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Would You Rather?

Thanks for the tag,  Melody! The rules: Include the graphic  Madeline  made. Answer the Questions Tag some other people if you feel so inclined  Would you rather. . .  Train with demigods for the summer at Camp Halfblood OR attend Hogwarts to learn some spells for a semester?  I've never read either set of books, and I don't really have a desire to reas the Percy Jackson books  (saw the movies and didn't like them). There's too much teen drama. Hogwarts seems a bit more intellectual. So I guess I'd go with that. Go on an epic quest through the lands of Middle Earth OR be crowned a king or queen for your bravery in Narnia?  If you were asking if I'd rather go to Narnia or Middle Earth, I'd choose Narnia. But as the question is to have a quest or to be crowned for bravery (in this day and age, all it takes to be "brave" is to say whatever it is the left wants you to say), I suppose I'll have to choose an epic quest through Middl

How My Polls Accelerated

It's getting popular to post things on one's "story" on Facebook of Instgram ... a picture with a optinal line of text, or a poll; and it lasts for just twenty four hours. I don't do it much because if I post something I want it to last ... but I have been sharing some of my other posts to my story to garner more traction. Also. The polls on Facebook no longer work anywhere but in the stories. So I've had to accept that, and try them out. Because I love learning people's opinions. And it would seem people are a little more receptive to answering a story poll rather than am actual post poll. I have no idea why. Here are my first five FB story polls!  1. What color to embroider my dragon's horns?   Thoughts: At first I was getting only blue votes and while I had previously been unsure of what color to do, I was suddenly sure that I did not want blue, and I now realized why democracy isn't a fool proof method of choosing. I started

The Writerly Sibling Tag

All the books I've accidently acquired in Germany. Another tag from the Doorman , and here are his rules: Las Reglas parra Tag:  Regla Uno:   Thank the blogger who tagged you and provide a link to their post.  Regla Dos:  Answer the inquires, including any added ones by means of "Regla Seis".  Regla Tres:  Always use your own characters. No exception, unless you don't actually have sibling characters (in which case you need to go write up some) or you don't write (in which case you need to start ASAP).   Regla Quatro:  Tag three other bloggers.  Regla Cinco:  If you happen to have any siblings who blog, they are automatically tagged and cannot count towards your three. Regla Seis:  Add one question or prompt to the list of questions the person before you answered relating to siblings and/or characters. Answer the question, and provide a list of all the questions of that you answered so far (So, for example, someone I tag will have 11 questions to answer


I was talking to someone here awhile back, discussing the differences or lack of differences between Germany and America. I made the comment, "Sometimes, I think if I'd just been plopped here, if my ears were shut, I wouldn't know that I was in another country, but simply some large town still in the States." "Really?" Was the incredulous reply. "I feel like the parks are enough to distinguish us." Without a moment of thought, I knew she was right. Even when I first came here it was the first thing I noticed ... that and the placement of the traffic lights. So, yes. If I were simply dropped into Germany I might not realize myself to be in another country at once, but as soon as I would begin to walk I around it wouldn't be long before I ran into a park.  And then it would be clear that I was no longer in the States, but some strange and fascinating land. Children's play areas are everywhere.  And by that I mean literally

Spring Cleaning Tag

Rules of this tag:  1. Link back to the person who tagged you. I hate tags, but since I have to ... thanks, Doorman ! 2. Include the graphic. 3. Answer the questions. 4. Tag three other people. 1. Dust Bunnies and Plot Bunnies: Reorganize Your Writing Goals (Or Make New Ones) Ever since I've become serious about my writing, I'm currently in the weirdest place ever. From writing hours every day and telling everyone, "Just write a bit every day" to being like ... I could write, but I'm not writing. And so, maybe this tag is good for me. In the back of my mind, I know what I need and want. But I need to remind myself. And what better way to do it than to do so publicly? So, my goals are centered around the six months of me being in Germany: Give myself a small writing, break, not because I need it, but because I don't want to have to need it. I do not go brain dead learning German.  But always keep in the back of my mind my next two novels, Mor

The Touristy Path Toward Culture Shock

Loving this linen skirt I found at a Berlin thrift store!  Six months isn't a long time.  And yet it is because so much can happen.  Knowing this is good for many reasons. It is a salve for homesickness, and it's also motivation for hope and adventure. But having a mere six months means that I must make the most of EVERY day. I need to know what I want out of these six months, I need to envision it, and then I can't wait to do anything.  Like I said, knowing is good.  But it's really hard to make every day count, especially when they are limited. And especially when I'm still trying to envision what I want out of the six months.  I came to Germany with no expectations except the knowledge that I would be overwhelmed and the desire that I would learn.  But ... when things are so new and so many, the feeling of overwhelming isn't easily pushed aside. And ... learn what? There's so much to learn.  And so much to do. I'm the sort

The Two Sides of Me

This is me .  This is me .  I'm not sure if the two me's overlap, or if they are completely different? Part of me has a life.  I sew. I model. I read. I write (and have manuscripts to prove it). I have friends (and spend time with them. At least long enough for a selfie). I have family. I always have something big happening, normally more than one thing at a time. And my clothes are very . . . shall we say artistic? Mostly I smile, but sometimes I share about pain, or my Dad being in a car accident and nearly dying, or rocky friendships, or stress. I have a colorful life, and the colors spread from pink to black, to all the shades between. Overall, when you see me you see an unending variety of life. Part of me has no life . . .  . . . Yet, that part of me seems to be obsessed with mirrors and smiling and cleaning. EVERYTHING is clean. My humor is clean. My singing is clean (and the toilet brush is my mic). My friends are clean. My day

Settling Into A Routine Of Spontaneity

On the train with the three kids I watch and their grandparents on our way to a free "Let's Dance" lesson Do you believe in routines? I do. I believe they are those beautiful fairytales that humans like to talk about, but rarely actually match our full  reality. In all honesty, I love having myself a structured daily routine. But ... I think one of the hardest things I've ever had to learn is that the only way to have a successful, peaceful life it to learn how to roll with our messed up routines. You know, be resourceful and accommodating, ever ready with a smile rather than a shout. Keyword: learning. I still haven't mastered full acceptance. I love having one, though one of the hardest things I've had to learn in life is that the only way to have a successful peaceful routine, is to allow for our routines to be messed up. I'm learning to not mind my well-meant plans failing. And I'm learning to fit myself into others' plans and