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Silly Putty

Last month I brought a few of my siblings to where I babysit and we made silly putty ! It was very fun - I think they all had fun, at least ;p. It was also extremely messy. Or appeared so. In reality it cleaned up quick as one of the main ingredients was dish soap. Supplies and ingredients.  The dish soap also worked as a coloring - so they all had fun picking of the three choices I had available: green, orange, and pink. It's actually turning out great! And a kid did this!? It looks worse than it really was. It washed off of his hands in seconds. This mess looks horrid. And it looks like it stuck onto things, which it did. But water freed the cornstarch and the soap in the cornstarch helped the process. This was the first time I'd tried to make silly putty. And of, course I was supervising kids doing it. So it was very interesting. I liked the recipe I found - pinterest can sometimes be a handy place ;p I

Abstaining From Sin Void of Hypocrisy (Thoughts on Beauty and the Beast movie)

I have always thought the idea of homosexuality disgustingly sad. I feel sorry for those that are separated from God and do not understand or experience what He has designed for their lives. I can not understand how many do not recognize the sin of homosexuality, or claim that the Bible has nothing to say on it when it obviously does. (Romans 1:26-28, Jude 1:5-8, 1 Timothy 1:8-11, Leviticus 18:22) I do not see how one can find beauty in two people of the same gender loving each other. Of course most people are delusional to what love really is. But still... how can one be like, "Well, if they love each other.." I do not see how any one with a brain would think there's any sort of logical reason why two such people should be together. I know that it's partly due to the fact that most do not understand the meaning of love, or marriage, or truly know God or His word. I understand that sin is in the world and that people are affected and embit

Legalistic Tolerance

I have this thing where I like to go against the norm by uniting two extremes in my mind to find greater truth. It doesn't always work, but at times it stretches my mind, and I learn new things I wouldn't have known otherwise. For the most part I have found that most man-made doctrines aren't 100% void of error. And that quite often the belief that opposes the said doctrine will hold the truths that are missing. And vice versa. Our minds are so small that it can be hard to comprehend how two extremes can work together in unity and harmony. But they can. There are many mysteries in life that will always astound the human mind, whether you are  Christian, agnostic, atheist, etc. Unsolved mysteries are part of what make life meaningful and vast. Legalism: (lee-guh-liz-uh m) noun 1. S trict adherence, or the principle of strict adherence, to law or prescription, especially to the letter rather than the spirit. Rigid rules are i

Women, Where is Your Identity?

All you ladies out there, I just want to take a moment to express some thoughts of mine. And make you think. And ask you this question: Who determines who you are? Thoughts toward a disgusting attitude that seems to becoming so predominate as of late. Selfish, vulgar, and even down right false. It's where we women are acting like the world owes us something as we have somehow been mistreated? We aren't privileged? We have no rights? We are somehow being oppressed by men? I'm told that I'm just lucky to not have experienced such things at the hand of man when I try to stand up for my father, brothers, and guy-friends by stating “All men aren't evil.” I'm told I'm stupid and ignorant when I say “I don't hate men.” Stereotyping and being hateful toward men seems to be justified by this: statistics prove what experience can't. It doesn't matter that I or you don't know any evil, white guys. Statistics prove that women are m

Memories or Living? Random, but Fun Question

To answer the question from last week:   Do you live to make memories, or to remember memories already made? And I'm going to disappoint you by not giving you an astounding answer. The thing is, it was just one of those random, weird thoughts that came to my mind. And it was too good to not ask the closest person sitting next to me. We discussed what we thought for a good bit, and came to this conclusion: Neither and both. You, see, it's good to live in the moment. To live life so full you are overfilling life with memories. But it's also good to take a break from life, to lie on your back, to just remember what has happened and enjoy that. It's good to do both. And it's also good to not put too much emphasis on one or the other.  Those who just live for the thrill of making memories will miss out on the ordinary things. They'll forget how to just live. And those who live just for memories that were made? Well, besides th