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Red Butterfly [book review]

Red Butterfly by A. L. Sonnichsen Buy here. Appropriate for all ages. My rating: five stars Amazon Review: A young orphaned girl in modern-day China discovers the meaning of family in this inspiring story told in verse, in the tradition of Inside Out and Back Again and Sold. Kara never met her birth mother. Abandoned as an infant, she was taken in by an American woman living in China. Now eleven, Kara spends most of her time in their apartment, wondering why she and Mama cannot leave the city of Tianjin and go live with Daddy in Montana. Mama tells Kara to be content with what she has…but what if Kara secretly wants more? Told in lyrical, moving verse, Red Butterfly is the story of a girl learning to trust her own voice, discovering that love and family are limitless, and finding the wings she needs to reach new heights. My review: Kara lives life to the fullest, and loves her life, her bicycle, her surroundings. But sometimes she does dislike her mother's

Lavender Lace Blouse [ for sale ]

Lace Blouse: Small/Medium. $110+shipping. Light Lavender. Custom orders available in multiple sizes and colors - tan, brown, black, gold, lavender, silver and orange. This is such a fun and pretty lace blouse that you can dress up or down!!! As you can see, in the picture I dressed like hippie :D Contact: keturahskorner(at)gmail(dot)com Note: This needs a tank top or shirt worn underneath. Outfit: Blouse: made Tank: thrifted Skirt: thrifted Hat: made Necklace: gift made by a friend Bracelet: Plato's closet

Gold Scarf

$20 + shipping. Soft. 100% acrylic. Fun to wear!!!! Available: Custom Orders

Beautiful People Link Up #7

Another link up for story characters! Again, I'm focusing on the main character of my current book I'm writing called Silent Thoughts . The second draft of this story is almost finished, with over 22,000 words so far!!!!!!!!!!!! Visit the PaperFury blog to join the link up. 1. What is their secret desire? To stop what happened to himself in his childhood from happening again. Though this desire is almost secret to even himself ( Taylor ). 2. What is the best and brightest moment they experience during the story? When He finds out what he's actually meant to do, and gives up his whole life for a better, scarier adventure. Taylor learns that sometimes it takes a while to realize what you actually want can be different than what you think you want. 3. What are the emotional places your characters are afraid to go to? Themselves. The past. The future. Sometimes it is just easier living now and forgetting what happened and what may happen. 4. Is there a place/ci

An Update of When I Was Away [ Learning New Things ]

Everything that has been happening the last few months while I was away volunteering... Knitting: Socks, Scarf. I also got to teach a few other girl's to knit, which was really fun!! Cherish, one of the girls and also a really good friend, took on real quick and made a bunch of things. Hat and mitten set. And the friend I made it for. A really good friend, Callie , showed me arm knitting. Crocheting: The first thing I crocheted: a scarf for Keziah. Thanks to a wonderful girl named Cheyenne, I learned to crotchet while I was away. Hat I crocheted for my brother. A necklace I made for myself. Baking: I made this THM sugar free blueberry cheesecake a couple times. Green been, cheese, onion, sour dough casserole. I made quite a few of these chocolate, raspberry, zucchini, sugar-free (xylitol), 100% spelt loaves. 100% spelt sugar free cinnamon rolls. Icing ( not shown ) was made from cream-che

Scamish [ Scam Amish ]

Inspired by true events. Amish. A word that says a lot. A culture. A religion. A way of life. And even a cult according to some. This people holds more fascination over people than probably any other in the 21st century. Maybe it's because they look like they belong to the 1800's. The thing is most people know absolutely nothing about the Amish. That's right. Nothing. All those books and movies out there portray a false image of Amish. So much that some people that shouldn't, get mistaken for Amish. One such man is named Lawrence Miller. He knows a lot about the Amish. And even has the same mutual fascination for them as most people. Only difference is he actually knows them. That's why he isn't one of them. Still, being an Amish man can have its ups. And it is rather awesome. So, pretending to be Amish is what he does. And he fools just about everyone. He lives on a small farm with his wife and five small children all under eight