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My Blogging Strategy

First, I'm not going to divulge my plans for taking over the world through blogging. That's not the sort of strategy I'm referring to today.  I wanted to share my secrets on staying sane amidst a busy life, yet committing to a blogging schedule and how to actually meet that schedule so that none of your posts are ever late. Though taking over the world does sound more fun. When I first started blogging I didn't own a laptop. In fact I'd never used a computer of any sort. I used my cell phone. I was still new to the having-a-cell-phone-thing, being barely sixteen. To be honest I shouldn't have even started blogging. I didn't know what I was doing at all. But... when I first had my cell phone I was kinda crazy. I'd text all my friends these group messages with pictures or memes and my thoughts about those. Several times one of my friends suggested I start a blog. And... so I did. I started this blog. With a cell phone. I even wrote several

Sunshine Blogger Tag

I was tagged by Snapper  for this lovely tag, shining forth with all the light the sun is capable of giving. Oh, and go read hers ... her answer for number five was really funny! 1. If I asked you whether this glass were half empty or half full, what would you say? First, I can't see this glass you are referring to... Second, it would really depend on my current mood. Third, normally when I want to drink water I want to drink more than a whole glass full. You know, I'm always striving to have a my cup overrunning ;) Psalm 23:5c  My cup overflows. So, maybe I'd say, "Bring me a full glass, or I'll pour that half glass down your back." Just being real, guys ;) 2. Cereal or Bagels? I could seriously get fat off bagels. And I don't need anything with them. No cream cheese, no butter. Just bagels and me, any flavor, all day long! #dreamlife 3. Take all your personality traits and flip them. What would you want to be when you g

My First American Girl Doll

Yes, I'm twenty-one.  Yes, I don't really play with toys anymore. Yes, I'm crazy. Are you surprised???  I have like the most amazing story ever to tell. It involves that doll selfie you see up above. You see I really like selfies... that's actually not the point of this post, HAHA. Anyways, for as along as I can remember I always wanted an American Girl doll. We'd get all the catalogs, and I'd devour every single picture until the next catalog came in. I wanted one of the dolls so bad. Felicity and Josefina were my favorites, but I also liked the doll of the current girl of the year (I can't remember which one she was anymore) . I finally decided I wanted an American Girl doll so badly I'd save for one and buy her. I was nine years old when my dad took the money to the bank. I was so excited! I finally had enough money, I was finally going to get the doll of my dreams. But that very day my aunt called to tell my mom something she had j

The Lawrence Children: Chapter 7

Vern Lead's An Adventure Vern allowed himself to eat his porridge slowly, enjoying the taste and warmth of every bite. It wasn't often that he could just sit and eat and think of nothing stressful. But he allowed himself that pleasure on most Sundays. I should –, stressful thoughts of all he needed to do broke free through his mind. But no – Lucy said even the mind needed a break. He slaved over books and work the entire week. Sure, there was always more to do. But he still lost much sleep over what he was able to do. All the children sat around the table eating noisily, talking and laughing and singing. He enjoyed his own silence – not speaking. But the others' sounds felt like a soothing tonic – happiness was good. But then someone said his name. Vern sighed, knowing he'd need to answer back. “Do you think we can still visit the shack today?” Ann asked. Vern smiled finding talking wasn't that bad after all, “Sure – who all wants to go?”

Question Marks Are Broken Hearts

I'm the type of person that loves to find meaning in everything. Pain only amplifies my desire to know why. That is why when my friend, Laura, texted me one day, telling me about some new thoughts of hers they resonated with me. "I started drawing random things this morning. Basically just lines and punctuation marks. It kinda hit me that question marks are hearts that have been broken and started to cry. The half heart with the dot at the bottom for the tear... And it just was hard for me to kinda re-realize that some questions will never be answered here on Earth and will sometimes just bring tears..." Drawn by Laura Santee This hit me like, "Wow, Laura, that is amazing!" As I said, pain brings so many questions... when you're hurt, alone you wonder why? When all you feel does become questions. "Why do I have to feel this pain? Why do I hurt so much?" "Why did God allow me to love if only to have that love ripped away?&q