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Dream-Sermon: Sing of God's Doings

Christian friends used to ask me, "What has God been doing in your life?"  It felt like a trick question, or a set-up for a lecture. I didn't want to answer. It wasn't meant as an accusation, many probably thought it a theologically correct cool substitute for "How are you?" I would answer, and nearly always receive disapproving comments. My friend-group and lifestyle have changed a lot. It's been over three years since somebody has asked me that question. I'm glad. And yet... I now ask myself, what is God been doing in my life? Sometimes I self-reprimand, but often I simply just don't know. Is it good that I'm happier? What does this mean? Was it wrong to leave behind all things stifling? I feel the realness of holy ground all about me, no longer sequestered to a single building. At last, I am functioning more in my giftings and callings. And still, just what is God doing in my life? What are words when I'm living them. I'