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My Stories

If you would like to read any of my stories, feel free to email me at keturahskorner(at)gmail(dot)com

Here is a brief of my best works:
-Fear, Sleep Away

-Split, Not Broken

-Roots And Threads

-Granfa Wolf's Three Pigs, a play retelling and combining the Three Little Pigs with the Biblical Parable of the Talents. 2908 words.

-Princess and Poison, {WIP} A retelling of the fairy tale, The Princess and The Frog, but with a dark humorous twist.

-People of the Past Pod-casts with Hope Rachaela play just under a thousand word. Set in the future about a father and daughter team pulling people from the revolutionary war to ask them what they think of current day USA. What would early Americans think if they were alive in current day USA? 1035 words. 

Flash Fiction (250 words or less):
- A Kid's Secret, A homeless child has a secret to tell a friend. Anyone have time to listen?

- Friends and Poison Ivy, It's gardening time, but that doesn't mean we are done laughing together.

Short Stories:
-The Heart Of A Doll, A story written in second person begging the person to give up material love for living love. 677 words. 

-Scamish, two men pretending to be Amish, and one succeeds at scamming the other. Based on real happenings. 740 words. 

-Accepting Reality, a girl and a book converse over the meaning of friendship and life. 876  words. 

-Tiny Specks Of Hope, two best friends look up at the stars and talk about life. 922 words. 

-Imagine, an analogy of what we must look like in God's eyes. 924 words. 

-InstaDeath, friending the wrong person on Instagram could mean signing your own death certificate. 1049 words. 

-Polly and Digory, I always wondered why Polly and Digory from the Chronicles of Narnia didn't marry. So I wrote a fan fiction explaining why. Don't worry, the story isn't sad ;) 1200 words. 

-When Christmas Was Evil, a short story exploring what Christmas meant to the early Puritans.
1215 words.

-Lena's Story, Lena learns to overcome depression and suicidal thoughts as she learns what it means to become selfless. 1523 words. 

-Dearly Cursed, Ruth and her brother face rejection after returning home from the Children's Crusade. 1720

Not Less, A Robin Hood and Maid Marian short story about infertility.
Maid Marian wants nothing more than to bless Robin Hood with children. But what if her womb is barren? How can she bear the shame of being an inferior woman? 2621 words. 
To read this story check out this online magazine, pages 82-87

-Blessed Disasters, A group of contented but broken beings have their faith tested as God appears to turn his back and disasters enfold around them. 2719 words.

-Piper's Last Song, the Pied Piper is a carefree man, who spends his life singing and dancing to entertain others. But life changes when the King's men come to take away the Waldensian people. A retelling of the Pied Piper, mixed with history of the early Waldensian Christians and their massacre. 3065 words. 
Published in Fairy Tale Riot: The Clarion Call, Volume 4, pages 89-106

Created by Agorist Writes

- My Cleaning Girl, A short story written in second person about a girl that finds healing while cleaning for an elderly woman. 3115 words. 

Created by Annie Twitchell

-Unchosen, not everyone that attended Cinderella's balls were ugly stepsisters. Read about Calista – the girl who thought the future could be better. 3584 words. 
This story was originally posted here but has since been published with a new ending and title in an anthology! You can buy Unerella on Amazon.

-Prince Perfect, Prince Téleois, perfectly conceited, is on the quest for the perfect princess. How could he look for less, after all, as he has lead his own life expecting nothing less of perfection in his own self? 4153 words. 
Published in Fairy Tale Riot: The Clarion Call, Volume 4, pages 341-361

Created by Agorist Writes 

- Hello, Leticia, Leticia left home years ago to follow her dreams only to find herself stuck in reality. When she is forced to return home to sell her parents' home she finds her name written in a strange place: the mirror where she used to daydream. And so begins a humorous and somewhat sad story of a young woman confronting her fears. 4,247 words. 

-A Story Concerning Unselfish People, an original fairy tale about a good king and queen and their five sons and their daughter, and their fight against the evil witch, Zellah. 4630 words. 

-Two Wishes, Alice's life is upside down. First a man she respects but does not love is breaking his heart over her disinterest. And then her best friend, Sharon, is diagnosed with cancer. As stress with family and friends mount, and a death looms near, Alice throws herself into trying to fulfill her best friends last two wishes, in the process learning that change doesn't have to be scary. 5593 words. 

Created by Lauren Grinder

-A Book's Journey, follow a book over decades of time as it passes from the hands of one owner to another. 5667 words.

-Land of the Restless Winds, A Seventh Day Adventist girl's journal, recording her family's trip across Oregon and California to mission to the Native Americans. 6897 words. 

Created by Mary Crouch

-Destination: Pyramid, a dark humorous story about what life was like for Native Americans in the dark ages. Designed to insult every person and religion. 7553 words. 

-Outlaw Girl, a young girl living with her twelve older male cousins in the old palace. The bandits' latest bounty turns out to be more than what they bargained for. 9961 words.

-Beauty in the Beast, a retelling of Beauty and the Beast. 11,529 words. 

-Trail of Consequences, (western) Tyson is just a young kid trapped in a world of bandits masqueraded as traveling missionaries. He loves the man that took him in, yet he is torn. Are Matt's words true or aren't they? Because they seem so contradictory. But life starts getting tough when Tyson must make decisions with his own actions – decisions that will not only affect his life, but the girl he's grown to love. 13,318 words 

-When Souls Breath On, (fantasy) A girl and her mental brother flee religious persecution by a ship sailing to America. But from the start it would seem they were fated to never see land again. First pirates, then mermaids. Will Kasha be able to keep her brother safe and reach home alive? 21,177 words. 

-The Lawrence Children, (historical) a serial for my blog. 27,773 words. 

-Perfect, (contemporary) Cassie has the perfect life. And she knows it. Yet, she can't find contentment. When disaster strikes her small town nothing is left for her to hold on to, and she looses every ounce of peace she may have once held. Friends struggle along side of her, but their victories only seem to depress her more. Will she ever find perfect peace? Cassie knows the solution, but also understands that doing such is requiring more than she can give. 72,758 words. 

-The Fur Slipper, (fantasy, ancient Egypt) Estella is hated by most of the Egyptians, but she understands what it means to be happy despite the circumstances. She smiles, laughs, sings always. And lives for those she loves. But all that changes when the Pharaoh's ball is announced. Chosen as his bride, her life is turned upside down as she must learn to love the Pharaoh when her heart yet belongs to another.


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Living Like The Amish: Interviews With Three "English" Families PART I

Many people are obsessed with the Amish. I know at one time I was as well, and to a degree I still am. But my perception  has changed with experience. It started a long time ago when my family went to an Amish-held auction (no, it's not a place where you can buy Amish children, but a place where you can buy things from the Amish). I was eleven years old and enthralled to be surrounded by so many Amish. I loved the cockscomb flowers they sold everywhere. I bought a whole box for $2 and dried them for seeds so I could plant my own. But then I experienced my first reality shock concerning the Amish. I had assumed since they lived a simpler life everything about them was completely old-fashioned and natural. Imagine my horror when I saw Amish walking around with soda cans and store-bought ice cream. " Mom ," I said. "He's drinking soda!"  Left to right, back row: Jonny, Jonathan (Dad). Front row: Jacob, Keturah, Rebekah (Mom), Jonah (on Mom's

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Peace During Patience

“Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.” - Philippians 4:6 My family and I were sitting around the breakfast table several months ago. Mom had just read this verse. One of the kids laughed incredulously, “What is it saying? Be careful for nothing – live recklessly?” “No,” I answered quickly. My tone was very matter-of-fact, blunt, as if I were all-knowing. “It means do not worry.” The kids all nodded among themselves and life continued on for them. But for me life paused at my words. I had heard this verse soooooooo many times. I had always known what it meant. But now? Now it really meant something . “Do not worry.” This path I've chosen. I can not see it. I can not feel it. I do not know where I am. I have chosen to follow God, and no other. But why did He hide the light from my eyes? I must take a step forward. But I do not want to. How long w

Inside The Land Of The Free

Hello. My name is Greg.  I have a lot of time to think. Too much time. Sometimes I think about my life - why I am sitting in prison. I wonder what I could have done different - my life plays before my eyes. "If only..." But even I know that no amount of good works would have stopped tyranny from finding fault with me. It is cold. My clothes are thin. My stomach is empty - occasionally filled with food of no sustenance.  I hide my face in my knees - as if that will somehow protect me from the horrors of this dark cold dungeon.  They keep it cold to freeze me, this I know. It is a part of their game - to drive a lesson into me. As if I have a lesson to learn solely because I was convicted. Convicted, but not  guilty. Years.  68 years for standing against injustice. How many years have I sat in here? I have forgot. All I know is this question, "Was I fated for this? Did God grant my birth