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Just In Case I'm Gone...

Guys, my blog isn't scheduled out right now. Anything you may see in these upcoming weeks will be freshly panicked over. Hoping to find time to get content for the next couple months. But I'm also planning a huge road trip.  So if I disappear, don't worry. Of course, hopefully I won't disappear. But if I do... I'm fine ;D Just really busy being creative and happy and such.  Oh. Y'all.  If you live east of Montana as far as the States go... want a visit from me? Send me an email. I'd love to do some real life collaborations with my blogger friends. 

Where All Our Fallen Teeth Go

I dream.  The fish is large and shiny, pink and crimson bouncing off its scales. I know I've caught a good one. It's nearly as long as my arms... my arms are pretty long, by the way.  I'm stressed and hungry and waiting for Someone  to show me how to gut it. But none know I'm waiting for them. I haven't the nerve to ask for help. Instead, I throw the fish into my car, near to the flax mattress I've been sleeping on.  The fish has been in there a whole day already. I don't remember when I last ate, if ever. I suppose I once ate, once when I was alive and in a festive mood. I'd feast now if I could. You can't eat a fish until its innards are removed, right? And naturally, it must be cooked. But I know how to cook just fine.  Perhaps I'll starve, and let the fish stink up my car. I don't even enjoy fishing anyway. Why did I catch this thing? Why did I have a fishing pole? My stomach rumbles, reminding me I need no reason. I had a reason, though.

My Beautiful Home (A Photo Dump)

Last Summer I began moving into one of the houses on my parents' property. Not sure how long I'll remain here, but for the moment I've quite enjoyed having space.  Some call my style old-ladyish. Perhaps? I like it. And I like old ladies. So just fine by me. I loved this little bit of flowers I planted under my kitchen window. Unfortunately, the goats and chickens demolished them, even though I'd put up a small fence.  I went through a small phase where I was addicted to couches. Here are a few extras that wouldn't fit inside, so they were enjoyed for a couple weeks outdoors.  Inside My Kitchen:  The fondest memories are made when gathered around the table.  Emma Reed My cupboards are full of vintage dishes, my pantry is full of wholesome goodies. Some guest accidentally tore off the front of my silverware drawer, then a brother threw that piece of wood away. Still trying to figure out h

A Month of No Shoes

A month of not wearing shoes is pure happiness. It started out rather accidentally. Several days into July I realized, "I haven't worn shoes this month. I wonder, could I make it the rest of the month?" Because I wasn't about to put myself through any pain for some whim of pride, I kept a pair of flip-flops in my purse. Eventually, I gave in to pride and threw the flip-flops in the back of my car. One of my clients asked me, "But don't you ever step on painful stuff?" Hesitating, wanting to only share how grand it had been, I finally said, "Yeah. A lot. There is a lot of pain. But maybe that is why I'm able to better appreciate all the other beautiful textures of Earth." Yes. There's been pain... so what? A friend and I were talking about how love for adventure often conflicts with fear of people. I said, "Yeah, I guess most people think people are scary and hurt others. Guess what? People are scary and