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Ruby Girl Surpise!

What a surprise Shelby and I got last night!?  This family of seven just walked into our office end of the day - shouting, dramatic, energized, full of fun. Lizzy Evans and her family!!! (Lizzy was a Ruby girl that worked with Shelby.) Lizzy and her nephew, Lemuel.  Come on, Lemuel! Smile! :) Olivia - Lizzy's sister and Lemuel's mom -, me, and Liszt. We are all wearing blue shirts - how weird :/ ;b Cheyenne, a neighbor and friend came to spend the night last night since Lizzy was here :) Just look at that baby! ;) Going for the tail ;) It was so fun having the girls stay with us last night- the rest of the family stayed somewhere else. But they could only stay one night :/ Ah :/ Yet, it was so great meeting them!!!!! Ruby girls - me (current), Lizzy (Sept-Nov. 2015), and Shelby (current).

What IS Above Rubies?

I am currently working for my second time at Above Rubies. The first time (2014) lasted about 3 months. This last time it has been for about 6 months or so. Still, I get the questions; "What is Above Rubies?" "What do you do exactly?" or "What sort of office work?" The first answer is simple. Above Rubies is a ministry that prints a magazine supported by donations only. The magazine is designed to encourage mothers and wives to follow God's calling in their lives - to be righteous mothers and wives. Nancy Campbell is the founder, editor, and compiler of Above Rubies. She works almost 24/7 to help and encourage women all over the world in many different ways besides the magazines. Office work... and using computers ;) And to the second - what do I do? As Ruby Girls, we come to do volunteer office work. There's normally at least two of us here at a time. We take care of orders (we sell books, DVD's, and shirts to help suppo

More than Modest

Hey, everyone! I hope you are having a fantastic week. Modesty . It's one of those tricky (stupid, it often seems) things. To dress or not to dress? ( Or how much should I "over dress"? ) I've seen a lot of different opinions on this. Mostly it seems that the issue of modesty is over stressed. -Not saying "Modesty is in my heart, not how I dress" illogical stupidness.- I'm saying that dressing "holy", like Amish or "modest trash" isn't the solution either. Most of those sort of people forget to make allowance to the fact that we are girls and need to dress accordingly. Men and women both need to dress differently , not to make one more or less inferior to the other, but because they are both different. But how can one dress both modestly and femininely? Is it even  possible? Some would say not. (In my opinion) Modesty rules are s

Sin Defined

In my  post, Am I Safe in My Sin?,  I talked about whether or not we as individual Christians ought to sin or not. But that then brings up the question "What is sin?" According to the online dictionary sin is: "An immoral act considered to be a transgression against divine law. 'A sin in the eyes of God' Synonyms: immoral act, wrong, wrongdoing, act of evil/wickedness, transgression, crime, offense, misdeed, misdemeanor." It's funny, that even if though the Bible has set rules and examples of sin it's hard to understand what sin and evil really are. That's because sin and evil aren't things or made-up rules. They are ideas - theological and philosophical concepts. Once you understand that sin is not a thing but an abstract reality, it's easier to answer the following questions; 1. "What is sin?" 2. "Who made sin?" 3. "Who decided what sin is?" 4. "Who punishes sin?" 1. As