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What Embroidering Has Taught Me

In a way, this is silly post... except it's not ;)  I have really learned a lot from embroidering.  But that could be said about anything we take up in life ;)  It's taught me to endure/ to have patience  It's taught me how to slow down and be meticulous  It's taught me how to strategize (Which color should I use first, and from where should I start and go to cover the most space efficiently?) It's taught me to appreciate art It's taught me how to use colors in complimentary ways  It's taught me creativity  It's taught me how to be both perfectionist and how to just let things be done enough  It's taught me that pain CAN result in beauty  It's taught me that consequences are a result of actions It's taught me that time is irrelevant - actions are what count in the end It's taught me beauty can spring from dull, ordinary things It's taught me that accomplishment is a worthy

Laughing Tears

When life is stable you smile and laugh. You think you know what what is good, what is right, what is true. But when the sun falls – wow . Were you ever wrong. So wrong. What were you thinking? It was all an illusion… a rainbow that blinded your eyes from being able to see the truth that life is hard. Yet you are in the habit of laughing. You are in the habit of believing the best about everyone. How can you change? How can you know how to bring back the sun? You still laugh… but tears join that laughter. It is hollow and deep all at once. It hurts to laugh, to cry. But the numb feeling of just living is just as bad. Laughing tears. That is your life. Bitter-sweet. You cling to the sweet to not be overcome by the ugliness of the bitterness. But life and pain are so subtle, so mean. Like a rainbow shining in a thunder storm, so I smile as my heart cries. You don't know what lies to ignore, what truths to cling onto. Color is

A Write's Tag

Joined in this fun tag from here 1. WHAT GENRES, STYLES, AND TOPICS DO YOU WRITE ABOUT? I write many different genres, styles, and topics. I love art. And so I experiment with it all. I do like writing first person the best. I love expressing deep emotions and thoughts all at once. I love fiction that makes you think and feel. The perfect ending is this: like a sunset, bittersweet, even though it's over and dark, there is the knowledge of future hope. For non-fiction I love writing about what is on my heart of I am currently opinionated on. This includes ideas I am thinking about, my struggles, and articles on anti-feminism, homosexuality, roles and duties in friendships and love, honesty, and life. I like people and ideas, and so I write about both. I also really enjoy writing moral fairy tales. 2. HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN WRITING? For as long as I can remember. When I was little I was drawing and writing books, stapling them together. I still have those books :)

How to Blog With a Cell Phone #3 (Confession)

I have a huge confession to make. I no longer use my cell phone to post .  You, see, I bought a laptop over a year ago... at first I still used my cell phone. But then I realized it was way easier to post using my laptop. I mean, come on, the pics load right away! And I don't have to do the link pictures through And it's so much easier to format on a laptop. I don't lose my work as easily. I don't have to type in the code for italics or bold anymore (yes, I used to have to do that). I sometime still write my posts on my cell phone, then copy and paste it onto here. But all the technical work happens through my laptop. Such as the new and improved look. That would not have been possible with my cell phone - it just wasn't as techy, efficient, or fast.  I enjoyed being weird in the sense that I blogged differently.  But practical must override weird, right?  I do hope you all don't mind ;)  I'll leave y


This last January I was staying with some friends. They are very musically talented, and I extremely enjoyed watching them play and sing. It was amazing. One night they sang a song that was beyond talent. The lyrics were beautiful and seemed to know exactly what had been on my mind and heart for so long, mimicking my thoughts and feelings and desires better than I could have ever thought to: Being completely and wholeheartedly content (satisfied) in God alone. For so long my utmost desire has been to thirst for God more than anything. At times this desire is extremely frustrating as it seems I can't get past thirsting to thirst. It's as if I want to desire, but get so distracted with life that I don't know if my desire is real or not, or stemmed from selfishness to want to be reassured by God that all will end well and I am safe in Him. Sometimes I wonder, if I lost everything that made me me would I still want to desire God? When do the things Go