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Update On Life: Traveling Adventures (Mostly Pictures)

Hello! One thing I do not do well on this blog is life updates... it's just... there are so many thoughts I'd rather share, who has time to hear about what I'm actually doing?  Exactly. So here I am making time.  Last November I had the most lovely time going to see friends!!! After a crazy summer working nearly full time, and writing the rest of the time I so needed a break. I came home feeling like a new person, ready to work again! Most importantly my mind had a great time to de-stress. I've been laughing a lot for no reason. I love when that can happen.  First thing first, the plan was: To go and stay with Mary in Kentucky for a couple weeks. At the end of the said weeks we were going to drive to Florida for a friend's wedding. After the wedding we were going to drive back, I'd fly home.  But this happened instead:  I went to stay with my friend, Mary, for a couple weeks. We couldn't rent a car. So we didn't go to the

Always Be Honest Even If {When} It Hurts

Is it OK to lie? And to what point should we uphold a standard of honesty? Today I want to talk about honesty and lying. I will be speaking from the standpoint of the Bible. But if you aren't a believer, this will still apply to you - because these are life qualities that affect EVERYONE'S lives. So, please, feel free to read on ;)  I must say I have very complicated thoughts on this. Some may think they are confusing. But they aren't - in my mind everything I am about to say makes very much sense, and even together - just a complex arrangement of frayed consequences. If that even makes sense. First, I believe God hates lies (Proverbs 19:22, Ephesians 4:29).  And He even commands us to not lie (Leviticus 19:11) .  But all that being said the Bible also tells us to love. I'm  a strong advocate for truth - absolute truth. Yet I believe that contradictions can work together harmoniously - I'm not saying sin and righteousness c

Keturah by Lisa T. Bergren

I'm doing two posts this week, because I need to post this review, and didn't want to crowd my schedule up anymore than it already is ;) People, I have a confession. I don't like romances. I care for few historical fictions - I love history, but in  my opinion historical fiction is like a paragraph of what you'd find in a history book stretched over a trashy story. Except G. A. Henty's books... his books are like a paragraph of fiction stretched out over a great history book! Haha. So, yeah, I think I really had little business picking up a historical romance ... E xcep t the main character has my name !!!!! And so I requested to read this book in exchange of an honest review. Here we go ;) Amazon  Goodreads Backcover:  In 1772 England, Lady Keturah Banning Tomlinson and her sisters find themselves the heiresses of their father's estates and know they have one option: Go to the West Indies to save what is left of their heritage. Althoug

I Had a Little Troll, But It Wasn't Cute

So... had an interesting cyber experience this summer as a result of going to federal court with my Dad in Nevada - my first personal experience with trolls.  A lot of my dad's friends seem to not like it so much (I guess having lies told about you constantly isn't the most fun) but to be honest everything that was said was so outrageous I found it hilarious.  Yes, I laughed. A lot.  I mean - publicity is good, whether positive or not, yes? Lol... not exactly ;p  But still - very funny. I think you all remember I went to a writer's conference in July? I wrote about it here .  Now, some info for y'all. My dad does politics full time. Meaning he attends all the trials for the men involved with the Bundies and other men who are being prosecuted, as my Dad feels, wrongly. He updates the public through his Facebook page, reaching thousands of people and telling them what happens in the courtroom. Letting many people know about things that they woul

The Lawrence Children: Chapter 3

Lucy Learns to Live Tom and Mary O'rally lived just over a small hill, the Lawrence children's only close neighbors. The O'rallies would bring milk to the Lawrence's regularly in good weather in trade of an occasional meal or time of informal fellowship or special anniversary or holiday of some sort. They also leased land to Tom for gardening – so he would pass by in the summer quite often on his way to his fields. Noah and Tom were especially good friends. Soon after the storm died down, Tom and a couple men from town came to bury Frederic Lawrence. It was just shortly after that Julia became sick and Lucy told Vern to go get Mary. “Too many late nights in the cold?” Mary asked. She at once informed Lucy that their mother had pneumonia. And that they should have come for her sooner. “She hasn't been ill long, though.” Lucy answered defensively. “I sent Vern as soon as I realized it was more than a cold.” But Lucy felt it was even more than pn

My NaNo Life

So... I realized something. I'm really bad at updating the world to my writing life. I mean... I didn't even tell you all that I was doing NaNo . Much more... that I had huge, HUGE writing goals for last month. At least they were huge for me ;)  Plus I was traveling... while trying to write.  Here's my apology, with an update!  Back when I was trying to get serious about writing and started the process of building up my writing habits I joined Go Teen Writer's 100 for 100. I wrote a sci-fi novella called Silent Thoughts . It took me several months... but once I was finished I completely loved what I had. And could finally say I'd finished a story of some length.  Here's a guest post I recently did on Go Teen Writer's that goes more in depth about that journey.  But it didn't stop there.  In my mind a series began to develop.  A Series Of Thoughts.  83,341 words, a little over