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Three Interviews That Will Send Your Funny Bones Over The Rocker

TAKE A CHILL PILL Maybe the Earth isn't destined to end in flames—all we need is a bit of cold love. Five freshmen from a small northern country school have decided that the heated debate around global warming can no longer be ignored. Together they invented the vending machine they are calling The Chill Cube. After winning the county state fair, their invention has received much attention—and speculation. Can a machine that dispenses ice cubes be the answer to curing global warming? Mallory Benton, age fifteen, the only girl and the spokesperson for the teenagers said, “I was raised Northern Baptist. People and the environment are all created by God. I was taught that everything starts in our hearts. My friends and I believe that's what's at the core of the threat of global warming—humanity's heart. When man's anger is flared everything gets heated that should have been civil—politics, theology, sports. You name it." "Humanity needs to cool down

Remember Why We Left: Corona Virus Update

Siblings and I, pushing even our shadows into a future we wish to live in I haven't been purposely silent on the coronavirus. Though, in all honesty, I've actually been quite loud about my opinions. For some reason, they just haven't made it to my blog ... until now. At first, I laughed. It's not that I never believed what was happening ... I just never expected the paranoia to actually become so organized. Even up unto my last days in Germany, it was just a joke. I had bigger stresses, and the virus was amusing. But then ... the borders were closed two days before I flew home and it dawned on me.  This wasn't just any normal virus. People were freaking, and it was going to affect me in ways I didn't like at all. I made it home ... but the home wasn't as I'd left it. My own family were still sensible, as were many of my friends. But, oh, the fear in America was toxic and heavy. My cleaning business pretty much died. I received many messages a

Rock n' Roll, The Sun's Gonna Kiss Ya. Laugh n' Burn, Just throw them shoes away

You Can't Trust Music So many notes, so many tunes, and so many melodies. We call it beautiful, art, the only thing that makes sense to a soul when all else fails. Like math, if you will. But unlike math ... how can one really trust the music to be authentic? The more I've pondered this question the more I've realized music has to be messed up. I'll explain why. The other day I pulled my guitar out of its case and plucked a string—it was off-key, even though I had just played it the day before. Now, if I'd just had it in the car I could have understood. But it was no big deal because I had my digital tuner and quickly readjusted my strings. But the whole thing got me to thinking ... Back in the old days when people had only horse and buggy, or further back when man-kind traveled by chariots. Back when traveling was a longer, bumpier, messier business than driving by auto. Before digital tuners had been invented. I bet the people of the old still n

I'm A Guest on Write Stuff Radio Show TODAY!!!

Today I am taking a quick break from satire to let you all know that I was invited on a podcast! This evening at 7pm Eastern time (5pm Mountain) I'll be joining Parker J. Cole to talk about all things writing and you are invited to listen! I would be beyond honored if you would join the conversation. Details can be found here : If you join, feel free to come back and let me know what you thought! It should he recorded so you can listen to it later, too, I think. Thanks y'all!! UPDATE If you're just reading this and afraid that you missed out ... don't worry, there's a recording!

Pure Communion: An Argument For Cleanliness Among the Righteous

I clean in rain, sun, or snow. All who commune in the Lord's Supper pretend to understand its significance. But do they? When the pastor invites all who are worthy to unite with one another in Yeshua's blood and Yeshua's body what are the qualifications? Remember the words of Paul: "I have no praise for you, for your meetings do more harm than good . . . For whenever you eat this bread and drink this cup, you proclaim the Lord’s death until he comes." ~ 1 Corinthians 11:17-29 So then, whoever eats the bread or drinks the cup of the Lord in an unworthy manner will be guilty of sinning against the body and blood of the Lord. Everyone ought to examine themselves before they eat of the bread and drink from the cup. For those who eat and drink without discerning the body of Christ, they eat and drink judgment on themselves. Have we examined ourselves, or do we all blaspheme this Holy practice by taking it unworthily? "Our body is the house in which ou

Can Animals Speak, And If So, Do They Go To Heaven?

Originally written March 28, 2015, then emailed to nearly every person I knew because I thought they'd think it funny. Turned out I made quite a few people mad, and my grandpa and I ended up not speaking to each other for over three months. Ah, memories of when I've tried to be funny and failed...  Picture of me when I was sixteen with my favorite dumb, non-talking beast named Catriona. I think she liked my necklace. Animals—should we eat them? Are they just dumb beasts, or as C. S. Lewis' famous series suggests, are there animals that are possibly equal with us humans? Most Christians argue that only humans are intellectual. Only we are capable of morality and true emotions. Then there are the evolutionists. They, in essence, believe that animals are on the same level as humans. Of course, they also deny the fact that there is a heaven and a hell, and that someone else made all of Earth and what lives on it, dumb and sentient alike. Thus, because many of their b

My First Confession

If I understood my Au Pair family correctly, this is the largest organ, and it's in Passau, Germany. People, I have dug deep into my soul and found myself to be a hypocrite. You see, for years I have judged other protestants or non-catholic Christians for celebrating on Catholic holidays as if they were their own holidays, or for acting like those holidays must be celebrated in order to be a real Christian. I mean, look at me. Look at my family. And look at the many, many other Christians like my family who don't keep Christmas, Halloween, or Easter. But I have been humbled under my hypocrisy, because I have realized that there is a Catholic holiday I keep and love, and there's no way I will ever stop celebrating it. And so, I have decided to stop judging people when it comes to matters of affiliated parties. I don't care if you'd Jew or Greek, Protestant or Catholic, you may keep your St. Patrick's, Lent, Back to my con