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A Mormon Temple

If you had the opportunity to step inside a temple of the Church of Latter Day Saints, would you?  Last month two LDS missionaries came inside a little bookstore I was taking care of for the day. Delightful conversation about theology, anarchy, and adventure ensued. I told them about my church hopping days. Before they left they handed me a little brochure, "I think you'll appreciate this." It was information about a temple just built in Helena... and it would be open for visitations until dedicated! Yes, I was interested. I finally made it out yesterday, the last day before being closed to non church members. Really, it was a fascinating, thought provoking experience. There were many pieces of art throughout the entire building, some of it original paintings others quality prints. One of the most unusual and loveliest was of God hugging Jesus. There was texturized carpet and embroidered chairs and large chandeliers. So many mirrors, and I badly wanted to get