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SLAVE AGAIN and TORN ASUNDER by Alana Terry ( Two book reviews )

Today I am doing two book reviews in one. :D I won both of these in a blog giveaway along with this one and just recently finished reading them. Slave Again and Torn Asunder by Alana Terry Genre: Christian fiction, North Korean Rating: 5 stars. Age: May not be appropriate for kids under 16. Contains human trafficking, Christian persecution, disturbing scenes and insinuates at sensuality that is or will be happening. I enjoy these books, but the stuff that is dealt with is so strong that I wouldn't want to read many of them on a regular basis. Amazon Review: Slave Again; She traded in her prison uniform for shackles of a different kind. After escaping a North Korean prison camp, Mee-Kyong is hustled over the border and sold into the Chinese underworld. She vows to survive, but sheer determination and willpower won't save her this time. Is she fated to remain a slave forever? Sun is tired of watching her family suffer the pangs of hunger and po

Totally Untalented: Or Do You Have Any Gifts?

A while back some friends and I were laughing and talking. I can't remember exactly how we got on the subject (it seems we were throwing out crazy plot twists), but however it happened I said something like "What if you wrote this story and the main character had no talents whatsoever and..." One of the guys said, "That isn't right. When God created us he gave us all gifts and talents and places in life. No-one is created with out a purpose." Normally I defend what I say, but this time what he said hit me as true. What I had said was VERY unbiblical. When I write I try to make all my stories at least follow certain biblical principles even if my stories aren't necessarily "Christian" genre. Needless to say, that story idea was trashed :). Yet what I had said many would consider true. Just look about you. There are many, many people that appear to have nothing, do nothing, know nothing. They are "ugly", "untalented&qu