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"We all learn here by the honorable path of horrible mistakes." [ book review ]

The Master Puppeteer by Katherine Paterson Buy here. My Rating: 5 stars Genre: Medieval Japanese Novel Back Cover: Who is the man called Sabura, the mysterious bandit who robs the rich and helps the poor? And what is his connection with Yosida, the harsh and ill-tempered master of feudal Japan's most famous puppet theater? Young Jiro, an apprentice to Yosida, is determined to find out, even at risk to his own life. Meanwhile, Jiro devotes himself to learning puppetry. Kinshi, the puppet master's son, tutors him. When his sheltered life at the theater is shattered by mobs of hungry, rioting peasants, Jiro becomes aware of responsibilities greater than his craft. As he schemes to help his friend Kinshi and to find his own parents, Jiro stumbles onto a dangerous and powerful secret.... My Review: All over the land the poor are dying of hunger. The rich have plenty, but still this is not a safety for them against death. Starvation has made the people

Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand [ book review ]

Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand Movie review I did earlier of the same title. By the way, the book is MUCH better. I loved the movie and didn't see how the books could be better, but there are many things that weren't in the movie or weren't clarified. One of the main things was Louie's life after the war. My rating: 5 Stars. Genre: WWII biography Buy on Amazon. Note: Book may not be appropriate for younger readers. Graphic and disturbing details related to war and post-war. Review: From Laura Hillenbrand, the bestselling author of Seabiscuit, comes Unbroken, the inspiring true story of a man who lived through a series of catastrophes almost too incredible to be believed. In evocative, immediate descriptions, Hillenbrand unfurls the story of Louie Zamperini--a juvenile delinquent-turned-Olympic runner-turned-Army hero. During a routine search mission over the Pacific, Louie’s plane crashed into the ocean, and what happened to him over the ne

The Beloved Daughter by Alana Terry [ book review ]

The Beloved Daughter by Alana Terry Buy here. My Rating: 5 stars. Note: tortuous scenes, some violence, hints at immorality ( made to look bad ), and other vile behaviors all of which is necessary for the plot and not overdone for reader's benefit. Back Cover: Persecution. Despair. Suffering. Glory. "Chung-Cha belongs to Christ," Father declared. "Even if you destroy me, God will still watch over my daughter." The agent chuckled. "And what if I destroy her?" My review: Song Cnung-Cha is only 12 when her life is torn apart forever. Her father, a minister and Christian has been found out, and her whole family is separated and sent to a labor camp. Angry at God and her father, Chung-Cha turns her back on religion altogether and accepts her ill-fate with resolution. She knows she can never escape, so she does what she can to survive and have the most comfort. But the more she turns form God, the more he shows His presenc