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The 5-Part Writing Special: WIP Aesthetics, Art, and Music

Can you believe it's the last week of the link up???? Wow. Thanks sooooo much for creating this amazing link up, Julian ! It may just be the most fun, though! For now I finally have pictures to show off! Cover my friend Lauren Grinder designed for me for book #3.. the book that started this series  :D  A cartoon a friend of mine drew for Silent Thoughts :D  Nano cover for my series.... yeah, it's so simple and not at all appealing ;p But it worked ;D I have made very few collages.... I'm going to try and capture my novella series with a few pictures. I guess each of you get to be the judge of whether or not I succeeded  ;D Music: I listened to a lot of Owl City while writing this series. Two songs I had on a lot were Justine Bieber's Love Yourself   and Forever Young . But this was my normal music I listened to while working, too. I also had a lot of secular Christian music playing. I'm one of those weird people that

Mythical Doorways

About the Anthology Eleven Tales of Magical, Mysterious, Mythical Doorways! Step through portals and into adventure as the authors of the Fellowship of Fantasy take you on another journey into fantastic worlds. Travel through time, space, and realities to encounter monsters, mechanical foxes, and the Fates themselves. You'll fly with dragons, save implausible beasts, and perhaps find your true home. Choose your path wisely, for dangers lurk in the lands beyond. In the third anthology from the Fellowship of Fantasy, eleven authors promise you journeys into fairy lands hidden within the modern world, futuristic universities, and lands of ancient myth. So what are you waiting for? Cross through our Doorways for the adventure of a lifetime! Download the ebook (free to download starting March 27 th ) at your favorite digital store: Mythical Doorways Authors - Katy Huth Jones - D. G. Driver - Lauren

The Battle of Satisfaction Won

Surprise post for this wonderful Saturday morning!! I have another video on YouTube ;) I've also created a page for The Whatever Girl on my blog ;D  I think most of you know I have ten younger siblings? I try really hard to record when my siblings aren't around... I literally record over and over as they keep coming in on the scene, "Keturah, what are you doing?" "I thought I told you to stay out until I'm finished." "You didn't tell me." Ah, so hopefully you hear mostly music and not siblings ;p  This is another of my own piano compositions. I hope you enjoy it :) 

The 5-Part Writing Special: Supporting Characters (and villain!)

Introduce your side characters, explain what makes them unique, and perhaps include their relationship to the MC. Stewart Orson should be a main character as he is responsible for the worlds, and one of the planets is named after him. But he is in the stories very little. Shortly after discovering the rifts and losing his credibility in the scientific world, he found God, making the world look at him as i he were doubly crazy. Because of this his wife left him and Nixie.  Anthony, the first person to befriend Nixie in FIRST THOUGHTS. His father is the science teacher at the school Nixie attends when moving to USA. He is unique because of his quite kindness, his too short red hair, his love of science production. Roni, Hedley's younger sister. Noise is something that fascinates Hedley, especially Roni's laugh. Mellie, the first girl Hedley loves in UNCONTROLLED THOUGHTS.  Greg, a father-like figure to Hedley. He is in several of the books, after mysteriously di

There's Too Much On My Plate, But I Hate Leaving Left-overs.

When I went to Summit a couple years ago I remember one thing jumping out to me and me thinking, "This doesn't apply to my life and never will because I'm good at doing too much at once and keeping at it." I brag about my multi-tasking skills.  I believe it was Jeff Meyers that said, "There will come a time in your life where you have too much on your plate. And either you will have to take stuff off - or God will." "No,” I thought. “This is a good conference. But these words don't apply to me. You see I'm the person that likes having too full of a plate - I thrive on stress, on chaos, on doing too much!" Oh, I also hate waste. Literal plate : always wiped clean . Others' leftovers:  could end up being on my plate. It's not that I love food. But I just can not stand waste . Anyways, fast-forward to the future (or rather now). "Empty your plate, or God will."

The 5-Part Writing Special: Main Character(s)

Introduce your Main Character(s): (Just like a name, and who they are…) Nixie Orson , daughter of the once famous scientist  Stewart Orson . She was born and raised in Germany. Her story is FIRST THOUGHTS. Hedley Kieffner, lives on Orsona in a small town with his large, red headed family. They raise horses for the giant mosquitoes diet. His story is UNCONTROLLED THOUGHTS. Taylor Ibori, the one who made this series become. His book was written first, though it's book #3. The young black man is nearly 30 and his story is SILENT THOUGHTS. Akerly Gray, has lived life doing everything his best friend and cousin, Zeroe , has. He has just dropped out of OUM after Zeroe was expelled. Life changes for them as they join the Rebels. Their story is DECIDING THOUGHTS. Dale Oehler, is a chief interrogator on Babel. His life has purpose because of his wife and children. His story is BROKEN THOUGHTS. Mashaki Payne, daughter of the High Captain of the skies and ex-girlfriend of Tayl

You Are What You Say

Found on Pinterest  Pinterest is a great place to find quotes. That's about all I do on there ;) There are always so many! Great ones and not so great ones. But the majority of what I find are like this one: they sound great but deep down... they  really aren't that great. Let me explain... To an extent, this is a great quote. It's not the best thing to gossip about people. I mean... the Bibe talks against it. And talking about the weather or the last party you went to is rather pointless. But is it true that ideas are the epitome of great minds?  Let's dig into this idea and see... The greatest person that ever lived was Yeshua (Jesus). His mind is the one we should imitate. His ways are the way we should walk. His words should reflect from our conversation. What was the mind of Yeshua like?  To do His father's will To sacrifice himself for us (people)   To love everyone To warn us of consequences (events)  Yes, he sp

The Lawrence Children: Chapter 6

Ann Finds Answers Robert and Miles Richter stood up front, lecturing the class on the wilds of the Americas. Ann sat erect in her seat, as she should. But she couldn't get a nagging feeling to leave her thoughts. She sent a furtive glance around the room. Noah and Fred-O were both entranced with what David's uncles were saying. All the boys were. Barbara sat next to Ann and seemed to be in a daydream over their stories. Yes, every girl except herself was entranced. Ann shook herself. Their words about Alex Norris were disturbing. “We came here first with our fathers and Mr Norris back in the late 1860's. Norris became acquainted with our father soon after we moved – we didn't know each other well, but Robert and I called him Uncle. The men all held enough respect and trust to know such an endeavor they were undertaking was worth the effort.” They knew Alex Norris? Ann was interested now. Robert spoke as Miles took a break, “Yes, Mr Norris was

The 5-Part Writing Special: World/ Setting

What would we immediately notice upon stepping into your storyworld? (What would stand out the most?) No one speaks. Over the last century the capability of speech has been lost, as the gasses of two of the moons allow people to hear each other's thoughts. But not only have people forgot how to speak, it's also illegal. Unity is important, so why speak when you can be one through thoughts? Only the government and certain educated are allowed to speak verbally, as they need the skill to run society outside of the twin planets. You would probably notice the giant insects, especially the giant mosquitoes the government officials have muzzled and use for transportation. What place in this world (Earth) reminds you most of your world? (Or provide a picture that you think best defines your story world.) Orsona and Babel are luxurious, alive and productive. Besides that being the same world wide, they are very much like Earth with flat landscapes, rolling textur