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STASIS by J. Tobias Buller

Hey! It's been a little bit since my last post. :) This will be just a short one, but I will be having another soon. First off, I'd like to announce that a new book is available on Kindle!!!! STASIS by J. Tobias Buller. You can find it here From Amazon: Will Vullerman's job isn't easy. He's the top operative of the ASP —a secret agent for a new age. Sure, it might be a dangerous job, but he relishes the thrill of a mission accomplished. But when a mysterious signal is picked up from war-torn North America, it is Will who is sent in—and what he finds there will change the world. A hidden labyrinth deep beneath the ground—a ring that can alter your sense of reality—the dangerous secret of an illegal genetics facility—all this and more will test Will's strength and character. The stakes are high, and one wrong step could mean failure...and death for the people he's trying to protect. STASIS is an anthology of five action-packed Will Vu

Purple socks, a Book Review, and More

The Indian Mummy Mystery I really like Troy Nesbit's mystery books. My dad gave me one when I was little, and I've loved them ever since. Just recently I found two more at an antique store! They are very old-fashioned, simple, and full of adventure. 15-year old Joe knows when Fibber, his grandfather, is just telling a tall tale, and this sure isn't one of those times. He and his two younger friends, Huff and Denny are determined to solve the mystery of the lost mummy and earth pots.  But is it even possible when the stuff was stolen over 60 years ago, and everybody else that was involved, but Fibber, is dead? Helping out at Joe's grandfather's Rocking O' Ranch, excavating at a burned down ghost store, and searching in Mesa Verde, the boys track down, clue by clue, the mystery of The Indian Mummy. Likes: Very simple, no-brain read. Though the boys may be silly and immature, and the plot unrealistic, it is still an enjoyable adventure. For me

How to Blog With a Cell Phone, A New "Vintage" Dress, and My Pets

Hi! First off I want to say thanks to Bethany from Clever Bunnies and MissMelodyMuffin from The Splendor Falls on Castle Walls for helping me with my blog and answering questions! Everthing is a lot smaller on a phone than a computer. Also they work a little differently... I think :] Pretty much everything went good, but I did have trouble finding the Join this Sight  gadget. For any of you others that do, this is how; go to your blog dashboard, click on Layout , then on on of the boxes that say Add a gadget . This will bring up a page of 20-30 different gadgets, but none of these are the right ones. Up in the upmost, far left corner are several options, and one is More Gadgets . After you click on this it will give you the option to choose any one of 300+ gadgets. Up top is a search box, though, so if you know what you want you don't have to scroll through them all. Search Members . Also I had trouble with the banner. I still don't know if I like it, but f

Three Dresses

I'm hoping this works :] blogging off of a cell isn't as easy as I hoped it would be. It won't let me upload pictures! But hopefully this website I found will work. These are pictures of three dresses I just finished for somebody :D

First Post

So, this is the first post ( of many I hope!!) on my blog :) I will be sharing all about my projects (knitting, sewing, embroidery, baking, and more), book reviews, and just everyday stuff. Hope you enjoy it all! Keturah