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NaNo Wip: Wrapping it Up With Snippets And Memes

It's the last week of the five part WIP TAG!  And it's been so fun sharing about my NaNo novel, All The Other Girls.  Here are the other parts of the tag: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 I'm not big into aesthetics — But I'll try to make some for this post. SNIPPET ONE: “All right,” Cinderella makes room and they work together. Cinderella washes and Zilla rinses. “I love doing dishes. I imagine it helps wash off the dirt and is better than soaking in a bath of milk.” Zilla admires Cinderella’s small, soft hands. Not for the first time. No matter how many dishes Zilla may wash, her hands always remain hard and cracked . . . and large. “Maybe for you,” Zilla agrees. “But not for me.” “You just need more dishes,” Cinderella encourages. SNIPPET TWO: “Thank you —” and then she trips. Prince Dashel catches her so that she doesn’t fall. Her face smacks hard against the brass buttons on his coat. Tears sting her eyes. “Oh,” both of the prince’s arms wrap ar

What I WON'T Do IF I Ever Become A Bestselling Author

I would so love to see my books on store shelves someday. It would be amazing if I had fans that raved about my stories and ranted in ways I'd never do (because I'm very calm, for the most part). And if they did this in public. I'd be happy, even approve, of such unacceptable behavior. Call me a hypocrite, I don't care ;) Of course, my ultimate goal is to just write a story that touches others. Money and popularity are NOT the reason I write.  But dreams can go beyond goals, yes?  IF I EVER BECOME A BESTSELLING AUTHOR I WON'T . . .  . . . believe it. How could I? My stories aren't near good enough . . . are they!? Is it the glasses, or am I just bad at dramatic selfies? ;D  . . . buy a brand new sports car. Because that's just a waste of money. Practical and cheap will still work very well for me. Love my Volvo ;D  . . . quit cleaning houses. Now I might clean less. But I don't think I could ever stop completely

NANO WIP: All The Lovely Side Characters And Where They Live

List your SC’s, state one of their main hobbies, and tell us how they influence your MC in the story. Aunt Eme, Zilla's strict aunt who loves Cinderella very much. She has six young boys — Zilla's cousins — and keeps Zilla very busy with chores. She doesn't approve of Zilla's going to the ball, but won't stop her from wasting her money. Uncle Avus, a farmer who spoils Cinderella when he can. Prince Dashel, the man who is Zilla is sure will save her from her miserable life. Khalon, a poor soldier determined to make Zilla forget her dreams of a better life. Imra, the daughter of one of the richest men in the kingdom and a girl who befriends Zilla at the ball. Catherine, Khalon's sister and a girl who has a life very much like Zilla's own life. Taylon, the seamstress who makes Zilla's dress and who Zilla may someday apprentice to. Who is the SC that is the closest to your MC? At different parts of the story each play an important part in Zilla&

Emojis Are Life

I really love Emojis. Especially the happy ones. To me words convey ideas and part of feelings while emoji's share feelings and part of ideas. For fun, I decided to research the subject of Emojis and what I found is so fascinating. First there is a difference between emoji and emoticon. Emoticon is the first of the two words to have been discovered. It is a portmanteau, meaning that two words were blended together to create one. Emotion + icon = emoticon. Emoticons are basically just punctuation arranged to create facial expressions. Here are some code ( punctuation marks ) for some of our favorites ;) Saved from here According to  this  article emoticons first appeared in newspapers in 1881. That's like A LONG TIME AGO, GUYS! Next time someone old tells you, " We didn't use smiley faces when I was young, " ask them, " Are you sure? " According to that same article emoticons weren't actually introduced to computers until about a h

NaNo Wip: Villains (Help, I don't do those!)

Introduce the main antagonist  of your book! Oh, wow. I never even thought about this before. I think the antagonist is defined as the person that thwarts the goals of the MC? In that case the main antagonist would be Zilla's best friend, Cinderella??? What a thought. I still have the stepmother and stepsisters in this book, but they are back ground villains that stand in the way of Cinderella, not Zilla. As for introductions: Cinderella is very much like any other Cinderella. Kind to everyone and anything. Lovable. Petite. Beautiful. And the one that Prince Charming (Prince Dashel in my story) loves. Only one girl is Cinderella, thus most of us will not have a Prince Charming waiting to save us.  What do you (the writer) have  in common with the  antagonist?     What do you not have in common? I can relate to Cinderella's tough life. I do find more good in life, like she does — though I'm not as positive. After all I'm not Cinderella. I am definit

I Breathe Fear

Fear, My once close-friend and ever-near companion. I let fear linger on after the lights dimmed; It chased away both my sleep and my dreams. I let fear control me in the name of caution, And it won. I trusted my fears over God's words. I let fear rule my reality. Loss, It happens to all of us. But maybe to those who fear the most? But why does it always seem unique to me? Why is my loss harder to bear? Why can't I find the breath to smile? Emotions, Empty feelings are still emotions. I've tried to kill them, to pretend I didn't feel them. But empty feelings are dark, alone, depressed. They are worse than feelings. To ignore my tears is to not find hope. It's OK to grieve. It's OK to want to scream. It's OK to heal, to learn to smile again. It's OK to cry every night; For a little while, I'll shed my tears. Healing, It happens eventually, if I'll allow it inside my heart. Healing is a choice to forgive the past;

NaNo Wip: The Main Character

Introduce your MC a little (name, maybe a description or picture, etc,) and tell us something quirky about them.  Zilla is sixteen years old. Her left leg is deformed. The right side of her body is wrinkled by scars that peak through up her neck. She lives with her aunt and uncle and six rambunctious boy cousins. She dreams of a better life, one where fire and poverty don't haunt her every waking moment . . .  What does your MC value the most?   Zilla doesn't know what she values, only what she hates. And she hates most of her life. Except for her best friend, Cinderella . . . but she might not realize this until too late.  What is your MC’s wildest dream? What is their greatest fear? Zilla's wildest dream is to be always clean and to be noble and happy. Her greatest fear is fire.  What is your MC’s favorite food? Can they cook?   Of course she can cook! The majority of Zilla's life has been spent cooking, cleaning, and mending and helping her aunt take car