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Who Is Keturah?

Welcome to the colorful Korner of Keturah Abigail Lamb, where you can always expect a random post every Wednesday. 

- Check out Genesis 25 for a fun fact concerning Abraham and my name :D -

Life is like a novel. 

God and the author both love their creations; their people, their characters. Terrible and wonderful things happen in every story written. Oftentimes the reader or onlooker can not understand — or sympathize fully. But God and the author always do. 
They know how it will end. And that is what they see when they write every word. 
God and the author both smile when their characters smile. They both suffer when the creation suffers. 
It will often take His utmost strength to write the worst parts of the story. The writer feels the anguish and cries as he gives pain with what seems a merciless stroke of a pen. But His fingers are never heartless — for He desires only our best, always. 
And when the ending comes, the trials are over, the color of the sun fading away, it will be the most satisfying peace that overwhelms.

And why do they write these stories? Both God and the author write to:

Edify. Encourage. Entertain.

Hey, you! 
Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I'm a writer, but I don't really post very many writing-related things here. This blog is mostly a place to share life-related topics I'm passionate about — or maybe I'll post a satire article? 

I live on Earth, because while I love C. S. Lewis' Narnia, I think God created the best place in the world for us humans to live. I love fiction, but believe it's a tool to help us learn how to better embrace reality, not escape it. 
But if you want to be specific, I currently live in Montana, though I travel a lot.

Sometimes I get asked why write. To be honest, sometimes I don't know.

"I just always have . . ."

But . . . why do I continue to write? At one time, when I was younger, I thought about doing other things. Being a history teacher. A book illustrator. A mom with sixteen kids.

Even through all that I never stopped writing. And then one day, I realized that all those other things were interests that I thought were good choices career wise. But writing was what I loved.

When I write I learn to live better.

And I want others to be able to do the same.

Writing thrills me. And I love making other people smile, too.

I write . . . for me, for others, and for God.

I write a lot about relationships: family, friends, guys.

And I write about identity.
At this point in time I have more peace than I know what to do with. But I used to search for confidence in the name of identity. I found satisfaction once I realized identity can't be defined because it's too complex and we aren't just one thing. Sometimes we're even extreme opposites — like God is love, yet He's also judgement. Made in His image, we're no less complicated. You just can't identify yourself in simple terms. And we don't really need to "know" ourselves anyways. Life is about loving God and others. Do that and you'll never need to know yourself — it won't matter any more, believe me ;) 

Here are some things you might like to know: 
  • I collect chap-stick (but only natural kinds), coins, and books, of course! All of my books are organized by author, and I have around 2000 books (I think).
  • I like NF and Owl City equally best — yes, I know that's like loving to be locked in a dark, lonely closet while blowing pink and green glow-in-the-dark bubbles. I'm fine with weird.  
  • I've recently discovered that I love podcasts as I have so much free brain space while cleaning houses. 
  • You won't see much of my fiction on here, but I mostly write Adult Contemporary, Fairy Tales, and short stories. 
  • My day job is cleaning houses, because I strongly believe even writers shouldn't starve. 
  • Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between my satire and my truth, but I'll try to mark all my satire articles as such for your convenience. If not certain, just ask :) 
  • I used to raise goats. 
  • I love etymology. 
  • I am a home schooled graduate and the oldest of eleven.
  • I love culture, relationships, philosophy, theology, and history. 
  • I have many best friends, all of which I love. 
  • I'm ENTJ, but I'm starting to think personality stuff is garbage because too many people are following it as if it's gospel. We are told in the Bible Love God first and people second. This whole "get to know myself so I can love me better" is completely unbiblical. 
  • I have three short stories published in two anthologies, all three fairy tales. 
  • I've written three novels and countless novellas and short stories. 
  • I ADORE colors, and believe life is as complicated and beautiful as such. My favorite colors are pink and green (or couldn't you tell?).
  • My style (fashion and otherwise) could be described as business casual + excited hippie. At least that's what I think.
  • I sew, knit, embroider, play the piano, and love painting mermaids. 
  • Hiking and picking wild flowers are two more things I crave.
  • Smiling is addictive — I do it every time y'all comment or follow my blog! So keep on doing just that ;D 
Make sure to contact me!!!!!!! I'd love to hear from you, and answer any questions you may have, or just to talk. The best way is through my email, keturahskorner(at)gmail(dot)com.

Find me on:
Pinterest (Keturah Lamb)
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Instagram (keturahlamb)
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Twitter (@KeturahAbigail)
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  1. I'm so glad I found your blog, Keturah. Enjoy reading your posts. :0 And I really like your name. :)

    1. Thanks :) I'm glad you like my posts :) thanks for reading :)

  2. This is an amazing About Me page!! One of the most encouraging ones I've ever read! You inspire me, Keturah. <3

    Lila @ The Red-Hooded Writer

    1. Ah, your comment just inspired and encourage me! Thanks so much, Lila ;D

  3. Hi, I just found your website (actually through your comments on Go Teen Writers ;D). I agree with Lila! Very inspiring page about you! I love that you write to help others know how to live for God and know what identity in Christ should look like. That's great!! Writing is definitely an awesome way to be a light to the world.

    1. Oh, GTW is such a great way to be found! Love their blog so much. Aw, thanks ... writing is a ton of fun (and work) and people like you make it all the better ;)

  4. Heeeeyyy, love your blog!! You sound like an amazing person :D I LOVE your pictures!!!! So beautiful.

    1. Awe, you're so sweet! Thanks for visiting, Izzy :)

  5. Hi Keturah, I seen you stopped by my blog. I thought I'd stop by your blog as well.

    1. Hey, Lilly! Thanks for stopping by ;) I remember visiting your blog the other day a few nights ago. I think I was in the mood for finding and reading new blogs—yours was pretty neat!

    2. I enjoy finding new blogs too! :-)

  6. Hi Keturah!
    Your blog is so fun! I loved reading about you! I collect (only natural) lip-balms too! My Sister and I actually make all natural products you should check out my page on my blog ( What are your favorite natural lip-balm brands? I love the lip-balms my sister and I make and I love Burts Bees too! :D

    Your new follower,

    1. Hello Alice,
      Thanks so much for following and reading my blog and for all your kind words. I'm definitely going to go and check out your chap sticks. Love THOSE THINGS. I don't really have a favorite brand ... except I love the orange kind made by THM. I love just trying out anything that looks interesting at the health food store—always buying new ones to try out ;)

    2. The only THM one I have tried is the GGMS which is really good! ;) :D


    3. Oh, that's one of their newer ones, but yes, it's very good ;) And I'm so happy that you've heard of THM. They are some great people (I used to work/ live down there for awhile and have some great friends there still

  7. I love your blog. You have a very lovely sense of style. I'm supposedly an ENTP but I agree with you about the whole 'oh, this is your personality type so you must do this' is kinda crazy. I personally can relate to every type [though less to Sensing types]. That's probably just the way God made humans.

    1. Oh, thank you! That's so sweet of you ... and ENTP is so great! One of my best friends is that (actually I think two of them are ;D). But yeah it is so crazy how people think they ought to do something simply because their letters correspond to a list of things "you do". I think that's amazing you relate to every type (so do I!). The sensing types are a little hard, but I think understanding more of what it means to be sensing (seeing the world as concrete/ black and white/ order and facts) helps with that someway. But yeah, it is just how God made us, and were meant to always grow closer to Him, to be more like the PERFECT TYPE ;D Thanks so much for stopping by!

  8. Thanks for your comment on my blog! Gray told me nice things about you :)

    1. Hey! Ah, that's so nice of her ... I like Gray quite a lot. I was actually wanting to follow your blog but didn't know how ... will go look again ;)


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