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My Soul's Thoughts

Hello... here's a surprise post!!!! I have been having fun playing around on the piano, just making up things. Well, honestly I'm not sure I'm making them up? I think my fingers have just been doing an OK job of capturing my wordless emotions ;) Anyways, enjoy :D

Henri Wetselaar, WWII Survivor and Family Doctor: Oldest Man Sentenced To Prison

My Speech August 1 2017 – Henri Wetselaar Good morning, Your Honor. Thank you very much for giving me a chance to speak. I was born in The Netherlands in 1924. My parents were both dentists. On May 10 1940 our country was invaded and occupied by the German Army. We were angry and formed the “Dutch Underground Army” (also called “The Resistance”). We wore no uniforms we tried to carry out acts of sabotage against the Germans. – I was 16 and I tried to remove a German flag. – I was caught by the Germans and I was to be executed by a firing squad in 12 hours. – Miraculously I got out of that – I was active in the Underground for 4 years and 4 times I was to {be} within an inch of being killed. – We saved the lives of several Jewish people and I was involved in the situation of Ann Frank, the girl of the famous war story (the book and movie) of “The Diary of Ann Frank”. In October of 1944 we were liberated by the Allied Forces under General Montgomery. I was badly wounde

Label Me {identity game}

Hey, People! I have a game for you. Now, you gotta make sure to do it just right . . . or it won't work ;) We are going to talk about identity . In three easy steps I am going to help you help yourself know who you are !!! How fun!? Right? Because after all, you can't live life not knowing who you are. You MUST discover your identity. And never stray from it. Grow in who you are, but never change once you know who you are. Life is that simple - or will be once you know you :D  Step 1. Time to know who you are. Write down your label words - more specifically, key words to define you! We are going to put you into a box. Your own special box. That way you know who the unique you is ;)  I recommend taking many tests. Myers Briggs, extroverism-introverism, and even all those facebook playbuzz tests. Take as many as you can so that way you have lots of knowledge about yourself at your disposable.   You can just write down the words th

Heirs Of Tirragyl {Tour, Review, and Giveaway}

About Heirs of Tirragyl Long live the queen . . . ? Since birth, Nyla has shared everything with her twin brother – royal tutors, the right to the throne of Tirragyl... even their soul. Many believe it wholly belongs to Alexor and should be returned to him regardless of the sacrifice – Nyla's death. However, her future isn't the only one in question. A threat looms over the kingdom. The influential Lord Lucian intends to seize the Grotto, an underworld settlement known for harboring fugitives. And if legend is to be believed, it is also the hiding place of the most powerful of objects, the Guardian Rock. As Nyla fights for her life, she realizes she's not only a soul heir but also the sole hope for the kingdom's survival. Purchase Links Amazon   // Barnes & Noble // Kobo // iBooks Goodreads : About the Author Joan Campbell is notoriously bad at finishing things but, ever since she found the key to the portal, she

The Lawrence Children: Chapter 1

Father Tells a Story At one point in history Alex Norris' little town of Norris was a thriving gold mining town. It had a population of over 1,500 and was highly respected for the standards set by and enforced through the beliefs of Alex Norris. It was a town of wealth, of propriety, of neighborliness. Seven miles south and outside of Norris was a small cabin, surrounded by its allotted 20 acres, surrounded by mountains and a forest of evergreens. This was the Lawrence's mining claim, a small family with six children. A long day had just ended – Frederic Lawrence had just returned from his gold mines with his eldest son. Julia busied herself with a basket of mending. A warm smell produced by baking bread drifted from the kitchen proving she was still tying up her long day. All the children sat about the living room on benches or the hardwood floor finishing up their homework or playing respectively according to their ages. There was Vern, the eldest. He was se

Behind the Scenes of Burning Rose

Today I am featuring special details about Hope Schmidt's new book on my blog :D Enjoy! Burning Rose and How I Wrote a Novella in One Week I wrote Song of the Sword in one week. It wasn’t easy, but it wasn’t insanely hard either. Preparation First, I made sure I had everything ready. I looked up names, planned out characters, and outlined the story. It wasn’t perfect; there was a character who appeared halfway through and I didn’t figure out the climax until the day before writing it. But at least I had something to write from. Then I cleared my schedule for that week. No extra writing. No extra reading. Just chores and writing. Finally, resolution. I was determined to get the novella done in a week and I prepared my mind accordingly. I wanted to do it and I would if I died trying. There was no room for backing off halfway through. Progress I had a final word count goal in the 20,000s so I set myself to write 5000 words a day. To do this, I had a few to


Hello, all you people. :D "Wait…" * rubs eyes * "It's Monday…" Yeah, I'm posting today, despite my faithful schedule, to let you all know about something awesome… It can't wait till Wednesday ;) Something new is coming to the blog!!!!!! I think I mentioned it to you all back in this post. In fact I promised it to you… and I said I'd do it on Saturdays, I think. But I changed my mind (I think that's OK). I believe I also promised a series of life posts. Again, I kinda changed my mind. I will still be doing the posts - and I have done one of them. The reason I changed my mind is I have realized this isn't really series material, but what my blog normally is like ;p So, you will still see all the posts - just not as a series ;) Here are the details for the serial story: I have a serial story for you! Every second Monday of each month you will get to read an installment of The Lawrence Children. And the first installment comes n