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Above Rubies: Six Months of My Life in a Nutshell

Early November I went to Tennessee to volunteer for Above Rubies for my second time. I was only planning on staying a month and half, but as life has it, plans changed numerous times so that I ended up staying over six months! Back with family .... ..and friends. I just arrived back home about two weeks ago. In some ways I feel like I'm home... But then  other times I still find myself thinking of TN and everyone there. Six months is a long time. A lot can happen in six months. One of my friends married. Another had a baby. Another entered a relationship. Friendships went through rough times. Many were strengthened. I learned a lot about life and people in general during my time there. I learned life skills, people skills, conversational skills. I had troubles and trials during my time there. Some involved others, while some did not. Either way I learned a lot even during those times. In some ways I

Yea, Though I Walk Through Unending Prairies

Another mountain climbed. Another valley crossed. They turned over another cornerstone, opened a new page. They have done much in life. "God, why am I the only christian that had made neither progress in my walk with you, and with the destiny of my life? Am I lukewarm? Neither hot nor cold?" Before me. Behind me. It's the same. It stretches for miles and miles. I continue to move, but the scenery stays the same. An unending prairie - in front and behind. Dull. Lifeless. Void of anything different. Yet, I continue to go. My path is too easy to walk. Yet I find this in itself too hard. Because when something is hard, when it has texture it is easier to keep going. It must also be easier to forget that they even have to walk, and in a way one could enjoy the hardships, because it adds color to life. Their mountains and valleys show progress. All around me, my friends join me on my path for a short while, before heading back to their mountains. I hear

Be A Friend

Hello. And no, this is not a joke on the Adele song. ;) I just simply wanted to tell you all hi on this beautiful day. And I wanted to share with you all one of my thoughts. Random and weird as always ;b Its about how much we think of others. Or how much love we show to others even in our thoughts. Or how many others . For some of us we like to keep our friend list short. Why is this? Because loving others can take a lot of energy. Time. And self-sacrifice. All that. :/ Today I was thinking, "What if someone I didn't know well (by choice) died today." I wasnt thinking of any specific person, by the way. And if I went to their funeral along with others that also hadn't known this person very well. I bet all of us would find something to at least think about this person. In fact our brains would probably be churning, searching for all memories invloving this person. Suppose they didn't die. Would we do the same? Or continue not giving

A Writer's Name

For a writer social media is just another platform, a stage, a place for a writer to show their work to their audience. Thus, just as in real life, the name one chooses for oneself is very important. Especially if you have several different social sites you are active on. In my writing I have chosen to always use my real name. I don't necessarily think everyone should do this, but I thought it would be fun to share my reasons for doing so, and maybe even explain why I think all should follow along. Haha... not totally serious. 1. I use it because I like my name. Hey, I'm not trying to be humble. I love my name. I am very proud of it. So why shouldn't I use it? On a side note, I love the author Charles Lamb. Not necessarily becauseI love his writing (I do but I haven't had much opportunity to read much of his stuff) but mostly because of his last name. But what if you don't like your name? And there's no author that you like to

An Experience With Horses

It was an ordinary office day. Work was great. Shelby and I were having fun. I madethe same stupid, crazy jokes, Shelby gave me the same looks. The image below came from something I said that day... it was too funny that I had to make a meme of it. :) But all day long my mind wasn't really on the office work or on the fun we were having, but what I would be doing that evening – horse riding. For it was a beautiful sunny day! A friend and I had gone a few times before, but our time had always been limited. This time we had a couple hours all free to just ride. (Oh – and we were riding bare-back, and I wasn't so experienced ;b) I quickly got ready. I put on a full, tye-dyed skirt, leggings, and a comfortable t-shirt. And ran downstairs. My arrow head necklace bounced against my throat. “Wow,” I thought. “this arrow-head could bounce up as I'm riding and stab me in the throat and kill me.” What a thought. But I was too lazy to be bothered with