'd make the mosquitoes a tad scarier. Thank you, God, for allowing me to squish them. 

Welcome to the Social Porcupine
Where you can find random, cozy, sometimes pointed and often whimsical posts each Wednesday 

I like to tell friends they are welcome to come to my house whenever. If I'm not home, make yourself a cup of tea, grab a book, and pick your favorite couch. When I get home we can chat for a bit and I'll make some food. 

Some friends accept my offer. But for those of you that are too shy... here is my blog. 

But why not both? 

Opening twitter a couple years ago was the most validating experience ever. All the things that used to make me feel weird are now trending. Frilly aprons, trad principles, based skills. Honestly, it's exciting. And humbling. Someday soon people may be scoffing at me again. But I'll always remember the time where the things of my life became fabulous. 

I am Keturah Lamb. On twitter I am Keturah Abigail. I travel and speak as the Girl Who Doesn't Exist. This blog is about my life outside of politics. It started out as teenage rants. Now I'm just a young woman leading an extraordinary life. I'm not always good at appreciating it all that much. I'm the gypsy that dreams of all things that don't glitter. That's what happens when you're spoilt. 

I'm the oldest of twelve siblings and dozens of cousins. I've never been to a formal school. I make money doing my own things, when I want to. Often I'm a workaholic, and just as often I embrace laziness. I lived in Germany for six months and travel the States frequently living out of my $500 station wagon. I wear shoes seldomly and never polyester. I collect pennies because I believe in hope, but I don't save things for rainy days. You're supposed to get muddy sometimes.

I don't attend a single church. I love to visit new churches and post reviews on my Facebook. It started out as a way to build community and explore the jurisdiction of Holy Ground. I have many heretical beliefs akin to the early church fathers and all the great authors. Elizabeth Goudge, George Macdonald, Robert Louis Stevenson, Katherine Paterson, and Thomas Hardy whisper direction into my ear. They tell me stories about God, and I believe them.

Mostly I believe God wants my words to be a sweet aroma for his children, something like cinnamon and sacrifice and candlelight.

Many of my more popular posts are on identity and purpose. 

There was a time I struggled with lies concerning identity and my great purpose. But that was limiting myself to labels and actions. I am not a mere Myers-Briggs type or some Good Work. In the name of "feeling called to do" things my feelings would run amuck. And yet... Do the wildflowers worry over their colors? Do they discuss their wildness, or the potential vase they may someday fill? 

God's nature is many attributes and spirits. He is complex, and so am I. Once I would have thought myself to be crazy. But no, I am a woman, never simple. And just as God is doing many good works, so shall I. My only true calling is to love and to judge, and neither are dependent upon my feelings, or some vague rendering of scripture. How I live out my life is my gift from God, but to spend time thinking about who I am or what I must do is a waste of time and steals from the many things God would have me do. 

We change too much, as we grow and live and become more like God. So why worry about identity and the grand calling coupled with worldly pursuits? God is the great I AM. 

We are.

Of course, I have great desires that cause me to feel immensely. Sometimes so much that I lose focus of any path. And this is when I must remember: to find ways to love, to forget my desires and how I feel about them. In some ways, I am called to do, and then I have feelings about it. Nice feelings :) 

I sound vague when I start to describe my passions. The thing is I love many things and do many things. I've been working on a large quilt completely by hand for years, just started tatting a lace edging for it. I love to host parties and cook for my friends. I like to share my opinions or make up tales that could almost sound like opinions. I've written dozens of short stories and many novels. Some of my shorter works are published.

Sometimes I teach embroidery or knitting classes. Always there is something I'm working on in my hands: a pair of knitted socks, a wooden recorder, a whimsical mug, a pointing finger. . . 

After all I am an oldest child!

I love to hear from you all, too! If you have things you'd like me to write about, or just want to chat, feel free to email me at keturahskorner(at)gmail(dot)com

Find me on:
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  1. I'm so glad I found your blog, Keturah. Enjoy reading your posts. :0 And I really like your name. :)

    1. Thanks :) I'm glad you like my posts :) thanks for reading :)

  2. This is an amazing About Me page!! One of the most encouraging ones I've ever read! You inspire me, Keturah. <3

    Lila @ The Red-Hooded Writer

    1. Ah, your comment just inspired and encourage me! Thanks so much, Lila ;D

  3. Hi, I just found your website (actually through your comments on Go Teen Writers ;D). I agree with Lila! Very inspiring page about you! I love that you write to help others know how to live for God and know what identity in Christ should look like. That's great!! Writing is definitely an awesome way to be a light to the world.

    1. Oh, GTW is such a great way to be found! Love their blog so much. Aw, thanks ... writing is a ton of fun (and work) and people like you make it all the better ;)

  4. Heeeeyyy, love your blog!! You sound like an amazing person :D I LOVE your pictures!!!! So beautiful.

    1. Awe, you're so sweet! Thanks for visiting, Izzy :)

  5. Hi Keturah, I seen you stopped by my blog. I thought I'd stop by your blog as well.

    1. Hey, Lilly! Thanks for stopping by ;) I remember visiting your blog the other day a few nights ago. I think I was in the mood for finding and reading new blogs—yours was pretty neat!

    2. I enjoy finding new blogs too! :-)

  6. Hi Keturah!
    Your blog is so fun! I loved reading about you! I collect (only natural) lip-balms too! My Sister and I actually make all natural products you should check out my page on my blog ( What are your favorite natural lip-balm brands? I love the lip-balms my sister and I make and I love Burts Bees too! :D

    Your new follower,

    1. Hello Alice,
      Thanks so much for following and reading my blog and for all your kind words. I'm definitely going to go and check out your chap sticks. Love THOSE THINGS. I don't really have a favorite brand ... except I love the orange kind made by THM. I love just trying out anything that looks interesting at the health food store—always buying new ones to try out ;)

    2. The only THM one I have tried is the GGMS which is really good! ;) :D


    3. Oh, that's one of their newer ones, but yes, it's very good ;) And I'm so happy that you've heard of THM. They are some great people (I used to work/ live down there for awhile and have some great friends there still

  7. I love your blog. You have a very lovely sense of style. I'm supposedly an ENTP but I agree with you about the whole 'oh, this is your personality type so you must do this' is kinda crazy. I personally can relate to every type [though less to Sensing types]. That's probably just the way God made humans.

    1. Oh, thank you! That's so sweet of you ... and ENTP is so great! One of my best friends is that (actually I think two of them are ;D). But yeah it is so crazy how people think they ought to do something simply because their letters correspond to a list of things "you do". I think that's amazing you relate to every type (so do I!). The sensing types are a little hard, but I think understanding more of what it means to be sensing (seeing the world as concrete/ black and white/ order and facts) helps with that someway. But yeah, it is just how God made us, and were meant to always grow closer to Him, to be more like the PERFECT TYPE ;D Thanks so much for stopping by!

  8. Thanks for your comment on my blog! Gray told me nice things about you :)

    1. Hey! Ah, that's so nice of her ... I like Gray quite a lot. I was actually wanting to follow your blog but didn't know how ... will go look again ;)

  9. A very interesting person indeed. I'm glad you made an appearance in the novel of my life, even if just as a single episode side character. Hahah!
    I think every worthwhile pursuit in life helps one grow closer to God by giving us an (analogous) peek as it were into the mind of the Almighty. The author comes to understand God as Author, the gardener as Gardener, the judge as Judge, etc.
    I still have to read Robert Louis Stevenson's "New Arabian Nights"...ah! just found an audiobook version. =)

  10. Thanks for dropping by and mentioning your Jayber Crow review. I'm looking forward to reading more of your writing!


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