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The Worth of a King Blog Tour Book Description: Princess Obsidia’s father was killed the night she was born. Since there was no male heir, the crown went to the man who killed him, by Dialcian law. This never bothered her, growing up, and when it comes time for Obsidia to choose her husband, she chooses Prince Delaney, the son of that man, with little hesitation. Only then does her life start crumbling around her. Adrian expected to live a normal life, taking his father’s place at the print shop when his father retired. But, on his eighteenth birthday, when the princess’ engagement is announced, his world is ripped out from under him when he learns that his life was a ruse, and he is the twin brother to the princess – and expected to take back his father’s throne. Delaney knows that his country is hovering on the brink of war – and that his father may harbor murderous intentions towards his intended bride due to her Zovordian blood. He wants nothing more than to pro

New Blog On Earth

So, one of my best friends finally started a blog. After I pestered her for MONTHS AND BEYOND. It's not your normal run-of-the mill blog. It's only for contests and challenges — meaning she hosts prompts contests and challenges and you get to create ANY KIND OF ART YOU WANT. Stories? ✔ Poems? ✔ Drawings? ✔ Paintings? ✔ Embroidery? ✔ Knitting? ✔ Carving? ✔ Use your imaginations and your fingers and it counts! So, what are you waiting for? This blog is FOR YOUR INSPIRATION . And I may have something over there waiting already  . . . yes, I won the first contest with a poem. And though I think Lauren hyped it up a bit, I do really like it myself. To read my poem, Split, Not Broken  check out Lauren's blog! And make sure to follow and  participate .  And that's it for this lovely Saturday morning.

Writer's Tag

- link back to the person who created the tag - - thank the person who tagged you - Thanks, Gray !  - share the tag graphic (optional, optional! I know it won't go with everyone's blog design) - - tag eleven bloggers – (pen)Name: Keturah Abigail Lamb is my real name. I like to sign my art with KAL . . . I have a special way to do, too ;) Nicknames: The main one is Tury. When I was little people would ask my if I had a nickname. I told them and they'd call me Terry which for some reason I hated so much. So I started saying, "No, I don't. My name is Keturah." But then people were like, "I'll just give you a nickname." So, I have quite a few of those now, the main ones being Kat and Ketty. People also wrongly call me Katherine and Katrina. Birthday: July 17, 1996. Hair color and length: Dark brown, past my waist. Eye color:  Weird colors . . . mostly hazel, sometimes brown. Braces/piercings/tattoos:  Nope, tho

The Obsolete Orphans

A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS fan fiction *spoiler alert* this is set after the end of the last book read to be satisfied, unless you'd rather stay depressed in ignorance  Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire had been rowing for hours, baby Beatrice sitting between the three of them. Long ago the boat’s sails had been torn by terrible winds, hence they were forced to use the last of their strength to paddle.  But they weren’t thinking of how their arms ached, or even of how they’d love a good meal put inside their stomachs.  No. All they could see was the house before them.  Baby Beatrice pointed, her other hand grabbing Violet's arm. She babbled, “Blah?”  Sunny understood the baby the best, having just recently exited babyhood herself. But Sunny did not answer the baby, for she did not know what to make of the sight before her. “It looks like Aunt Josephine’s house,” Klaus whispered, adjusting his glasses.  “But... we saw it destroyed.” Violet wh


All of my lovely blogging friends, many people I know in real life have been asking for this post. So this is for them. But if you so desire, this post may be for you, too.  Because everyone deserves to enjoy sourdough. In fact, all lovers of sourdough, this post is for you! Everyone else can go starve.  Story Time Many of you may know that I lived in Tennessee for sometime, doing office work for a ministry called Above Rubies . Mrs Campbell, the woman I worked for and lived with, made the most delicious sourdough I ever had. I decided I wanted to learn to make it just as well - I had previously tried, following the THM recipe, but I couldn't get my starter to turn out.  Living and watching Mrs Campbell, everything made much more sense than the book. And so when she went away on a trip and she asked me to take care of the sourdough I was excited for the opportunity!   I knew what to do and everything was going well - until I got it in the oven and it burned black

The Lawrence Children: Chapter 11

Good Job, Julie! Julie lay in a frightened heap, crying. She was scared – it was dark and she was all alone. She heard Fred-O calling for her but she couldn't stop crying to call for help. His voice disappeared. Now she was even more alone and her crying increased. Thoughts of her mother entered her little mind. She wanted her – but her mother had been gone a long time. And Julie couldn't understand why. “Lucy!” Julie managed to shout between her sobbing. Lucy would take care of her if her mother couldn't. Her arm hurt. She had fallen on it when she had leaned too far into the dark hole. Julie heard footsteps. “Julie!” It was Vern and Lucy and Ann and Noah and Fred-O. She could hear their footsteps on the shack floor, making a loud noise like wind. “Julie,” Lucy called out. Julie couldn't answer, only cry. “Look!” Noah shouted. “The trap door is open.” All the voices moved and crowded around the opening. Julie saw all of her siblings

Finding The Magic COVER REVEAL

Finding the Magic is an adorable retelling of Beauty and the Beast  set during one of my favorite time periods, WWII. I wrote a review on  Goodreads.  But basically—the book was beyond warm and tender and captivating and I'm thrilled I had the honor to beta read it. And it was such a lovely short read, too. Anyways, this story is being published, and that means there is going to be a gorgeous cover . . . But first, what is it about? Fifteen-year-old Belle is sent to the countryside to escape the London bombings of WWII. She knows she will miss her mother and worry about her father, who is away fighting in the war, but has no idea what awaits her in the manor in which she is to live. She finds friends in the staff but the mysterious and elusive master of the house frightens her. Can she teach him to find the magic in a world where magic seems to be long gone? And who wrote it? Jack is an author, which is why she spends much of her time writing and little of her time